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McFarlane SportsPicks News: NFL 28 Images, College Football Checklist

McFarlane SportsPicks News: NFL 28 Images, College Football Checklist

McFarlane SportsPicks has announced the lineup for  College Football Series 4, which is scheduled to arrive in stores in late-June, 2012. A mix of veterans, rookies, and legends provides enough variety to appeal to a lot of collectors.

  • Ricky Williams – The University of Texas
  • Sam Bradford – The University of Oklahoma
  • Champ Bailey – The University of Georgia
  • Tim Tebow – The University of Florida
  • Cam Newton – Auburn University
  • Marcus Allen – The University of Southern California
  • Peyton Manning – The University of Tennessee

Stay tuned for more information and initial photography as it becomes available.

NFL 28 Update

As a follow-up to the announcement of the NFL 28 lineup, McFarlane has released images and Collector Level runs on limited figures.

McFarlane SportsPicks NFL 28 Figure Gallery:

McFarlane SportsPicks NFL 28 Collector Level List:

Here's a list of the short print figures and variants as well as their print runs:

  • Drew Brees 2, All-Black Uniform (All-Star, 50-100)
  • Michael Vick 2, Black Uniform (Gold, 250-500)
  • Clay Matthews, Retro Uniform (Silver, 500-1,000)
  • Ben Roethlisberger 3, Retro Uniform (Silver, 500-1,000)
  • Dez Bryant, Blue Jersey (Bronze, 1,000-3,000)
  • Andre Johnson, Blue Jersey (Bronze, 1,000-3,000)
  • Barry Sanders 2, White Jersey Mud (Bronze, 1,000-3,000)
  • Cam Newton, Blue Jersey (Bronze, 1,000-3,000)
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