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Steve Yzerman Cards, Rookie Cards and Autograph Memorabilia Guide

Steve Yzerman

Date of Birth: 5/9/1965
Rookie Card Year: 1984-85
Investment Rating: 8.0


Steve Yzerman cards and autographed memorabilia have always been in strong demand with fans of the Detroit Red Wings and beyond. He served as the team's Captain for two decades, developing multiple generations of fans. Being a multiple Stanley Cup winner, Olympic Gold Medalist and frequent award winner, Yzerman retired as one of the most accomplished NHL players of all-time.

Steve Yzerman has just two rookie cards that are found in 1984-85 O-Pee-Chee and 1984-85 Topps Hockey. The fluctuation in prices can swing drastically for both cards depending on condition. High-grade (Gem Mint 10) examples of the O-Pee-Chee card in particular can sell for well into four figures. The drop of a single grade to a Mint 9 brings the card's value down to a couple of hundred dollars.

Steve Yzerman's modern trading cards, particularly autographed and game-used patch cards, are some of the most highly coveted by collector's today. Cards from super-premium brands like The Cup and Dominion command top dollar on the secondary market.

When it comes to Steve Yzerman autographed memorabilia, his longevity in the league means that it is not in short supply. Despite this, high demand has helped to maintain values commiserate with other superstars with his accolades and resume.

Steve Yzerman Rookie Cards

As you can see from both cards, their design is identical, with a striking contrast of a red and pink color scheme. Variations in the color intensity are consistent with each brand and not indicative of one being more brightly colored than the other. The O-Pee-Chee version, as was custom for the era, has a bilingual back in French and English.

1984-85 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Steve Yzerman RC #67

1984 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Steve Yzerman RC #67

1984-85 Topps Hockey Steve Yzerman RC #49

1984 Topps Hockey Steve Yzerman RC #49

Other Key Steve Yzerman Cards

1994-95 Be A Player Autograph Steve Yzerman #115 #/600

1994-95 Be A Player Steve Yzerman #115 Autograph

Steve Yzerman's first certified autograph card is part of 1994-95 Be A Player. At the time, the set was produced by Upper Deck. The card is the same as the unsigned base version. Upper Deck placed a sticker on the back of the card, as seen above, for authentication purposes.

1996-97 Upper Deck Game Jerseys Steve Yzerman #GJ1 

1996-97 Upper Deck Game Jersey Steve Yzerman

Yzerman's first memorabilia card came in the first set Upper Deck used game-used jersey swatches. This revolutionary innovation set the trading card world on fire and hockey was no exception.

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Autograph Guide

Steve Yzerman Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find an example of what Steve Yzerman's authentic signature looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication companySome of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia market include the following companies: PSA, JSA, Tristar, and Mounted Memories. Click on any of the images below to view full size photos.

Steve Yzerman Cut Signature Exemplar

Steve Yzerman Signature Example

Steve Yzerman Key Signature Attributes: An authentic Steve Yzerman signature autograph will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics. Yzerman's signature can vary depending on the item being signed but regardless of the type of item, or when it was signed, look for the following signature features:

Steve Yzerman Signature Characteristics

  1. The signature is written with a pride of penmanship.
  2. The letters "S" and "Y" are the most distinct.
  3. The "S" is printed and flows with a larger swoop at the bottom than the top, the end often extends back into the remaining letters of the first name.
  4. The "t" is crossed with usually equal space on either side of the vertical line, which sometimes forms a loop like an "l" and other times not.
  5. The remaining letters of the first name are implied with a scribbled horizontal line.
  6. The "Y" is made in a manner that it appears lower case, with a wide "u" shape at the top before a vertical line drops down to circle back allowing the pen to stay on the paper, the resulting lines then resemble a rounded triangle and paisley intersecting.
  7. The remaining letters are difficult to discern and are usually implied.
  8. He often inscribes his signature with his jersey number "19."

Steve Yzerman Signed Puck Pricing:

Active Listings for Steve Yzerman Signed Pucks

Steve Yzerman Signed Puck

Steve Yzerman Signed Jersey Pricing:

Active Listings for Steve Yzerman Signed Jerseys

Steve Yzerman Signed Jersey

Steve Yzerman Signed Stick Pricing:

Active Listings for Steve Yzerman Signed Sticks

Steve Yzerman Signed Stick

Steve Yzerman Signed Photograph Pricing:

Active Listings for Steve Yzerman Signed Photographs

Steve Yzerman Signed Photo

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More Info

For general information on Steve Yzerman, as well as his player statistics visit:

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  1. I have the 96-97 game jersey yzerman card just wondering the value of it

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