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Ultimate Funko Pop Harley Quinn Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Harley Quinn Figures Checklist and Gallery


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Harley Quinn is truly a unique character with a tragically complex story arc. Unlike most comic characters, Quinn made her debut appearance in 1992 on the television show Batman: The Animated Series. A year later she officially entered the comic book world in The Batman Adventures #12. From there, her popularity and collectible options skyrocketed and the DC Universe has never looked back. Over time, her personality, appearance and roles have changed, which the many Funko Pop Harley Quinn vinyl figures dutifully document.

Quinn's DC Comics figures in the Pop! Heroes line feature several versions of her in the original jester costume, many of which are exclusives. Aside from the main Funko Pop Harley Quinn figure (#34), collectors can find variants such as black and white, glow-in-the-dark, and metallic. Many of the exclusives are issued through Hot Topic, including Harley Quinn with a Mallet wearing pink hearts, and a silver option that is limited to just 144 pieces.

Dr. Harleen Quinzel is known as the psychiatrist who fell for the Joker while working at Arkham Asylum, so it is only fitting that there are two figures reflecting her time there: Funko Pop Harley Quinn wearing a nurses uniform and one with her holding the iconic bat over her shoulder. With the cinematic release of Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie brought Harley Quinn's diverse, somewhat mentally unstable yet lovable character to the masses. Funko's stylized versions capture every facet of quirkiness with several to choose from.

The checklist below documents all of the Funko Pop Harley Quinn vinyl figures in one place. The Pop! Heroes figures are listed by individual line numbering, including any exclusives and variants and where to find them. However, this does not mean they were actually released in that order. The figures are listed in numerical order in the corresponding gallery on the next tab.

Funko Pop Harley Quinn

Funko Pop Harley Quinn Figure Master Checklist

Pop! Heroes: DC Comics
34 Harley Quinn
34 Harley Quinn Black & White - Harrison’s
34 Harley Quinn GITD - PX Previews
34 Harley Quinn Metallic - Conquest Comics
45 Harley Quinn with Mallet
45 Harley Quinn Black & White - Hot Topic
45 Harley Quinn Pink Hearts - Hot Topic
45 Harley Quinn Silver - Hot Topic
66 Roller Derby Harley Quinn - Hot Topic Pre-Release
121 Harley Quinn New 52 - Hot Topic
233 Harley Quinn Skull Bags - Hot Topic
Pop! Heroes: DC Bombshells
166 Harley Quinn
166 Harley Quinn Black and White - ThinkGeek
Batman Arkham Asylum
54 Nurse Harley Quinn
Batman Arkham Knight
72 Harley Quinn
Pop Impopsters
124 Harley Quinn Impopster Batman
127 Harley Quinn Impopster Batgirl
Suicide Squad
97 Harley Quinn
105 Harley Quinn HQ Inmate - GameStop
108 Harley Quinn Gown - Hot Topic
135 Dr. Harleen - Walmart
Batman: The Animated Series
156 Harley Quinn
Combo Packs
2-Pack: The Joker & Harley Quinn Metallic - FYE
2-Pack: The Joker & Harley Quinn Beach - Hot Topic

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