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Funko Pop Comic Book Men Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Comic Book Men Vinyl Figures


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Featuring the highly addictive podcast/television series, Funko Pop Comic Book Men is what you get when you combine five friends who share a passion for all things superhero.

Many are likely familiar with filmmaker/actor/comedian/producer—and star of the show—Kevin Smith, especially if you have seen any of his cult classics: Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, or Dogma. This more recent work showcases Smith's love for comics in AMC's Comic Book Men.

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Aside from Kevin Smith (not Fat Man!), the Funko Pop Comic Book Men lineup includes artist and occasional actor (in Smith's films) Walt Flanagan, along with Michael Zapcic, the "human encyclopedia" of comics, and fellow podcasters Bryan Johnson and Ming Chen. Every vinyl wears a long-sleeve shirt with the exception of Smith, who rocks a Funko HQ hockey jersey and a backward hat.

Funko Pop Comic Book Men Vinyl Figures 1

Why the Funko HQ jersey you ask? Because the guys were surprised with their own Pop! Television figures at the Funko headquarters grand opening. Each Funko Pop Comic Book Men option includes an exclusive Funko HQ limited edition sticker on the packaging. The very rare release includes only 120 pieces for Walt Flanagan, Michael Zapcic, Bryan Johnson and Ming Chen, while the Kevin Smith figure is limited to 500 copies.

Since the guys were present during the grand opening, collectors can even find signed versions on eBay, although—deep breath—several have sold for hundreds of dollars.

Although they don't carry the Comic Book Men logo, we also included the related Secret Stash and FatMan figures.

Funko Pop Comic Book Men Checklist

216 Fat Man Blue - 2017 SDCC
216 Fat Man Red - 2017 SDCC
483 Kevin Smith (FatMan) - LA Comic Con
553 Walt Flanagan - Funko HQ
554 Michael Zapcic - Funko HQ
555 Bryan Johnson - Funko HQ
556 Ming Chen - Funko HQ
557 Kevin Smith - Funko HQ
610 Walt Flanagan - Secret Stash
611 Michael Zapcic - Secret Stash
612 Bryan Johnson - Secret Stash
613 Ming Chen - Secret Stash
614 Kevin Smith - Secret Stash

Funko Pop Comic Book Men Vinyl Figures 2
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