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1984-85 Topps Hockey Cards

1984-85 Topps Hockey Cards


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Topps ceased production of some of its lesser-performing lines after 1982, including hockey and basketball cards. After a two-year hiatus, they returned to the ice for 1984-85 Topps Hockey. At only 165 cards, it is the smallest hockey set that Topps had issued since 1972. But a small set is better than none at all.

The front design looks like a retooled version of the 1983 Topps Baseball design, which was itself borrowed from the company's 1963 baseball design. 1984-85 Topps Hockey has two pictures of each player on the front of the card, a main photo and a smaller photo inset inside a circle in the lower right. A colored stripe extending at an angle away from the inset contains the player's name, with his team name in a white stripe below that. His position is noted underneath the team name. The backs are vertically oriented and have text superimposed over a graphic hockey stick. A blue strip at the top contains the player's name, with his vital stats below it. The card number is shown inside a circle, followed by year-by-year statistics and a biography where space allows.

Cards are arranged numerically by team, with each member of the team grouped in alphabetical order. The teams based in Canada are woefully represented in comparison to those from American squads. Cards 153 through 162 feature All-Star players and a checklist card ends the set. Due to the set size, 66 of the cards are considered to be single prints. However, there is little premium attached to the single-printed cards.

The key card in 1984-85 Topps Hockey is the Steve Yzerman rookie. Other notable rookie cards feature Dave Andreychuk, Tom Barrasso, Pat LaFontaine, Dave Poulin and Pat Verbeek. Any rookies missed during Topps' two-year hiatus were featured in O-Pee-Chee sets and are not considered to be rookies here.

Key 1984-85 Topps Hockey Cards:

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1984-85 Topps Hockey Cards 2
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Set Checklist

1984-85 Topps Hockey Cards Set Checklist

1984-85 Topps Hockey Set Checklist

165 cards.

1 Ray Bourque
2 Keith Crowder
3 Tom Fergus
4 Doug Keans RC
5 Gord Kluzak
6 Mike Krushelnyski
7 Nevin Markwart RC
8 Rick Middleton
9 Mike O'Connell
10 Terry O'Reilly
11 Barry Pederson
12 Pete Peeters
13 Dave Andreychuk RC
14 Tom Barrasso RC
15 Real Cloutier
16 Mike Foligno
17 Bill Hajt
18 Phil Housley
19 Gilbert Perreault
20 Larry Playfair
21 Craig Ramsay
22 Mike Ramsey
23 Lindy Ruff
24 Ed Beers
25 Reggie Lemelin
26 Lanny McDonald
27 Murray Bannerman
28 Keith Brown
29 Curt Fraser
30 Steve Larmer
31 Tom Lysiak
32 Bob Murray
33 Jack O'Callahan RC
34 Rich Preston
35 Denis Savard
36 Darryl Sutter
37 Doug Wilson
38 Ivan Boldirev
39 Colin Campbell
40 Ron Duguay
41 Dwight Foster
42 Danny Gare
43 Ed Johnstone
44 Reed Larson
45 Eddie Mio
46 John Ogrodnick
47 Brad Park
48 Greg Stefan RC
49 Steve Yzerman RC
50 Paul Coffey
51 Wayne Gretzky
52 Jari Kurri
53 Bob Crawford RC
54 Ron Francis
55 Marty Howe
56 Mark Johnson
57 Greg Malone
58 Greg Millen
59 Ray Neufeld
60 Joel Quenneville
61 Risto Siltanen
62 Sylvain Turgeon RC
63 Mike Zuke
64 Marcel Dionne
65 Brian Engblom
66 Jim Fox
67 Bernie Nicholls
68 Terry Ruskowski
69 Charlie Simmer
70 Don Beaupre
71 Brian Bellows
72 Neal Broten
73 Dino Ciccarelli
74 Paul Holmgren
75 Al MacAdam
76 Dennis Maruk
77 Brad Maxwell
78 Tom McCarthy
79 Gilles Meloche
80 Steve Payne
81 Guy Lafleur
82 Larry Robinson
83 Bobby Smith
84 Mel Bridgman
85 Joe Cirella
86 Don Lever
87 Dave Lewis
88 Jan Ludvig RC
89 Glenn "Chico" Resch
90 Pat Verbeek RC
91 Mike Bossy
92 Bob Bourne
93 Greg Gilbert RC
94 Clark Gillies
95 Robert "Butch" Goring
96 Pat LaFontaine RC
97 Ken Morrow
98 Bob Nystrom
99 Stefan Persson
100 Denis Potvin
101 Billy Smith
102 Brent Sutter
103 John Tonelli
104 Bryan Trottier
105 Barry Beck
106 Glen Hanlon
107 Anders Hedberg
108 Pierre Larouche
109 Don Maloney
110 Mark Osborne
111 Larry Patey
112 James Patrick RC
113 Mark Pavelich
114 Mike Rogers
115 Reijo Ruotsalainen
116 Peter Sundstrom RC
117 Bob Froese
118 Mark Howe
119 Tim Kerr
120 Dave Poulin RC
121 Darryl Sittler
122 Ron Sutter RC
123 Mike Bullard
124 Ron Flockhart
125 Rick Kehoe
126 Kevin McCarthy
127 Mark Taylor
128 Dan Bouchard
129 Michel Goulet
130 Peter Stastny
131 Bernie Federko
132 Mike Liut
133 Joe Mullen
134 Rob Ramage
135 Brian Sutter
136 John Anderson
137 Dan Daoust
138 Rick Vaive
139 Darcy Rota
140 Stan Smyl
141 Tony Tanti
142 Dave Christian
143 Mike Gartner
144 Bengt Gustafsson
145 Doug Jarvis
146 Al Jensen
147 Rod Langway
148 Pat Riggin
149 Scott Stevens
150 Dave Babych
151 Laurie Boschman
152 Dale Hawerchuk
153 Michel Goulet All-Star
154 Wayne Gretzky All-Star
155 Mike Bossy All-Star
156 Rod Langway All-Star
157 Ray Bourque All-Star
158 Tom Barrasso All-Star
159 Mark Messier All-Star
160 Bryan Trottier All-Star
161 Jari Kurri All-Star
162 Denis Potvin All-Star
163 Paul Coffey All-Star
164 Pat Riggin All-Star
165 Checklist
1984-85 Topps Hockey Cards 20

Author Chris Stufflestreet  |  E-Mail Author
Chris is an avid vintage sports card collector who is The Cardboard Connection's resident expert of all things vintage.

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