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Ultimate Funko Pop Wacky Races Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Wacky Races Figures Checklist and Gallery


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Just like the show, Funko Pop Wacky Races has zany chases, well, multiple exclusives, to be precise, of the racers from the animated series.

Part of the Hanna-Barbera family, Wacky Races follows numerous characters as they attempt to win the coveted "World's Wackiest Racer" title with their distinct vehicles. Although he never officially won a single race, Dick Dastardly and his mischievous pup, Muttley, take the two top spots in the lineup. There is also a flocked Muttley variant issued through Gemini Collectibles.

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The No. 2 car, Creepy Coupe, is driven by Big Gruesome, with Lil' Gruesome acting as the co-driver. Aside from the main Lil' Gruesome option, which is purple, Funko Pop Wacky Races offers several different colored variants, many released at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). Meanwhile, Big Gruesome comes as a 6" Super-Sized Pop! issued at the 2017 SDCC.

Naturally included in Pop! Rides, collectors can also find Dastardly's Mean Machine with Muttley, as well as a metallic version with Dick Dastardly driving.

Funko Pop Wacky Races is featured in Pop! Hanna Barbera, which is reflected in the box numbering.

Funko Pop Wacky Races  Funko Pop Wacky Races

Funko Pop Wacky Races Checklist

38 Dick Dastardly
39 Muttley
39 Muttley Flocked - Gemini
40 Lil’ Gruesome Purple
40 Lil’ Gruesome Orange - 2015 SDCC
40 Lil’ Gruesome Green - 2015 SDCC
40 Lil’ Gruesome Red - 2015 SDCC
40 Lil’ Gruesome Yellow - 2015 SDCC
40 Lil’ Gruesome Orange (Black Jacket) - 2015 SDCC
40 Lil’ Gruesome White - Funko Shop
245 Rufus Ruffcut and Sawtooth - 2017 SDCC
246 Big Gruesome 6” - 2017 SDCC
262 Peter Perfect - 2017 SDCC
Pop! Rides
11 Mean Machine w/ Muttley
11 Mean Machine w/ Dick Dastardly Metallic - 2015 SDCC

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