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Ultimate Funko Pop Batman 1966 Classic TV Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Batman 1966 Classic TV Figures Checklist and Gallery


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SPLAAT! CRAAACK! KAPOW! The Funko Pop Batman 1966 Classic TV series brings the not-so-serious side of the Caped Crusader along with friends and foes to the Pop! Heroes line. Much like their 1960s counterparts, each subject is brightly colored, giving fans and collectors of The Batman several throwback options.

The initial release of Funko Pop Batman 1966 features Adam West's version of the Batsuit with gray spandex, blue gauntlets and the always handy yellow utility belt. ABC wanted the series to have the same style and light-heartedness of the DC Comics, which was overtly accomplished with The Joker. Displaying lime green hair, the Joker dons a pink suit with a broad smile. Collectors can also find a metallic '66 version of Batman from the 2013 Alamo City Comic Con, while a metallic Joker variant is a 2013 Dallas Comic Con exclusive.

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Batman's faithful sidekick, Robin wears the familiar red and green costume with a yellow cape while Catwoman is dressed in a glittery black suit with gold-painted "claws." Sticking to the zany theme of the series, Batman and Joker each have a Surf's Up! option with the hero wearing yellow shorts and holding a surfboard with the Bat symbol while The Joker has teal shorts and holds a board featuring his own face. Additionally, the duo comes in a Surf's Up combo pack found at FYE locations.

With the exception of Batgirl, villains are the focus for series two of Funko Pop Batman 1966. The lineup of notorious criminals includes The Riddler wearing the green suit with '?' on the chest and sleeves, while the chase variant (1:6 boxes) sports a bowler hat and Penguin with a monocle and purple top hat, holding an umbrella. The second wave also features a blue Mr. Freeze wearing a Freeze Collar and wielding the Freeze gun, along with King Tut sporting a killer Egyptian headdress and robe.

Famous in its own right, the suped-up Lincoln Futura, a.k.a. The Batmobile, has various options in Pop! Rides. Aside from the main '66 option, which is painted black, the Toy Tokyo convention exclusives of the old-school Batmobile come in Blue (2013 NYCC), Gold (2014 NYCC), Red (2014 SDCC), and Chrome (2016 San Diego Comic-Con) versions.

Review the full Funko Pop Batman 1966 Classic TV checklist below and see all the figures using the Visual Guide tab above.

Ultimate Funko Pop Batman 1966 Classic TV Figures Checklist and Gallery 1  Ultimate Funko Pop Batman 1966 Classic TV Figures Checklist and Gallery 2

Funko Pop 1966 Batman Master Checklist

Wave 1
41 Batman
41 Batman Metallic - 2013 Alamo City Comic Con
42 Robin
43 Catwoman
44 The Joker
44 The Joker Metallic - 2013 Dallas Comic Con
133 Surfs Up! Batman
134 Surfs Up! Joker
Wave 2*
183 The Riddler
183 The Riddler w/bowler hat - Chase Variant
184 The Penguin
185 Mr. Freeze
186 Batgirl
187 King Tut
2-Pack: Batman & Joker Surfs Up! - FYE
Pop! Rides
01 Batmobile
01 Blue Batmobile - Toy Tokyo 2013 NYCC
01 Gold Batmobile - Toy Tokyo 2014 NYCC
01 Red Batmobile - Toy Tokyo 2014 SDCC
01 Chrome Batmobile - Toy Tokyo 2016 SDCC

Estimated Release Date (Wave 2)*: June 2017

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