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Funko Pop Poison Ivy Figures Checklist and Gallery

Funko Pop Poison Ivy Figures Checklist and Gallery


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She's not your garden-variety villain, which makes the Funko Pop Poison Ivy set just as exceptional. Ever since Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, a.k.a. Poison Ivy, made her first DC Comics appearance in the 1966 Batman issue #181, fans have flocked to the toxic temptress.

Arguably one of DC’s most underrated characters, Ivy has received various makeovers throughout film, television, video games and, of course, comic books. However, the botanical biochemist is consistently fighting for what she believes is most important–the environment. Because she's just one of the many foes in Batman's "rogues gallery," Poison Ivy vinyl figures are included in different Batman sets.

Batman: Arkham Asylum gives collectors their first Funko Pop Poison Ivy option with her green body covered in vines. Included in the Pop! DC Heroes line, the Impopsters set shows Poison Ivy impersonating Batgirl, while a voluptuous Poison Ivy can be found in the Batman: The Animated Series release. Additionally, a New 52 version of Ivy dressed in black and green is issued at Hot Topic outlets.

All of the Funko Pop Poison Ivy figures are listed below while images for each figure are located under the visual guide tab above.

Funko Pop Poison Ivy Checklist

55 Poison Ivy (Arkham Asylum)
128 Poison Ivy Impopster
157 Poison Ivy (Batman: The Animated Series)
171 Poison Ivy (New 52) - Hot Topic

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Visual Guide

Funko Pop Poison Ivy Gallery

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55 Poison Ivy

128 Poison Ivy Impopster

157 Poison Ivy

Funko Pop Batman Animated Series

171 Poison Ivy - Hot Topic

Funko Pop Poison Ivy

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