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Funko Pop Venom Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Venom Vinyl Figures


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Boasting one of the more menacing looks among Marvel villains, Funko Pop Venom offers collectors several figures alongside multiple "Venomized" versions for many of the biggest heroes.

Originally conceived as a Symbiote that merged with Spider-Man, Venom attacks a host and creates a new entity, even other superheroes. This is seen in the Funko Pop Venom set with Venompool and Gwenom. There is also the white Anti-Venom.

Venom has now taken on more forms in the vinyl world via the Venomized editions for the likes of Black Panther, Captain America, Ghost Rider, Hulk, Iron Man and Loki. This Funko Pop Venom wave features multiple choices and several exclusives.

Funko Pop Venom Checklist

82 Venom - Walgreens
100 Anti-Venom - Hot Topic
100 Anti-Venom GITD - BoxLunch
234 Venom Blue - Hot Topic
237 Deadpool/Venom - Pop in a Box
300 Venompool
302 Venompool w/ Phone - GameStop
302 Gwenom
330 Venompool - Pop in a Box
363 Venom Eddie Brock
364 Venomized Captain America
365 Venomized Iron Man
366 Venomized Hulk
367 Carnage
368 Venomized Loki - Target
369 Venomized Ghost Rider - Walmart
370 Venomized Black Panther - GameStop
371 Carnage w/ Tendrils - 2018 NYCC/Hot Topic
372 Carnage - FYE

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