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Funko Pop Space Force Figures

Funko Pop Space Force Figures

There's nowhere to go but up for Funko Pop Space Force. The Pop! Television set highlights a few of the main characters from the Netflix series.

The workplace comedy focuses on the creation of the brand-new United States Space Force. General Mark R. Naird (Steve Carell) is the inaugural Chief of Space Operations. His Funko Pop Space Force figure shows him in formal military attire while holding a model of a helicopter. Another choice for Naird is the Target-exclusive vinyl wearing a Space Force hat and holding a model of a rocket.

Additionally, the set includes F. Tony Scarapiducci (Ben Schwartz) dressed in a suit with a cellphone in hand. His figure is exclusive to Target, as well. Marcus the Chimstronaut rounds out the initial series.

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In terms of the main subjects, other possible figures in the future include John Malkovich as Dr. Adrian Mallory, Diana Silvers as Erin Naird, and Tawny Newsome as Captain Angela Ali.

Co-created by Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, Space Force reunites the comedy duo that last teamed up on The Office. Daniels also helped create King of the Hill and Parks and Recreation. This is where some fans might recognize Ben Schwartz, who played the memorable role of Jean-Ralphio Saperstein on Parks and Rec.

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Funko Pop Space Force Figures Checklist

Gen. Mark R. Naird
Gen. Mark R. Naird - Target
F. Tony Scarapiducci - Target
Marcus the Chimstronaut

Estimated Release Date: January 2021

Funko Pop Space Force Figures Gallery

General Mark R. Naird Formal
General Mark R. Naird with Rocket - Target - Pre-order
F. Tony Scarapiducci - Target - Pre-order
Marcus the Chimstronaut

Funko Pop Space Force Figures 1

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