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2018 Funko Pop Monster Hunter Vinyl Figures

2018 Funko Pop Monster Hunter Vinyl Figures


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My, what an angry pickle...not really, though! Funko Pop Monster Hunter enters Pop! Games with several monsters, and of course, a renowned Hunter.

Displayed on a clear stand, Rathalos appears to be in mid-flight with oversized wings and visible underbelly. Quite vibrant, the bright colors help detail the individual scales on Zinogre, while its open mouth showcases rows of teeth for a frightening appearance.

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Funko Pop Monster Hunter also includes the adorable Felyne, a cat-like creature that not only has the ability to speak to humans but also supports hunters in nearly all facets of their quests. Part of the Lynian species, the adorable cat figure is upright (smiling and waving!), exposing a brown paw print on its stomach. Closing out the initial release, fans of Monster Hunter can find a Hunter donning green armor and wielding a classic version of the Great Sword.

Those looking for additional Hunter figures should check out the female version—paired with Black Panther—in the Pop! Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite series.

Funko Pop Monster Hunter  Funko Pop Monster Hunter

Funko Pop Monster Hunter Checklist

293 Rathalos *
294 Zinogre *
295 Felyne *
296 Hunter *
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite 2-Pack
Black Panther vs Monster Hunter
Black Panther vs Monster Hunter Variant - Best Buy

Estimated Release Date: February 2018 *

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Funko Pop Monster Hunter Gallery

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293 Rathalos

Funko Pop Monster Hunter

294 Zinogre

Funko Pop Monster Hunter

295 Felyne

Funko Pop Monster Hunter

296 Hunter

Funko Pop Monster Hunter

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