Larry Bernandez Bobblehead Giveaway in Seattle

Larry Bernandez Bobblehead Giveaway in Seattle

Larry Bernandez Bobblehead Giveaway in Seattle 1Who is Larry Bernandez? He hasn't played a major league game, at least not outside his imagination. The Seattle Mariners are stacked with young prospects ready to make the team competitive again. But Bernandez isn't one of them. That said, he's about to become legitimized with his own bobblehead.

The first 20,000 fans through the Safeco Field gates for the August 27 game between the Mariners and the Chicago White Sox get a bobblehead doll of the Northwest sensation.

What began as another one of the Mariners' memorable marketing campaigns, Larry Bernandez is 2010 Cy Young Award winner Felix Hernandez's alter ego. Wearing thick glasses and fake mutton-chop sideburns, the Bernandez look is topped off with a duct tape jersey alteration that takes "Hernandez" and makes is "Bernandez." If Hernandez were Clark Kent, Bernandez would be Superman. Or maybe it should be the other way around.

Several of the stadium giveaway bobbleheads have already sold on eBay for anywhere from $25 to $35. Expect movement to be brisk as more people discover the lighthearted collectible.


Also popular on eBay are Larry Bernandez shirts based on the fun Nike Hair-itage designs from earlier in the season. The series uses distinct hair outlines to create an iconic line. The Bernandez shirts have been hot sellers for around $20.


If ever there was cause for a gimmick card, this is it. However, with the rules the way they are, would Bernandez have to play a major league game first? A better option might be for Topps to use one of their 'TBD' slots in 2011 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects to sneak him in as a Chrome autograph.

Larry Bernandez Bobblehead Giveaway in Seattle 2

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