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2018 Funko Pop Minecraft Vinyl Figures

2018 Funko Pop Minecraft Vinyl Figures


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Even though Creeper is included, there's no need to fear the Funko Pop Minecraft figures! The Pop! Games release offers "the player" in several skins, including Steve and Alex.

There's no shortage of creativity in the first-person building game Minecraft, which makes the 3D characters a perfect subject for Pop! treatment. Steve, the original player-controlled builder, comes in blue attire, while the female version Alex has a green shirt and brown pants. Both hold the ultimate tool—a pickaxe. Also available to collect is the Ocelot, while the black-and-white Tuxedo Cat is a limited chase.

Order Pop Minecraft Figures on Entertainment Earth.

Of course, no Minecraft list is complete without mob representation. Thankfully, a Skeleton and a Creeper are both included but are not nearly as frightening as their in-game editions.

Several exclusive variations extend the Funko Pop Minecraft checklist. The Creeper glow-in-the-dark is issued through FYE, the Charged Creeper is a GameStop exclusive, and Flaming Skeleton is offered at Target outlets. In addition, Steve and Alex's retail-only options include Alex in Diamond Armor (Best Buy), and Steve in Enchanted Armor (Toys R Us). Fans can also find Steve in Gold Armor, and Alex in Enchanted Armor at Walmart locations.

Funko Pop Minecraft  Funko Pop Minecraft

Funko Pop Minecraft Checklist

316 Steve
317 Alex
318 Ocelot
319 Skeleton
320 Creeper
320 Creeper GITD - FYE
321 Steve in Gold Armor - Walmart
322 Steve in Diamond Armor - GameStop
323 Alex in Diamond Armor - Best Buy
324 Steve in Enchanted Armor - Toys R Us
325 Alex in Enchanted Armor - Walmart
326 Flaming Skeleton - Target
327 Charged Creeper - GameStop
332 Tuxedo Cat - Chase Variant

Estimated Release Date: February 2018

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  1. There is also a Steve in Diamond Armor Gamestop exclusive Funko Pop. #322

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