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Ultimate Funko Pop X-Men Vinyl Figures List and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop X-Men Vinyl Figures List and Gallery

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Offering some of the most popular superheroes and Marvel characters in comic history, Funko Pop X-Men features the beloved group in considerable Pop! detail.

As many fans know, the X-Men are a supergroup that has grown to include many different characters, all with their own backstories and abilities. From the pages of a comic to the big screen, the franchise has seen tremendous growth resulting in a dedicated following not only for the X-Men but for the individual subjects, as well.

Order Funko X-Men Figures on Entertainment Earth.

Despite having a fairly extensive list of options, Funko Pop X-Men is a little different than other large Pop! lines since most are not actually branded under the X-Men name. Because of this, there is a little bit of a gray area in terms of which figures should be included. This guide opts for a more comprehensive look and contains all known figures for the X-Men members. The only exception to this is Deadpool as his Pop! list is already quite large and he has established a standalone identity. Only his figure that is noted as the X-Men version is featured in the main guide.

Falling under the Pop! Marvel line, the Funko Pop X-Men list continues to grow with each movie. A figure checklist can be seen below and a full image gallery can be accessed using the tab above.

Funko Pop X-MenFunko Pop X-Men

Funko Pop X-Men Checklist

05 Wolverine
05 Wolverine Brown Suit - Zapp
05 Wolverine B/W - Fugitive
05 Wolverine X-Force - Hot Topic
20 X-Men Deadpool
21 Beast
21 Beast Flocked - Gemini
22 Dark Phoenix
27 Phoenix - 2013 ECCC
30 White Phoenix - Conquest Comics
30 White Phoenix GITD - Conquest Comics
28 Logan
40 Wolverine Unmasked - Toyastik
40 Wolverine Unmasked GITD - Toyastik
57 Professor X
58 Cyclops
59 Storm
59 Storm Black Suit - Hot Topic
59 Storm GITD - 2014 Comikaze
60 Colossus
61 Mystique
62 Magneto
62 Magneto Metallic - Hot Topic
89 Unmasked Cyclops
176 Kitty Pryde - 2016 NYCC
177 Cable
178 Archangel
179 Quicksilver
180 Psylocke
181 Sabretooth
182 Storm (Mohawk)
183 Colossus Chrome - 2016 Comikaze
184 Emma Frost - Specialty Series
185 Logan
193 Logan in Undershirt - Hot Topic
194 Weapon X - Target
196 Juggernaut - Walgreens
218 Iceman - Specialty Series
230 X-23 - Toys R Us
235 Old Man Logan - 2017 NYCC
316 Colossus
317 Negasonic Teenage Warhead

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