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Ultimate Funko Pop Wonder Woman Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Wonder Woman Figures Checklist and Gallery


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As a founding member of the Justice League, Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Diana Prince broke the superhero mold. She is the antithesis of how women were portrayed in the 1940s, both in real life and in comic books. Wonder Woman received her own comic series roughly six months after she made her debut in DC Comics’ All-Star Comics #8 (1941). Although her appearance has yet to change too drastically, there are over a dozen Funko Pop Wonder Woman vinyl figures to collect.

Both listed as #8, the initial Funko Pop Wonder Woman figures are part of the Pop! Heroes: DC Universe line, featured in a yellow box, and Pop! Heroes: DC Comics, found in the Super Heroes box. There are several options apart from the main figure, including black and white, and metallic chase variants. Multiple Funko Pop Wonder Woman figures are issued exclusively through Fugitive Toys, as well, such as Star Sapphire Wonder Woman (#61) and the metallic version, along with White Lantern Wonder Woman and a glow-in-the-dark variant.

Gal Gadot portrayed the Amazonian Princess on the big screen in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, giving fans a few more figures to collect, including a patina version exclusive to Books-A-Million, and a Walmart sepia variant. With the cinematic release of Wonder Woman now set, collectors are sure to have even more Funko Pop Wonder Woman figures to add to their collection.

And, for those who want all the Wonder Woman figures, Funko Pop Teen Titans Go! includes Raven as Wonder Woman. These were part of the Toys R Us exclusives for 2016 San Diego Comic-Con.

The checklist below gathers all of the Funko Pop Wonder Woman vinyl figures in one place. The figures are listed in numerical order, including any exclusives or variants, although, this does not indicate they were released in that order.

Funko Pop Wonder Woman

Ultimate Funko Pop Wonder Woman Checklist

Pop! Heroes: DC Universe
08 Wonder Woman
08 Wonder Woman Metallic - Chase
08 Wonder Woman Black & White - 2011 NYCC Toy Tokyo
08 Wonder Woman New 52 - PX Previews
08 Wonder Woman Silhouette GITD - Entertainment Earth
Pop! Heroes: DC Comics
08 Wonder Woman
08 Wonder Woman Metallic - Chase
61 Star Sapphire Wonder Woman - Fugitive Toys
61 Star Sapphire Wonder Woman Metallic - Fugitive Toys
242 1st appearance Wonder Woman - 2018 NYCC/Hot Topic
Pop! DC Heroes
70 White Lantern Wonder Woman - Fugitive Toys
70 White Lantern Wonder Woman GITD - Fugitive Toys
Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice
86 Wonder Woman
86 Wonder Woman Patina - BAM!
86 Wonder Woman Sepia - Walmart
2-Pack: Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor - f.y.e.
Pop! Heroes: DC Bombshells
167 Wonder Woman
167 Wonder Woman Sepia - Chase Variant
167 Wonder Woman Holiday - Michael's
Pop! Heroes: Wonder Woman Movie
172 Wonder Woman
175 Wonder Woman w/Shield - Walmart
176 Diana Prince - Entertainment Earth
177 Wonder Woman Blue Dress - GameStop
178 Wonder Woman (Amazonian) - Hot Topic
181 Wonder Woman w/Lasso - Legion of Collectors
226 Wonder Woman w/Gauntlets - Funko-Shop
229 Wonder Woman (Diana Cloak)
229 Wonder Woman Sepia - Entertainment Earth (02/2018)
230 Diana Prince w/Ice Cream - Hot Topic
Pop! Heroes: Justice League Movie
206 Wonder Woman
211 Wonder Woman w/Mother Box - Walmart
Teen Titans Go!
335 Raven as Wonder Woman - Toys R Us

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  1. I seem to recall that Funko Pop came out with a Black Lantern Wonder Woman. It had the same outfit as the action figure. I cannot find it listed on any websites. Do you know if it was issued or was it just a promo?

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