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Ultimate Funko Pop Conan O'Brien Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Conan O’Brien Figures Checklist and Gallery


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Heeeeeere's Funko Pop Conan O'Brien! The unique vinyl set showcases the comedian's acting chops, or more accurately, his ability to portray any pop culture character. Only issued as exclusives, Pop! Conan offers numerous options for the established TBS host.

The original Funko Pop Conan figures were created specifically for the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) as Conan became the first late-night talk show to record from the summer convention. Little did his audience know, they were in for a special treat, as Team Coco handed out the initial wave of Funko Pop Conan O'Brien vinyls. Aside from the basic #01 O'Brien standing with his arms crossed in a blue suit, the rest of the 2015 SDCC releases opt for more elaborate versions like Batman Conan, Zombie Conan, and Conan's Monster.

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Highlighting more marquee characters from movies and comic books, the 2016 SDCC giveaways present Conan dressed as Superman, a Stormtrooper, a Ghostbuster, and the very popular—read controversial—Suicide Squad version of The Joker. While the actual number of produced figures is unknown, every Funko Pop Conan O'Brien edition has the legendary SDCC sticker on the packaging.

Continuing the annual tradition, 2017 San Diego Comic-Con is the place to find O'Brien disguised as Spider-Man, a Jedi, The Flash, and a White Walker from Game of Thrones. Instead of being exclusive to audience attendees like the rest, MonoConan is collected via other giveaways.

Part of its own standalone lineup, the Funko Pop Conan O'Brien figures are fairly rare and can get extremely pricey.

Funko Pop Conan O Brien

Funko Pop Conan O'Brien Checklist

2015 Funko SDCC
01 Conan O'Brien
02 Batman Conan
03 Zombie Conan
04 Conan's Monster
2016 Funko SDCC
05 Superman Conan
06 Stormtrooper Conan
07 Ghostbuster Conan
08 The Joker Conan
2017 Funko SDCC
09 Conan as Spider-Man
10 Jedi Conan
11 The Flash Conan
12 White Walker Conan
13 MonoConan

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