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Top 10 Derrick Rose Rookie Cards

Top 10 Derrick Rose Rookie Cards

While injuries are part of the game, Derrick Rose's ongoing battles with his own body are on a level that few other players can match. Despite this, the potential for greatness is too much to overlook, and collectors have not given up on the talented guard. Now that he has returned to the court, Derrick Rose rookie cards are picking up again and we have highlighted ten of the best choices below.

From the league MVP in 2011 to missing most of the games over multiple years since then, Derrick Rose has been through a rocky career and collectors were along for the ride. His rookie cards in 2008-09 products have experienced the brunt of that rollercoaster, but as long as he can stay on the court and get back to the player he was pre-injury, there is plenty of room for growth.

The following ten cards are the top official rookie cards for Derrick Rose, including all the signed options. View our detailed player profile for a complete Derrick Rose rookie card checklist.

Top Derrick Rose Rookie Cards

10. 2008-09 Topps Chrome Derrick Rose RC #181

One of the most popular unsigned Derrick Rose rookie cards also happens to be one of the most budget friendly. While the 2008-09 Topps Chrome base card can be found for reasonable amounts, the various Refractor parallels like Orange (#/499), X-Fractors (#/288), Gold (#/50) and Red (#/5) go for much more.

Top 10 Derrick Rose Rookie Cards  1

9. 2008-09 SP Rookie Threads Derrick Rose RC #95 Autographed Jersey #/399

With 399 copies, the 2008-09 SP Rookie Threads is the most plentiful signed rookie card for Derrick Rose. The design is a little busy, but it represents the most inexpensive rookie option for collectors who are interested in an autographed relic card for Rose.

Top 10 Derrick Rose Rookie Cards  2

8. 2008-09 Upper Deck Premier Derrick Rose RC #101 Autographed Jersey #/199

The die-cut jersey design was a common theme in 2008-09 products, but the on-card autograph and lower print run makes this one of the better values among Derrick Rose rookie cards. The gold parallel, numbered to 75, is shown below.

Top 10 Derrick Rose Rookie Cards  3

7. 2008-09 Hot Prospects Derrick Rose RC #137 Autographed Jersey #/199

At first glance, the 2008-09 Hot Prospects rookie card for Derrick Rose has the look of a card that could rival Exquisite Collection. However, the slightly higher print run and sticker autograph keep card values down. In addition to a red foil parallel, numbered to 25, there is also an unsigned blue foil version.

Top 10 Derrick Rose Rookie Cards  4

6. 2008-09 Upper Deck Radiance Derrick Rose RC #89 Autograph #/99

Clearly part of a trend in 2008-09 products, the Upper Deck Radiance rookie card for Derrick Rose utilizes a horizontal layout. The quality finish and low print run make it notable, but the sticker autograph is disappointing.

Top 10 Derrick Rose Rookie Cards  5

5. 2008-09 SPx Derrick Rose RC #111,121 Autographed Jersey #/99 (2 versions)

Also going the sticker route, collectors seem to be a little more accepting of the SPx rookie cards for Derrick Rose. There are actually two versions of the card that are very similar. They can be distinguished based on the "Home" or "Away" designation and the slightly different images of Rose. This also essentially doubles the print run.

Top 10 Derrick Rose Rookie Cards  6 Top 10 Derrick Rose Rookie Cards  7

4. 2008-09 Ultimate Collection Derrick Rose RC #125 Autographed Jersey #/150

2008-09 Ultimate Collection has everything that collectors normally look for in a rookie card, including a large swatch, on-card autograph, strong brand name and low print run. However, the large jersey piece dominates the card and leaves little space for the autograph. This is still a terrific Derrick Rose rookie card, but the layout keeps it from being higher on the list. There is a patch parallel, numbered to 10, that commands big bucks when it surfaces.

Top 10 Derrick Rose Rookie Cards  8

3. 2008-09 UD Black Derrick Rose RC #43 Autographed Jersey #/99

Part of one of the most distinct brands from Upper Deck, the 2008-09 UD Black rookie card for Derrick Rose is both eye-catching and rare. The print run of 99 further enhances the on-card autograph in silver that pops based on the black background. A gold parallel (#/30) provides even more rarity.

Top 10 Derrick Rose Rookie Cards  9

2. 2008-09 SP Authentic Derrick Rose RC #130 Autographed Jersey #/299 (2 versions)

Despite the higher print run, 2008-09 SP Authentic has emerged as the clear number two choice for Derrick Rose rookie collectors. The dynamic pre-dunk image is the focus of the card that also includes a small jersey piece and on-card signature. In addition to the main version, there is also a retail-exclusive card for Rose that replaces the jersey piece and gold foil section with only red foil. While the card is not numbered, the retail version appears to be much more rare.

Top 10 Derrick Rose Rookie Cards  10 Top 10 Derrick Rose Rookie Cards  11

1. 2008-09 Exquisite Collection Derrick Rose RC #92 Autographed Jersey #/99

While spots two through four could be easily debated, there is no question which card checks in at the top. Exquisite Collection is the king of the 2000s in basketball and 2008-09 marked the final edition where the rookie cards featured NBA jerseys. The Derrick Rose 2008-09 Exquisite Collection rookie cards still regularly sell for over $1,000 and could spike if Rose can return to his former greatness.

Top 10 Derrick Rose Rookie Cards  12

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