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2016 Imports Dragon MLB Baseball Figures

2016 Imports Dragon MLB Baseball Figures


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Taking over for a hobby staple McFarlane, 2016 Imports Dragon MLB Baseball marks the brand's figure debut in the storied sport. The initial baseball lineup consists of multiple figures led by young stars like Kris Bryant and Carlos Correa.

While McFarlane MLB has carved out a strong following from collectors based on years of production and great attention to detail, 2016 Imports Dragon MLB Baseball looks to start building their own legacy with a big push. Over 20 detailed figures are found in the first season and the company revealed that there will be one figure, at a minimum, for every MLB team starting in 2017. Adding to the appeal for 2016, many of the subjects are making their figure debuts.

2016 Imports Dragon MLB Baseball Figures 1

Beyond the main figures, a limited edition figure for David Ortiz honors his final season with a nod to reaching 500 home runs.

The figures are officially licensed by MLB and MLBPA and stand approximately 6" tall. They are available for sale throughout North America and also via online retailers such as the Shop. The full release takes place in waves issued throughout the year.

2016 Imports Dragon MLB Baseball Checklist

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Andrew McCutchen - Pittsburgh Pirates
Carlos Correa - Houston Astros
David Ortiz - Boston Red Sox
David Ortiz - 500 Home Run (Clark Toys) - #/500
David Price - Boston Red Sox
Francisco Lindor - Cleveland Indians
Jacob deGrom - New York Mets
Jhonny Peralta - St. Louis Cardinals
Jose Altuve - Houston Astros
Jose Bautista - Toronto Blue Jays
Josh Donaldson - Toronto Blue Jays
Justin Verlander - Detroit Tigers
Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs
Lorenzo Cain - Kansas City Royals
Madison Bumgarner - San Francisco Giants
Manny Machado - Baltimore Orioles
Masahiro Tanaka - New York Yankees
Max Scherzer - Washington Nationals
Nelson Cruz - Seattle Mariners
Noah Syndergaard - New York Mets
Paul Goldschmidt - Arizona Diamondbacks
Prince Fielder - Texas Rangers
Sonny Gray - Oakland Athletics
Starlin Castro - New York Yankees
Todd Frazier - Chicago White Sox
Zack Greinke - Arizona Diamondbacks


2016 Imports Dragon MLB Baseball Figures 2
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Author Trey Treutel  |  E-Mail Author
Trey Treutel is an Ole Miss grad and a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options. Find Trey on Twitter at @datreute or Google+.

User Comments

  1. Author

    Not a big fan of Imports Dragon who now took over both the NHL and MLB figure licenses from McFarlane. McFarlane Figures are simply more detailed and realistic looking while Imports Dragon are a little too shiny and plastic looking. Price wise Imports Dragon figures also cost slightly more than McFarlane figures did.

  2. Author

    I am typically not one to go to this length at all… but the more I realize that this is my only option, the more I feel compelled to say something.

    I am extremely disappointed in the quality of your MLB figures. Compared to the years of predecessors from McFarlane, to be honest, these figures are really are bad. The only decent ones that I have seen are the Lorenzo Cain and Paul Goldschmidt. The paint sheen, especially on gray, is not right for the uniforms. It’s shiny. The facial detail is better on some than others (i.e. David Ortiz, Josh Donaldson, David Price are DECENT, at best Kris Bryant and Jacob deGrom, just to name a few, look HORRIBLE). The likenesses are very generic and cartoon like. They are not realistic looking, at all. Even the decent ones just look like a good caricature of the player. The poses are good, for the most part, which is my one consistent praise. I became annoyed with McFarlane for eventually putting different heads on the same swing pose for some… but again, the details in your figures are decent, at best. There are no veins in the arms, the hair looks cheap, they eye paint is generic, on and on. These make me think of what figures would look like if McFarlane figures had an illegitimate child with Starting Lineup. The fact that the pitchers are noticeably smaller in comparison to the hitters is annoying. The scale should be consistent across the board. And, the bases for each figure are terrible. The scale is off (home plate is TINY), and the dirt isn’t dirt detail it’s textured brown plastic. Unfortunately, I love collecting baseball figures enough that I am one of the people spending money on these. Ultimately, the fact that the quality is what it is tells me that your company is about making money more than producing a quality product. Also, the price of these should be no more than $9.99 each… The fact that McFarlane’s quality product was sold at the same price as yours blows my mind. But, I guess you are winning because I am purchasing them. However, that is solely because there is no alternative; not because I am happy with the product. I like that you are putting out a lot of figures, but it should be quality over quantity. I sincerely hope that McFarlane reacquires the MLB license, or Imports Dragon figures out how to make a better quality product. I feel cheated. I feel like a patron who’s favorite burger restaurant has discontinued beef patties, and now I’m forced to choose a soy burger or go hungry.

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