George Springer Autographs Added to 2014 Topps Products

George Springer Autographs Added to 2014 Topps Products

George Springer has been on a tear as of late, knocking home run after home run. It shouldn't come of a surprise that Topps is adding autographs of the rookie to more than a dozen of their upcoming 2014 baseball products.

The first is slated to be 2014 Bowman Inception, which is scheduled for a mid-June release. From there collectors can expect George Springer autographs in virtually every baseball product they release for the rest of the season.

The first George Springer autograph cards date back to 2010. Topps produced a couple that were based on his time with USA Baseball. His 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospect Autograph is his first in an Astros uniform.

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  1. Wow that is pretty sad that they have to add him. Actually pathetic. Since he plays for the Astros Topps automatically pays no attention. But now the hype and they probably reluctantly decided to add him. How was he not already in these after last year? Topps does an awful job of getting the best prospects out there into releases.

  2. Scott He wasn’t in their products earlier this year because he hadn’t made his MLB debut. They could have put him in Bowman, I guess, as a prospect, but they had his Chrome Prospect Autograph already a couple of years ago.

  3. Not really, it is good that they space out some of the autos from the hot players. Jose Abreu was dominating all the rookie and prospect autographs. Springers big autos will be in Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome, and maybe Series 2. There are plenty of products that will have his autographs. Ryan is right, that he didn’t make his debut until early May. The baseball season is long and rookies come and go. I am sure Topps knows what they are doing.

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