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Ultimate Funko Specialty Series Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Specialty Series Figures Checklist and Gallery


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Every month, Funko Specialty Series releases one Pop! vinyl and one Dorbz figure exclusively to the manufacturer's many faithful, and smaller, retailers. Collectors can find these special options online or at their favorite comic book shops, and many places in-between.

The program started in 2016 with Cosmo representing the Funko Pop Guardians of the Galaxy set, while the adorable Howard the Duck is included in the Dorbz Guardians of the Galaxy line. Although several subjects come from popular Pop! brands such as DC Heroes, Disney, Star Wars, and X-Men, it's easy to spot a Funko Specialty Series figure as each box has the brown and blue "Specialty Series" sticker.

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Since the options cover nearly every main Funko product line—and are numbered as such—the checklist below is divided into two columns to help differentiate the Funko Specialty Series Pop and Dorbz figures. Each column is listed in numerical order with the larger line noted, although this does not indicate the actual release order. Additionally, a complete image gallery is provided for the Funko Specialty Series Dorbz and Pop figures on the corresponding tabs above.

Ultimate Funko Specialty Series Figures Checklist and Gallery 1  Ultimate Funko Specialty Series Figures Checklist and Gallery 2

Funko Specialty Series Figures Checklist

Figures are listed in numerical order and not order of release. Individual series lines are notated.

Pop! Vinyl
11 Herry Monster (Television)
13 Alana w/Baby Hazel (Comics)
140 Golden Age Batman (DC Heroes)
148 Batgirl (DC Heroes)
160 Max Rebo (Star Wars)
167 El Kabong (Animation)
167 Cosmo (Marvel)
184 Emma Frost (Marvel)
205 Rose in Disguise (Star Wars)
218 Iceman (Marvel)
254 Scooby Dum (Animation)
263 Gossamer (Animation)
394 Casey Jones (Television)
482 Predator Masked (Movies)
487 Trap Jaw (Television)
538 Man-At-Arms (Television)
543 Leatherhead (Animation)
571 Uncle Travelling Matt (Television)
573 Tygra (Television)
182 The Flash (DC Heroes)
183 Howard the Duck (Marvel)
196 Young Moana (Disney)
204 Cosmo (Marvel)
233 Pumpkin King (Disney)
234 Blackest Night Batman (DC Heroes)
263 Adamantium Skeleton GITD (Games)
310 Jiminy Cricket (Disney)
323 Tourist Dave (Movies)
335 Shinoa (Animation)
343 Iron Fist (Marvel)
346 Cybersuit Batman (DC Heroes)
361 Iron Man Mark 1 (Marvel)
377 Superman #1 (DC Heroes)
406 Triceraton (Animation)
407 Superman Kingdom Come (DC Heroes)
422 Orko (Television)
443 Jaga (Television)

Ultimate Funko Specialty Series Figures Checklist and Gallery 3
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