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2016 Funko Pop Batman Animated Series Vinyl Figures

2016 Funko Pop Batman Animated Series Vinyl Figures


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Holy Bat Symbols! Funko Pop Batman Animated Series adds several familiar figures to the Pop! Heroes line. The set covers the acclaimed ‘90s television show Batman: The Animated Series.

Even though the series premiered on Fox Kids, the Warner Bros. Animation adaptation was inspired by Tim Burton’s theatrical films Batman and Batman Returns. Due to this, Batman: The Animated Series featured an edgier and darker Bruce Wayne/Batman than any other Batman character seen on television. Overall the characters’ story arcs were more complex; however, both the good and bad guys' (and girls) costumes used vivid colors as a reminder these are over-the-top comic book personalities you are viewing.

Funko Pop Batman Animated Series definitely reminds us of that, too. The Caped Crusader is shown with his notable yellow and black look, complete with cowl, while Robin is featured in his bright red suit and very green tights. Sassy as always, Batgirl is wearing her signature blue boots and is posed with her hand on her hip.

Offering the most notorious DC villain, Funko Pop Batman Animated Series gives The Joker a purple suit, green hair, and a devious grin while holding none other than his own Joker card. Of particular relevance to many fans and collectors, Batman: The Animated Series introduced The Joker's assistant Harley Quinn, who also appears in the set. She is shown wearing her black and red court jester costume. Lastly, the lovely Poison Ivy is disguised in her green leaf-like body suit and gloves.

Funko Pop Batman Animated Series Wave 2 offers figures for Clayface, Bane, Catwoman, Scarecrow and Phantasm. Also included is a robot version of Batman along with an umasked chase variant, averaging 1:6 boxes.

Funko Pop Batman Animated Series vinyl figures are numbered as part of the Pop! Heroes line and stand approximately 3 3/4" tall.

funko-pop-batman-animated-series-batman  funko-pop-batman-animated-series-the-joker

Funko Pop Batman Animated Series Checklist

Wave 1
152 Batman
153 Robin
154 Batgirl
155 The Joker
156 Harley Quinn
157 Poison Ivy
189 Man Bat - 2017 SDCC
190 Mr. Freeze - Legion of Collectors
Wave 2
191 Clayface
192 Bane
193 Batman (Robot)
193 Batman (Robot) Unmasked - Chase Variant
194 Catwoman
195 Scarecrow
198 Phantasm

Wave 2 Estimated Release Date: September 2017

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