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Ultimate Funko Pop Despicable Me Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Despicable Me Figures Checklist and Gallery


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They're so FLUFFY! Sorry, the Funko Pop Despicable Me figures are not actually fluffy, but they are just as adorable as Agnes when she responds to Gru "winning" her the stuffed unicorn. Featuring a variety of memorable characters, it is easy to see why Despicable Me is among the top animated franchises of the 2000s.

Based on the box numbering, the Funko Pop Despicable Me list actually starts with Despicable Me 2. This includes a pointy-nosed Gru in his signature striped scarf standing with his hands behind his back. Keeping Gru in check, Agnes wears overalls with her fists clenched as she tries to contain her endless energy.

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Even though the film centers around Gru and his adopted daughters, the Minions stole the show and the Funko Pop Despicable Me lineup. Carl is wearing goggles (a goggle?) over his one eye, while Dave stands with parted hair and gloved hands by his side, and a purple Evil Minion displays oversized teeth and disproportioned eyes. Aside from their main options, each Minion includes a few exclusive figures, too. Entertainment Earth issued Carl with a mustache, while 2013 San Diego Comic-Con released a glow-in-the-dark variant along with metallic options for Dave and Evil Minion. Although not evil, Purple Carl and Purple Dave variants are 2014 San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.

Despite having higher box numbering in the Pop! Movies line, Hula Minion (#125) and Fire Alarm Minion (#126) represent the first film in the franchise. The Hula Minion glow-in-the-dark is a 2015 New York Comic Con variant while the GITD option for Fire Alarm Minion can be found at FYE outlets.

Expanding the Funko Pop Despicable Me empire, Despicable Me 3 features Spy Gru wearing a black full-body spandex suit with a "G" logo, while a white Spy Gru chase variant averages 1 in 6 boxes, alongside Tourist Dave and Tourist Jerry, who rock shorts and fanny packs (including cupholders!). Collectors can also finally own Kyle and the very, very adorable unicorn Fluffy!

All of the Funko Pop Despicable Me figures are grouped by the specific movie in the checklist below. Images for the figures are listed in numerical order on the visual guide tab above. Figures branded with the Minions franchise are part of a separate line.

Ultimate Funko Pop Despicable Me Figures Checklist and Gallery 1  Ultimate Funko Pop Despicable Me Figures Checklist and Gallery 2

Funko Pop Despicable Me Master Checklist

Estimated release date is shown below when available.

Despicable Me
35 Carl w/ mustache - EE
125 Hula Minion
125 Hula Minion GITD - 2015 NYCC
126 Fire Alarm Minion
126 Fire Alarm Minion GITD - FYE
Despicable Me 2
33 Gru
34 Agnes
35 Carl
35 Carl GITD - 2013 SDCC
35 Purple Carl - 2014 SDCC
36 Dave
36 Dave Metallic - 2013 SDCC
36 Purple Dave - 2014 SDCC
37 Evil Minion
37 Evil Minion Metallic - 2013 SDCC
Despicable Me 3
418 Tourist Dave
419 Tourist Jerry
419 Tourist Jerry Metallic - Best Buy (June 2017)
420 Fluffy
420 Fluffy Flocked - Kohl's (June 2017)
421 Spy Gru
421 Spy Gru w/white suit - Chase Variant
422 Kyle
423 I Heart Gru Mel - Walmsrt (May 2017)
424 Lucky - Toys R Us
425 Jail Time Mel - Target (June 2017)
2-Pack: Tourist Dave & Tourist Jerry - f.y.e. (June 2017)
3-Pack: Evil Minion, Carl & Dave GITD - Barnes and Noble

Ultimate Funko Pop Despicable Me Figures Checklist and Gallery 3
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