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Funko Pop The Office Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop The Office Vinyl Figures


Product DetailsAfter what seemed like the longest wait possible, the Funko Pop The Office figures are finally a reality. Few recent franchises enjoyed such mainstream success and still had not been extended to the vinyl world. That is no longer the case thanks to the Pop! Television figures initially announced at Toy Fair New York 2019. Many of the choices pay tribute to the show with little additions that are recognizable to fans.

A true legend in American comedy, The Office was a springboard to success for many of the stars. Of course, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) leads off the Funko Pop The Office vinyl series. He is dressed in a dark suit and holds a coffee cup that reads "World's Best Boss."

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Pam (Jenna Fisher) and Jim (John Krasinski) also come in their standard office attire. In addition, a limited Jim chase variant revisits his "Bookface" Halloween costume. Capturing the true essence of Dwight K. Schrute, the beet farmer is all business with his mustard shirt, oversized glasses and cell phone holster.

Although The Office has plenty of options among the secondary characters on the show, the Pop! Television line starts with Darryl Philbin and Kevin Malone, who is holding his ill-fated chili pot.

And poor Toby of human resources can't even get his own release. He shares a two-pack with Michael that appears to memorialize his final day from "Goodbye, Toby." In fact, Toby holds the "gift" from Michael, which is a rock with a note that states, "Suck on This!"

Check back for more information regarding The Office Pop! figures, and let us know if you see any other options.

Funko Pop The Office Checklist

Michael Scott
Pam Beesly
Dwight Schrute
Darryl Philbin
Kevin Malone
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert Bookface Chase
Toby vs. Michael 2-Pack

Estimated Release Date: July 2019

Funko Pop The Office Gallery

Final images and box numbers to be added.

Funko Pop The Office Vinyl Figures 1

Funko Pop The Office Vinyl Figures 2


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