Fit for a King! LeBron James Exquisite Collection Drool Gallery

Fit for a King! LeBron James Exquisite Collection Drool Gallery

LeBron James may never catch Michael Jordan, but in the eyes of many collectors, he is the clear favorite among active basketball players. Like "King James," Exquisite Collection came onto the NBA collecting scene with a bang during the 2003-04 season. The premium offering enjoyed an undisputed run as the top high-end product in basketball for many years and helped usher in the market for $500+ boxes of cards.

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Debuting the same year as LeBron James, the two are seemingly intertwined, especially since James is an Upper Deck autograph exclusive. With that in mind, we have compiled an extensive gallery featuring some of the more popular LeBron James Exquisite Collection cards.

Given the rarity and sheer number of different LeBron James cards found under the Exquisite Collection banner, it would be difficult to showcase them all. Knowing this, we identified three specific card runs for LeBron James that have been featured over multiple editions of the product. These include the base cards, Limited Logos and Noble Nameplates.

Outside of the famed autographed patch rookie card, LeBron James base cards in Exquisite Collection are his most most affordable and a great way for collectors to obtain an Exquisite LeBron James card from the product. While the expensive brand is not for everyone, the base cards are the closest thing to a budget option for collectors. The premium look and thick stock add to the appeal and all are numbered to 225 or less. Obviously, LeBron James base cards can be found in each edition of Exquisite Collection, so they are one of the few constants.

Limited Logos are an autographed patch insert that has built an impressive following since their debut in the inaugural product. The cards feature a large patch piece, along with an on-card signature and low print run. Prices are steep for these popular cards and autographed LeBron James inserts have been included in every Exquisite Collection product except for 2011-12.

Lastly, Noble Nameplates utilizes a horizontal layout and die-cut patch to add to the signed card. Although the signed insert has not been featured in the Exquisite Collection line since the Upper Deck NBA license expired, Noble Nameplates are available in nearly every season from 2003-04 until 2009-10, with the exception of  2004-05 Exquisite.

Are there any other LeBron James cards from Exquisite Collection that you like to collect? Let us know in the comments.

LeBron James Exquisite Collection Gallery

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LeBron James Exquisite Collection Base Cards

*The 2011-12 product included two LeBron James base cards. 

2003-04 RC #78 Autographed Jersey #/99

2005-06 Base #6 #/225

2007-08 Base #1 #/225

2009-10 Base #2 #/199

2011-12 Base #27 #/99

2004-05 Base #5 #/225

2006-07 Base #7 #/225

2008-09 Base #2 #/125

2008-09 Exquisite Collection base LeBron James

2011-12 Base #2 #/99

2011-12 Exquisite Collection Base LeBron James

2012-13 Base #25 #/99

LeBron James Exquisite Collection Limited Logos

*The 2004-05 product included two different Limited Logos cards for LeBron James. 2012-13 included four different cards. 

2003-04 Limited Logos #LJ #/75

2004-05 Limited Logos #LLLJ #/50 White

2006-07 Limited Logos #LLLJ #/50

2008-09 Limited Logos #LLLJ #/23

2012-13 Limited Logos #LLJA #/10 (4 cards)

2004-05 Limited Logos #LLLJ #/50 Red

2005-06 Limited Logos #LLLJ #/50

2007-08 Limited Logos #LLLJ #/50

2009-10 Limited Logos #LLLJ #/16

LeBron James Exquisite Collection Noble Nameplates

2003-04 Noble Nameplates #NNLJ #/25

2006-07 Noble Nameplates #NNLJ #/25

2008-09 Noble Nameplates #NALK #/23

2005-06 Noble Nameplates #NNLJ #/25

2007-08 Noble Nameplates #NPLJ #/25

2009-10 Noble Nameplates #NLJ #/18

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