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Ultimate Funko Pop Haunted Mansion Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Haunted Mansion Figures Checklist and Gallery

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Welcome, foolish mortals! The Funko Pop Haunted Mansion ghost figures are dying to meet you! This spooky attraction, which is located at every Disney theme park, boasts that there are "999 happy haunts." Collectors can get started on that ambitious total with a handful of memorable ghosts from the ride.

As part of the main Pop! Disney line, each primary ghost option for Funko Pop Haunted Mansion, including Ezra, Gus, Hatbox Ghost and Phineas, is a Disney Parks exclusive. Those who enjoy collecting production errors should take note of the two options where the name and numbering do not reflect the figure inside the box. The first mismatch is for #162 Gus with Phineas inside, while #164 Phineas includes the figure for Gus.

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What could make a specter more frightening? One that glows, of course! Issued at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con, the hitchhiking ghosts (found at the end of the ride) also have a white glitter glow-in-the-dark variant. Contrasting the base white/clear version, the SDCC GITD figure for Hatbox Ghost glows blue instead.

Funko Pop Haunted Mansion  Funko Pop Haunted Mansion

Funko Pop Haunted Mansion Checklist

162 Gus (Name Error) - Disney Parks
162 Phineas - Disney Parks
162 Phineas GITD White Glitter - 2016 SDCC
163 Ezra - Disney Parks
163 Ezra GITD White Glitter - 2016 SDCC
164 Phineas (Name Error) - Disney Parks
164 Gus - Disney Parks
164 Gus GITD White Glitter - 2016 SDCC
165 Hatbox Ghost - Disney Parks
165 Hatbox Ghost GITD Blue - 2016 SDCC

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