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Ultimate Funko Pop Disney Parks Exclusive Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Disney Parks Exclusive Figures Checklist and Gallery

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The Funko Pop Disney Parks exclusives cover a wide variety of individual entities and lines from Funko, including Disney, Marvel and Pop! Rides. The figures are either released at a Disney Park, like Disneyland and Disney World, or are a convention-exclusive based on a popular ride from the parks.

Haunted Mansion is one of the most legendary Disney attractions, which makes the ghostly crew—Gus, Ezra, Phineas and Hatbox Ghost—worthy to lead the Disney Parks exclusives checklist. These are also interesting as Funko mixed up some of the boxes and error versions have mismatched figures compared to what's listed on the box. Of course, the Disney Parks Exclusive sticker isn't only reserved for subjects within the Magical Kingdom's walls. The Indiana Jones Adventure ride has both an exclusive vinyl and Pop! Rides vehicle.

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Even though most Funko Pop Disney Parks exclusives are numbered into the Pop! Disney line, exceptions include Guardians of the Galaxy's The Collector (in gold), which is part of Marvel. However, to keep things simple, the checklist below is listed in numerical order rather than by individual series. The visual guide tab above provides images for each exclusive option.

Ultimate Funko Pop Disney Parks Exclusive Figures Checklist and Gallery 1  Ultimate Funko Pop Disney Parks Exclusive Figures Checklist and Gallery 2

Pop Disney Parks Exclusive Figures Guide


Funko Pop Disney Parks Exclusives Checklist

162 Phineas - Haunted Mansion
162 Gus (Name Error)
162 Phineas GITD - 2016 SDCC
163 Ezra - Haunted Mansion
163 Ezra GITD - 2016 SDCC
164 Gus - Haunted Mansion
164 Phineas (Name Error)
164 Gus GITD - 2016 SDCC
165 Hatbox Ghost - Haunted Mansion
165 Hatbox Ghost GITD - 2016 SDCC
199 Indiana Jones w/ Idol - 2016 SDCC
200 Indiana Jones Temple of Doom
236 The Collector - Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout
258 Jolly Roger - Pirates of the Caribbean
258 Jolly Roger GITD - 2017 SDCC
289 Abominable Snowman - Matterhorn
289 Abominable Snowman Flocked - 2017 NYCC
289 Abominable Snowman Diamond Collection
290 Orange Bird
290 Orange Bird Flocked - 2017 NYCC
290 Orange Bird Diamond Collection
293 Figment - Epcot 35
301 DJ R3X - Disneyland Galaxy's Edge
423 Redd - Pirates of the Caribbean
514 Rainbow Unicorn
Enchanted Tiki Room 2-Pack: Pele & Barker Parrot
Pop! Rides
19 Indy's Ride - 2016 NYCC
47 Splash Mountain
49 Ezra in Buggy - Haunted Mansion
54 Alice at the Mad Tea Party

Ultimate Funko Pop Disney Parks Exclusive Figures Checklist and Gallery 33
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    Hi! I think technically the SDCC exclusive 199 Indiana Jones with Golden Fertility Idol is also in this series (the top of the box is titled “Indiana Jones Adventure”).

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