Derek Carr Rookie Card Gallery and Checklist

Derek Carr Rookie Card Gallery and Checklist

Certainly not overlooked coming out of college, it was still easy for Derek Carr rookie cards to be lost in the shuffle for collectors thanks to other popular quarterbacks that debuted in 2014. However, Derek Carr was the opening game starter for the Oakland Raiders in his first year and has become one of the best young QBs in the game since then. This, in turn, has increased the interest for Carr's earliest cards.

Like most modern players, Derek Carr has a good variety of cards for collectors to chase. Official NFL options are available from Panini and Topps, and can be seen below. Collectors will notice that many cards utilize the same images, especially among the early releases. However, most of the base rookie cards also feature limited photo variations. As a rule, collectors gravitate to the autographed Derek Carr rookie cards, especially the hard-signed editions. This puts Contenders, Crown Royale, Inception, Five Star and National Treasures among his most popular rookie choices.

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Upper Deck and Leaf offer additional options that can generally be found for lower prices as they are not NFL-licensed. Notable Derek Carr cards from Leaf and Upper Deck are also highlighted in the gallery. All Upper Deck cards feature a college theme, showcasing Carr's Fresno State career. Upper Deck's deep history of brands allows them to tap into some popular sets, steeped in nostalgia.

Taking a different tactic, Leaf uses airbrushed college images. Because most feature on-card autographs combined with quality designs and a limited print run, this has made them a popular alternative. Leaf Trinity is the clear standout for those interested in Derek Carr pre-rookie cards.

The following guide looks at all the Derek Carr rookie cards in 2014 football products. Official rookie cards are shown as well as the main options for products without a true rookie card subset.

Derek Carr Rookie Card Checklist and Gallery

Click on the listings to shop for card singles on eBay. Parallels are occasionally shown in place of the base cards. 

2014 Playbook #169 Autographed Jersey #/299

2014 Playbook Derek Carr RC #169 Autographed Jersey

Notable Derek Carr College and Pre-Rookie Cards

2013 Exquisite Draft Picks Autographs #ER-DC #/75

2013 Exquisite Collection Draft Picks Autographs Derek Carr

2014 Exquisite Collection Rookie Signature Patch #140 #/75

2014 Exquisite Collection Rookie Signature Patch Derek Carr #140

2014 Flair Showcase (Row 2 - #60, Row 1 - #106, Row 0 - #170)

2014 Flair Showcase Derek Carr Row 22014 Flair Showcase Derek Carr Row 1

2014 Flair Showcase Derek Carr Row 0

2014 Leaf Valiant Autograph #BA-DC1

2014 Leaf Valiant Draft Autograph Derek Carr

2014 SP Authentic #226 Autographed Jersey #/350

2014 SP Authentic Derek Carr #226 Autographed Jersey

2014 SPx  #76 Autographed Jersey #/249

2014 SPx Derek Carr #76 Autographed Jersey

2014 Upper Deck #205 (SP), 277 (SP Hobby Variation)

2014 Upper Deck Derek Carr #205 2014 Upper Deck Derek Carr #277

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