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Funko Pop Adventure Time Vinyl Figures Guide and Checklist

Funko Pop Adventure Time Vinyl Figures Guide and Checklist


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Covering the offbeat animated series on Cartoon Network, Funko Pop Adventure Time vinyl figures include several different runs over the years and multiple exclusives. The guide aims to chronicle all the Adventure Time figures in one place and will be updated when new figures are announced.

Largely featuring best friends Finn and Jake, Adventure Time is a fantasy and adventure-based animated series that has carved out a nice following since the show debuted in 2007.

Offering a thorough look at the key characters in the show, the Funko Pop Adventure Time vinyl figures already total over 20 options for fans and collectors, and there are likely to be more in the future.

A full checklist is shown below and each figure can be viewed in a detailed gallery using the tab above. It is important to note the exclusives were only found from specific locations and were issued in more limited numbers.

Available separately, Funko Adventure Time Mystery Minis shrink the characters even further and collectors can also find a 2014 Cryptozoic set, with autographs, that is dedicated to the show.

Funko Adventure Time Vinyl Pop Figures 32 Finn 1Funko Adventure Time Vinyl Pop Figures Jake 1

Funko Pop Adventure Time Checklist

Exclusives noted below. Estimated release date provided for upcoming figures.

30 Lumpy Space Princess
31 Marceline
32 Finn
32 Finn (GID) - 2013 SDCC
33 Jake
33 Jake (Flocked) - Toy Wars
34 Ice King
44 Zombie Jake - 2013 SDCC
51 Princess Bubblegum
51 Princess Bubblegum (GID) - 2014 SDCC
52 BMO
52 BMO (Metallic) - Hot Topic
52 BMO (GID) - 2013 SDCC
53 Lemongrab
54 Fionna
55 Cake
87 Gunter
187 JMO (Jake as BMO) - Target
283 BMO Noire - Hot Topic
301 Marceline (w/ hat, guitar) - Hot Topic
302 Flame Princess - January/2016
303 The Lich - January/2016

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