Eddie Lacy Rookie Card Checklist and Visual Guide

Eddie Lacy Rookie Card Checklist and Visual Guide

Although the 2013 NFL Draft was largely a down year for top offensive talent, Eddie Lacy emerged as one of the strongest players and overall best running back. Lacy is a dynamic runner that attracted the early attention of collectors as a member of the University of Alabama. As a member of the Green Bay Packers, a popular and successful franchise, Eddie Lacy cards are trending upward.

It seems that the University of Alabama has become a major starting point for NFL running backs, and Eddie Lacy entered the league with high expectations. After redshirting as a true freshman, Lacy shared carries with Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson during his first season. He would have to wait two seasons to assume the starting role, but he contributed to the team, even as the backup. Lacy was a huge part of the BCS National Championship runs in 2012 and 2013, and he was named to the First Team All-SEC in 2012 and was the Offensive MVP in the 2013 BCS Championship.

As one of the top running back prospects, Lacy was taken late in the second round by the Green Bay Packers. The Packers have not had an elite rusher for many years and were looking for a running back to complement their strong passing game. The team, fans and many collectors feel they have finally found that player and Lacy entered his rookie season on the top of the depth chart. Although various key injuries resulted in a disappointing season for the team, Lacy was one of the few bright spots and he rushed for nearly 1,200 yards and 11 touchdowns, en route to the Pro Bowl. He was also selected as the the AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and was named a Second-team All-Pro.

Now with some NFL experience under his belt, fans and collectors are expecting big things from Eddie Lacy and the Packers. The following guide looks at all the official Eddie Lacy rookie cards. Also, notable pre-rookie cards are listed below.

Eddie Lacy Rookie Card Guide

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2013 Bowman Eddie Lacy RC #140

Despite the unlicensed look, this is one of the few rookie cards from 2013 Bowman that seems to work. It helps that the University of Alabama has such a simple uniform, and very little had to be altered. Parallels are quite plentiful for this early rookie card.

2013 Bowman Sterling Eddie Lacy RC #64

The black background and glossy finish give this 2013 Bowman Sterling a dynamic look with the bright image of Eddie Lacy as the sole focus. Colorful parallels add rarity to this budget option.

2013 Panini Absolute Eddie Lacy RC #129 #/199, #208 Autograph #/299

The first of several Panini products to include multiple rookie cards in the same main set, collectors have two choices for Eddie Lacy rookie cards in 2013 Absolute. The first is a basic rookie, numbered to 199. Lacy seems a little too big for the card and the bronze text at the bottom clashes with the other colors. There is also a retail version numbered to 199.

The second card in the set is the Autographed Rookie Premier Materials card, numbered to 299. The design is a little disappointing with the small image of Lacy at the top and too much area at the bottom for the sticker signature and die-cut jersey piece. Also, it is odd that Lacy's name is not prominently displayed, and instead is tucked into a spot between the brand logo and the serial numbering.

2013 Panini Black Eddie Lacy RC #208 Autographed Jersey #/299

Although the dark color scheme makes it prone to dings and smudges, the 2013 Panini Black rookie for Eddie Lacy still features the main things that collectors look for with an on-card autograph, jersey piece and limited run.

2013 Panini Black Eddie Lacy RC #208

2013 Panini Certified Eddie Lacy RC #229 #/999, #308 Autographed Jersey #/399

Like Absolute, Panini includes two cards in the main set for 2013 Certified. The New Generation rookie is numbered to 999 and has a similar look to the Bowman Sterling card, except the background is simply a washed-out image. The Freshman Fabric subset is the more popular Eddie Lacy card, and the horizontal layout makes for a better design ton incorporate the jersey and sticker signature. The mid-level print run keeps values lower.

2013 Panini Contenders Eddie Lacy RC #208 Autograph

One of the most popular Eddie Lacy rookie cards, 2013 Contenders offers collectors both a base and variation card with on-card signatures from the young bruiser. These are two of the best selling cards in the entire product despite not being included among the short prints.

2013 Panini Contenders Football Rookie Ticket Autographs 208 Eddie Lacy

2013 Panini Crown Royale Eddie Lacy RC #208 Autographed Jersey #/299

Utilizing the popular Silhouette design, the Eddie Lacy rookie in 2013 Crown Royale features a large jersey piece, on-card signature and print run of 299.

2013 Panini Crown Royale Eddie Lacy RC #208 Autographed Jersey #:299

2013 Panini Elite Eddie Lacy RC #131 #/699

The Elite rookie card for Eddie Lacy is a good reminder for how much the young back grew out his hair after leaving school. The mid-level print run and clean design will help keep collectors interested.

2013 Panini Limited Eddie Lacy RC #208 Autographed Jersey #/199

There is a lot happening on this Material Phenoms card, and it is not a successful combination. The red background is an unfortunate color pairing and the autograph sticker could have been better incorporated into the card. The low print run helps the value somewhat, and the parallels present more rare options and better color schemes.

2013 Panini Momentum Eddie Lacy RC #130

This simple design makes Eddie Lacy the focus and gives collectors an ideal low-end option. The Clear Cut parallel offers a nice acetate alternative. There are also two signed versions, both numbered to 199.

2013 Panini National Treasures Eddie Lacy RC #208 Autographed Jersey #/99

Arguably one of the top overall rookie options, National Treasures brings Eddie Lacy collectors a clean look and premium feel. A print run of just 99 keeps interest high.

2013 Panini National Treasures Rookie Patch Autograph 208 Eddie Lacy

2013 Panini Playbook Eddie Lacy RC #132 Autograph #/49, #208 Autographed Jersey #/297

2013 Playbook includes one of the rarest Eddie Lacy rookie cards of the year, with only 49 cards. This signed card has a large Green Bay Packers logo piece, which makes for an odd look. It is one of the few cards to present the young back's name prominently. There are also several booklet variations for Lacy included in the main set. With a higher print run and booklet design, this unique card is a great low-cost alternative to some of the high-end Eddie Lacy cards.

2013 Panini Prestige Eddie Lacy RC #230

Arguably one of the worst rookie card designs, Prestige makes up for it by being one of the first products of the year. Adding some depth to the product, the base rookie card is paired with the short print variation. The variation card features Lacy with white gloves and a "00" jersey.

2013 Panini Prizm Eddie Lacy RC #232

A clear attempt by Panini to challenge Topps Chrome, Prizm uses a simple look with a textured border and silver foil to offer a great low-end option. The various Prizm Refractors, especially gold, give collectors something to chase. Also, Rated Rookie Patches, exclusive to retail, and autographs add to the total.

2013 Panini Prominence Eddie Lacy RC #130

Similar to the Eddie Lacy rookie in Momentum, 2013 Prominence utilizes a simple curved background design, image of Lacy, plenty of white and off-white, and not much else. The product also offers six different signed cards that all feature different designs and manufactured relics and are numbered to 100. This includes Rookie Class Letters, Team Logo Patch, Rookie Helmet, Field Plates, Rated Rookie Patches and Gridiron Gems. All are show below except for the Gridiron Gems card.

2013 Panini Rookies and Stars Eddie Lacy RC #129, 207 Autographed Jersey #/299

While the design is as equally loud as the Prestige rookie, Eddie Lacy's Rookies and Stars card does seem to work better. However, the yellow "LACY" text nearly blends into the yellow of Lacy's pants and the one lonely photographer is a distraction. The Premiere Rookie Materials subset includes autographed and memorabilia cards.

2013 Panini Score Eddie Lacy RC #363

Taking a page from the history of collecting, Score brings a taste of 1989 Score to the 2013 rookie class. Although it has a tendency to clash with other color schemes, the heavy green border works well with the green and yellow of the Packers. Too bad Lacy has a red jersey on in the image. There is also an autographed version.

2013 Panini Select Eddie Lacy RC #184

Old and new comes together as a brand from hobby history is combined with a blast of Prizm technology. While the look of the card is solid, the combination of gold and silver seems odd. In addition to the base card, a signed version is numbered to 399 and includes a small jersey piece.

2013 Panini Spectra Eddie Lacy RC #208 #/99

Collectors looking for Eddie Lacy cards in Panini Spectra are in luck as there are four different rookie options for the exciting back, each with a completely different layout and image.

2013 Panini Spectra Eddie Lacy RC #208 blue base parallel2013 Panini Spectra Eddie Lacy RC #208 #:99 autograph

2013 Panini Spectra Eddie Lacy RC #208 #:99 jersey2013 Panini Spectra Eddie Lacy RC #208 #:99 autographed jersey

2013 Panini Stickers Eddie Lacy RC #320

Panini Stickers is a product that will never make you rich, but features a fun concept for casual collectors and kids. This is also one of the only cards to show Lacy without his helmet.

2013 Panini Totally Certified Eddie Lacy RC #218

Yet another card with a full-color image of Eddie Lacy and silver foil background, the Freshman Phenoms subset in Totally Certified includes several versions. In addition to the base card, there is also a horizontal autographed jersey card with the same set number and various colored parallels.

2013 Topps Eddie Lacy RC #406

Just like with baseball, the flagship product from Topps Football is a collector favorite. The layout is fairly simple, but the text area includes an ornate design. While there is only one true base rookie card, there are short print variations for base cards of top players. The base card shows Lacy with both hands on the ball, while the variation includes an image where Lacy is cutting and only has one hand on the ball. Both versions have autographed counterparts.

2013 Topps Chrome Eddie Lacy RC #131

Chrome has become a hobby staple by simply putting a Chromium finish on the flagship Topps cards. That trend continues with Eddie Lacy's Chrome rookie card. Just like the base Topps set, a variation short print is also available. A signed version of the base card, numbered to 600, rounds out the main options.

2013 Topps Finest Eddie Lacy RC #130

Featuring a strong design and brand reputation, Eddie Lacy's Finest rookie card is an appealing option for base and set collectors. The many Refractor options offer collectors a challenging chase.

2013 Topps Five Star Eddie Lacy RC #116 Autographed Jersey #/94

Compared to some other top Eddie Lacy rookie cards, this option from Five Star might seem to have a small jersey piece. Nevertheless, the appealing look and limited run make it a collector favorite.

2013 Topps Five Star Rookie Autographed Patch 116 Eddie Lacy

2013 Topps Inception Eddie Lacy RC #120 Autograph

Inception marks the first official autographed rookie card for Eddie Lacy and should remain a top option over time. The clouded background provides a different feel than most cards and the hobby loves on-card autographs. The only negative is the "00" NFL Premier jersey.

2013 Topps Magic Eddie Lacy RC #211

This simple base rookie for Eddie Lacy from Topps Magic will never yield high values, but it is a solid low-end option for collectors.

2013 Topps Magic Eddie Lacy RC #211

2013 Topps Mini Eddie Lacy RC #406

Exactly as it sounds, Topps Mini is simply a smaller version of the flagship Topps cards. The cards measure 2-1/4" x 3-1/8" and include a few limited parallels.

2013 Topps Museum Collection Eddie Lacy RC #81 

Another base Topps rookie, Museum Collection combines a premium look with a budget price to bring collectors a great non-signed Eddie Lacy rookie card.

2013 Topps Museum Collection Eddie Lacy RC #81

2013 Topps Platinum Eddie Lacy RC #150 

The Eddie Lacy Platinum rookie card brings the popular Topps Refractor technology to a base design. A long list of parallels add to the strong design.

2013 Topps Prime Eddie Lacy RC #150 

Topps Prime brings Eddie Lacy collectors a card with no real border and plenty of turf. In addition to the base, there is also a retail version with a subtle image change and a thinner card stock. There is also an autographed version that is numbered to 250.

2013 Topps Strata Eddie Lacy RC #125 

2013 Topps Strata also includes different cards for retail and hobby, with the hobby version on the left and the retail on right. The futuristic, circular background, is a little loud and dominates the focus of the card. A signed version is also available for the hobby card.

2013 Topps Supreme Eddie Lacy RC #32 #/170

Despite the limited print run, prices for Lacy's Topps Supreme rookie remain on the cheaper side. For collectors who who don't care for autographs or jersey cards, this might be the best overall Eddie Lacy rookie card.

2013 Topps Supreme Eddie Lacy RC #32 #:170

2013 Topps Triple Threads Eddie Lacy RC #122 Autographed Jersey #/99

Triple Threads seems to always produce a mixed response from collectors and this year is no different. The complex design works, but the sticker autograph is disappointing on an Eddie Lacy rookie card numbered to 99.

2013 Topps Turkey Red Eddie Lacy RC #1

Topps Turkey Red is a rookie-centered product with a simple design and and a vintage look, with added card wear. The base Eddie Lacy version is one the left and a variation is shown on the right.

2013 Topps Turkey Red Football Variations Eddie Lacy

Notable Pre-Rookie and College Cards

2012 Exquisite Collection Draft Picks Eddie Lacy #ER-EL #/175

Exquisite has long remained a respected brand, even after losing its professional licensing.  The college-themed product gave collectors this Eddie Lacy insert in 2012. The low print run adds to the appeal.

2013 Leaf Metal Draft Autographs Eddie Lacy #BA-EL1 SP

Rivaling Topps Chrome and Panini Prizm, Leaf Metal Draft is a great way for collectors to grab an Eddie Lacy on-card autograph for a budget price.

2013 Leaf Metal Draft Autographs Eddie Lacy #BA-EL1 SP

2013 Leaf Trinity Autographs Eddie Lacy 

Trinity is the premium football product from Leaf and collectors have shown considerable interest in the various autographs for Eddie Lacy. Options include inscription cards, Pure glass autographs and jumbo signed memorabilia cards.

2013 Leaf Trinity Autographs Eddie Lacy

2013 Leaf Valiant Draft Autographs Eddie Lacy #BA-EL1 SP

Like Leaf Metal Draft, Valiant does not feature official logos, but the on-card signature and colorful and shiny design make it a popular alternative.

2013 Leaf Valiant Draft Autographs Eddie Lacy #BA-EL1 SP

2013 SPx Eddie Lacy #75 Autographed Jersey #/175

With an autograph and a jersey piece, this will be one of the best non-NFL licensed cards for collectors, especially for fans of the Crimson Tide. Again, the low print run boosts the appeal.

2013 Ultimate Collection Eddie Lacy #90 #/99, #171 Autographed Book #/199

Ultimate Collection brings collectors two Eddie Lacy cards in the main set, with a heavy emphasis on blue. The Ultimate Rookies card is numbered to 99 and Lacy is also included in the Ultimate Rookie Signature Books subset. This card is more plentiful than the base, with a print run of 199.

2013 Upper Deck Eddie Lacy #127, #270 SP

The base Upper Deck card for Eddie Lacy shows him likely powering his way to another touchdown. The budget option also appears to show Nick Saban in the blurred background, making his way on the field. Sometimes the little things make a card more interesting.

Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Eddie Lacy #55

Goodwin Champions is not a likely place most collectors would think to find the card of a first-year football player, but Lacy joins Geno Smith in this varied checklist. The generic look might turn some collectors off, but the uniqueness of the card appeals to a different group of collectors. There are also several mini parallels.

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