Ultimate Guide to Bruce Lee Collectibles and Memorabilia

Ultimate Guide to Bruce Lee Collectibles and Memorabilia


Considered by many to be the most influential martial artist of all-time, Bruce Lee was an iconic figure and one of the biggest names of the 20th century. His quick rise to global fame combined with an early death have made Bruce Lee one of the most intriguing stars and a hot commodity for collectors.

Virtually synonymous with his martial arts movies, much of the available collectibles for Bruce Lee deal with this subject. However, another important aspect for collectors was his role in The Green Hornet television series in 1966-67. Although it only lasted one season, Bruce Lee portrayed the title character's faithful sidekick, Kato, and this was the first time that many were exposed to Lee.

The Bruce Lee collectible market is wide and varied. To no surprise, autographs as well as items worn or owned by Bruce Lee carry the most interest and value. While these pieces of memorabilia are more geared to the high-end collectors, there are plenty of other choices for collectors of all budgets. Many of the top Bruce Lee collectibles are detailed in the following guide. Check the tabs above for additional items.

Top Bruce Lee Collectibles and Memorabilia

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Bruce Lee Autographs

Anytime a famous figure dies at the height of their popularity, autographed items will be hotly pursued. In the case of Bruce Lee, they are also rather rare. Like any autographed memorabilia items, proceed with caution when shopping for Bruce Lee autographs and be sure you can verify the authenticity.

Bruce Lee Kato Autographed Photo

Bruce Lee Props, Costumes and Personal Items

Easily the rarest and most valuable of the Bruce Lee collectibles, items worn or owned by the martial arts master do not surface often and command strong prices when they do. Covering a wide variety of options from workout gear to leather shoes to items actually used by Lee in his movies, prices can push as high as six figures. We have highlighted some of the more notable recent auction sales for Bruce Lee memorabilia.

Bruce Lee Game of Death

  • Yellow Jumpsuit from The Game of Death - $100,500
  • Wooden Nunchaku (Nunchuks) from The Game of Death - $69,000
  • Owned/Used Heavy Workout Bag - $33,901
  • High School Handwritten Manuscript - $25,000

Bruce Lee Original Photos

Much more common than autographs or rare movie memorabilia, collectors have also shown considerable interest in original Bruce Lee photos. The images cover all facets of Lee's life and can sell for hundreds depending on the image and condition.

Bruce Lee Original Photograph

Bruce Lee Shoes

Although the shoes he is the most synonymous with resemble black Toms, that does not mean that collectors are unable to include Bruce Lee in their sneaker collection. The Bruce Lee colorway was first found on the Nike Zoom Kobe V. The shoe pays homage to Bruce Lee with a color scheme similar to his jumpsuit in The Game of Death. It also includes four claw marks on the upper that honors Enter the Dragon. The colorway returned for the Nike Kobe 9 Low EM.

Modeled after the sneakers worn by Lee in The Game of Death, Onitsuka Tiger offers an additional option for sneakerheads. The model shown below is a special version of the Tai Chi that was limited to only 100 pairs.

Bruce Lee Books and DVDs

More informational than true collectible, the many books and movies for Bruce Lee offer a detailed look that can be especially helpful for those that were not alive when he first made his name. The listings take you straight to the available options in each category on Amazon.

Bruce Lee Montegrappa Icons Drago Pens

While pens are not the first thing that usually comes to mind when talking about memorabilia, Montegrappa is not just any maker of pens. The Italian company produces luxury writing instruments and their "Icons" line pays tribute to some of the most famous people in the world. 1995 marked the 70th birthday for Bruce Lee and Montegrappa celebrated that milestone with a special pen, "The Dragon," which was limited to 1,912 pieces. The pen was very popular and is rarely found for sale.

Montegrappa followed that up with "The Dragon 2010 Bruce Lee." The new Bruce Lee pen is limited to 2,010 pieces and retail prices range from $4,675 to $102,200 depending on composition and rarity.

Bruce Lee Montegrappa Icons Drago Pens

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Movie Posters

Bruce Lee Original Movie Posters

After his theatrical debut in Marlowe, Bruce Lee appeared in several feature movies before an untimely death cut his career short. These popular movies remains a common way for collectors to celebrate his legacy and original movie posters are the preferred route for many.

It is important to note that the posters differ by the country of release and reprints are common. Also, Lee's first three movies had alternate titles that are listed alongside the main title below.

The Big Boss / Fists of Fury Movie Posters

The Big Boss Movie Poster Bruce Lee

Fist of Fury / The Chinese Connection Movie Posters

Fist of Fury Movie Poster Bruce Lee

Way of the Dragon / Return of the Dragon Movie Posters

Way Return of the Dragon Movie Poster Bruce Lee

Enter the Dragon Movie Posters

Enter the Dragon Movie Poster Bruce Lee

The Game of Death Movie Posters 

The Game of Death Movie Poster Bruce Lee

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Trading Cards

Bruce Lee Trading Cards

Appealing to traditional card collectors, Bruce Lee has also been featured on a variety of card options throughout the years. Notable releases are shown below.

Bruce Lee's role in The Green Hornet was covered in a regular card set from Donruss as well as a sticker set and playing card set. These are the earliest card options for Bruce Lee collectors.

The 1970s releases from Yamakatsu and Sportscaster are also popular. 1974 Yamakatsu is particularly intriguing to collectors because several of the Bruce Lee cards also include Chuck Norris. The two appeared together in Way of the Dragon.

Lastly, releases from Topps, Upper Deck and Sportkings offer more modern options. This includes relic cards found in both 2007 Allen & Ginter and 2009 Upper Deck Prominent Cuts.

1966 Green Hornet

1966 Donruss Green Hornet Bruce Lee #371966 Green Hornet Stickers Bruce Lee #241966 Green Hornet Playing Cards Bruce Lee

1974 Yamakatsu 

1974 Yamakatsu Way of the Dragon Bruce Lee Chuck Norris #68

1977 Sportscaster

1977 Sportscaster Bruce Lee

2007 Allen & Ginter (base, parallels, relics)

2007 Allen & Ginter Relic Bruce Lee2007 Allen & Ginter Base Bruce Lee

2009 UD Prominent Cuts Hollywood History Relics

2009 UD Prominent Cuts Hollywood History Relics Bruce Lee

2010 Sportkings (base, parallels)

2010 Sportkings Base Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee Comics

A man made for comics, Bruce Lee got his start with these artistic stories thanks to The Green Hornet. The covers actually show still shots from the television series.

Next came The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu. The series was created in honor of Bruce Lee and contained a mash of martial arts information. Issue #28, shown below, is notable because it was focused entirely on Lee.

Less popular, but entirely devoted to Lee, Malibu's Bruce Lee offers a more modern spin on the legendary figure.

1967 Gold Key Green Hornet

1967 Gold Key Green Hornet Comic Bruce Lee

1974-77 The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu 

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Comic #28 Bruce Lee

1994 Malibu Bruce Lee

1994 Malibu Bruce Lee Comic #1

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Bruce Lee Figures and Statues

Lastly, fans have quite a few Bruce Lee figures and statues to add to their collections. One of the earliest Bruce Lee action figures came in the 1980s from LarGo and there have also been many more in recent years.

Figures from Universal, Fanatiks, Round 5 and UFC should not run you too much. On the flip side, Enterbay, Hot Toys and Blitzway offer premium figures with great detail and much higher prices.

Also, as part of the annual "Bruce Lee Night" that began in 2012, collectors can even find MLB Bruce Lee figures courtesy of giveaways from the San Francisco Giants.

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  7. say guys I have a couple plhotos of Mr. lee one is signed and one is not and from what I have read he was in the army for a short time I have that photo as well but not signed looking to auction them off unless some one offers the price I have in mind please contact me at email with a message and we can talk or I will be sending to auction soon.

  8. Hi there i have a genuine bruce lee contract sign by him and raymond chow any idea on what it worth ?

  9. I have two copies of Black Belt Magazine with the first articles on Bruce Lee the Green Hornets sidekick and his Kung-Fu training. What might these be worth. Thank you

  10. Hi, I have a complete set of 1-79 kung fu monthly that i would like to sell also in the set there is a ltd edition autobiography plus extra magazines all of them are in fantastic condition really well looked after anyone interested or know where is best to sell these i have them on ebay at the moment. thanks

  11. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bruce-Lee-Collection-on-VHS-excellent-condition-uncut-version-/322795648676
    Collectible Bruce Lee UK VHS, great condition, Enter the Dragon, uncut, still in original wrapping!
    Cost does not include postage and packaging.

  12. I have an autographed 3 X 5 photograph of Bruce Lee. As a teenager in the late 70’s I worked in a Chinese restaurant and the owners who were from Hong Kong new that I was in Martial arts and gave me the photograph as a Christmas gift.

    Assuming the autograph is authentic (I am sure it is) What would it potentially be worth?

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