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Funko Pop Bruce Lee Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Bruce Lee Vinyl Figures


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Funko Pop Bruce Lee honors one of the greatest martial arts heroes of all time. The release is small compared to others in the Pop! Movies line, however, the set represents some of the icon's most memorable films.

The first Funko Pop Bruce Lee figure offered is from Enter the Dragon. In a Shaolin fight-ready stance, Lee's face and bare chest show visible lacerations. Clearly, Funko paid close attention to detail as each of Lee's hands are perfectly bent to replicate the actor's classic style.

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Also, donning a yellow tracksuit—which became just as famous—Bruce Lee stands in matching yellow tennis shoes. While his body is facing forward, his head is turned to the side as he holds up an open-palmed hand while grasping nunchucks in the other.

The Funko Pop Bruce Lee figures are BAIT exclusives, which were initially released in 2015, making both of them a somewhat rare and sometimes pricey item.

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Funko Pop Bruce Lee

Funko Pop Bruce Lee Checklist

218 Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon - BAIT
219 Bruce Lee Game of Death - BAIT

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218 Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon - BAIT

Funko Pop Bruce Lee

219 Bruce Lee Game of Death - BAIT

Funko Pop Bruce Lee


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