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LeBron James Rookie Card Quiz!

LeBron James Rookie Card Quiz!

1. Which of the following LeBron James RC's books for the most?
a. 2003-04 Ultimate Collection #127 LeBron James AU RC
b. 2003-04 Exquisite Collection #78 LeBron James JSY AU RC
c. 2003-04 SPx #151 LeBron James JSY AU RC
d. 2003-04 Topps Bazooka #223A LeBron James RC

2. What is the print run of a 2003-04 Finest #133 LeBron James RC?
a. NA
b. 1250
c. 999
d. 500

LeBron James Rookie Card Quiz! 1
3. Which Upper Deck set is the above LeBron RC from?
a. Upper Deck Finite
b. Upper Deck Hard Court
c. Upper Deck Glass
d. Upper Deck MVP

4. A LeBron James Topps Chrome RC books at $100, what does the refractor book at?
a. $250
b. $300
c. $200
d. $400

5. A LeBron James 2003-04 Topps Chrome X-Fractor books at $600, what is it numbered to?
a. 250
b. 125
c. 23
d. 220

6. Which of the Following 2003-04 "Topps Rookie Matrix" cards is worth the most ($30)?
a. #JAW LeBron/Carmelo/Wade RC
b. #JMA LeBron/Darko/Carmelo RC
c. #BAJ Bosh/Carmelo/LeBron RC
d. #WJB Wade/LeBron/Bosh RC

7. Which of the following LeBron RC's are signed?
a. 2003-04 Sky Box Autographics #77
b. 2003-04 Bowman Signature Edition #56
c. 2003-04 SP Signature Editon #101
d. 2003-04 SP Authentic #148

8. Which of the following LeBron RC's is worth the most?
a. Topps Chrome
b. Finest
c. Bowman Chrome
d. Topps Pristine

9. LeBron James has a 2002-03 XRC, what brand is it?
a. Finest
b. Topps Chrome
c. Topps Pristine
d. Upper Deck Pros and Prospects

10. How many 2003-04 LeBron James cards are considered a true "RC" (part of a base set)?
a. 62
b. 311
c. 34
d. 124

Answer Key:

  • B, C, C, B, D, A, D, B, A, C

How did you grade out?
10= Pristine Basketball Card Mind
9= Mint Basketball Card Mind
8= Near Mint-Mint Basketball Card Mind
7= Near Mint Basketball Card Mind
6= EX-Mint Basketball Card Mind
5= EX Basketball Card Mind (Excellent is not good in this case!)
4= VG-EX Basketball Card Mind (Very is very bad in cards!)
3= VG Basketball Card Mind
2= Good Basketball Card Mind (Not good!!)
1= Poor to Fair Basketball Card Mind (Worst Possible Grade)

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