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Funko Pop It Movie Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop It Movie Vinyl Figures


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One of the world's most notorious clowns is stylized with the Funko Pop It Movie figures. Based on the Stephen King novel, the film IT chronicles the friends in "The Losers' Club" who are terrorized by a shapeshifting being known as Pennywise.

IT's more recognizable form, of course, is a frightful clown, which is still scary as a Pop! vinyl. The main Pennywise figure stands in a ruffled, Victorian-esque costume and holds a paper boat with vivid orange hair. Requiring a little more work, the sepia chase variant (1:6 boxes) has dark red hair.

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Additionally, Pennywise with a wig covering most of his face is issued through Walmart, while the evil entity holding a balloon can be found at Hot Topic locations. Pennywise with a more terrifying expression and jagged teeth is only at FYE. Fans can also add Tim Curry's version of the Dancing Clown, issued as Pop! Movies figure #55.

Although Pennywise is the focal point of the set, Finn Wolfhard, who portrays Richie Tozier in IT, is among the figure options for the kids in Funko Pop It Movie Series 2. You may recall that Tozier had his vinyl debut as Mike in Funko Pop Stranger Things.

Series 2 also includes even more choices for Pennywise. The Movie Moments version even captures a chilling scene featuring Pennywise in the gutter.

Funko Pop It Movie  Funko Pop It Movie

Funko Pop It Movie Checklist

55 Pennywise
472 Pennywise w/ Boat
472 Pennywise w/ Boat Sepia - Chase
473 Pennywise w/ Teeth - FYE
474 Pennywise w/ Wig - Walmart
475 Pennywise w/ Balloon - Hot Topic
Series 2
536 Georgie Denbrough
536 Georgie Denbrough Chase
537 Bill Denbrough
538 Ben Hanscom
539 Beverly Marsh
539 Beverly Marsh Bloody Chase
540 Richie Tozier
541 Eddie Kaspbrak
542 Pennywise w/ Spider Legs
543 Pennywise w/ Severed Arm - Amazon
544 Pennywise w/ Wrought Iron - FYE
572 Mike Hanlon
573 Stanley Uris
584 Pennywise in Gutter - Hot Topic

Estimated Series 2 Release Date: May 2018

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