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Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards - Checklist Added

Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards – Checklist Added

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Decision 2016 Series 2 is a follow-up to the original Decision 2016 set. The popular Series 1 product featured an early snapshot of the '16 presidential election right around the point that things were heating up. Building on that foundation, Series 2 brings collectors an updated look at the political scene that is much further along for the Republican and Democratic frontrunners. Only found in hobby format, each Series 2 box includes two hits.

Created by Brian Wallos, president of the Benchwarmer product line, Decision 2016 Series 2 sticks with the same basic formula that made Series 1 a hit with collectors and in the mainstream news. Rick Klein, card collector and ABC's Political Director, is a fan, and The Atlantic even ran a detailed story on Wallos and the comprehensive card set. While political cards are not a new concept in the hobby, Decision 2016 is one of the only instances of a full-fledged political set with widespread distribution.

Coming as no real shock, Decision 2016 Series 2 relies heavily on official party nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Of course, this also extends to their running mates, Mike Pence and Tim Kaine. Building on the Series 1 base set are High Number Base cards that fall 16 per box. Regular inserts include a continuation of Candidate Portraits and Trump Under Fire, each falling four per box, as well as new options such as Clinton Controversies (3 per box). Letter Card inserts return at a rate of one per box.

Listening to collector feedback, Decision 2016 Series 2 guarantees two hits per box from quite a few choices. This includes the popular Cut Signatures (1:4 boxes) along with a Dual version. Other premium pulls include manufactured relics like GemsGod Bless America (GBA) Flags, and Super Flags. Money cards feature authentic shredded currency while Pieces of America pairs a real stamp and coin. More options include Elite, President Premium and Party Pals Booklet, while Sketch cards offer an artist's rendition of the key figures.

Limited to a max of 150 cases, Decision 2016 Series 2 is a print-to-order release so the total production could be lower based on the demand. The pre-sale case price is $1,550 direct from the Decision 2016 website.

Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards - Checklist Added 1

Release Date: 11/4/2016
Product Configuration: 30 cards per box, 16 boxes per master case (4 inners)

Decision 2016 Series 2 Hobby Box Break

  • 2 Hits* (see list below)
  • 4 Candidate Portraits Inserts
  • 4 Trump Under Fire Inserts
  • 3 Clinton Controversies
  • 1 Letter Card
  • 16 High Number Base

Decision 2016 Series 2 Hobby Case Break - 32 hits per case

  • 8 GBA Flag
  • 4 Cut Signatures
  • 4 Gems
  • 4 Pieces of America
  • 4 Super Flag
  • 2 Elite
  • 2 Money Card
  • 2 President Premium
  • 1 Party Pals Booklet
  • 1 Sketch
Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards - Checklist Added 2Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission

Set Checklist

Decision 2016 Series 2 Set Checklist

Applicable parallels will be added when known.

Base Set Checklist

111 cards.
Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards - Checklist Added 13

136 Ajamu Baraka - Candidates
137 Donald Trump - Candidates
138 Evan McMullin - Candidates
139 Gary Johnson - Candidates
140 Hillary Clinton - Candidates
141 Jill Stein - Candidates
142 Mike Pence - Candidates
143 Tim Kaine - Candidates
144 William Weld - Candidates
145 Anne Holton - Spouses
146 Bill Clinton - Spouses
147 Karen Pence - Spouses
148 Melania Trump - Spouses
149 Adam Kinzinger - Future Stars
150 Brian Sandoval - Future Stars
151 Kamala Harris - Future Stars
152 Keith Ellison - Future Stars
153 Marco Rubio - Future Stars
154 Rick Scott - Future Stars
155 Tulsi Gabbard - Future Stars
156 Bob Corker - VEEP Bullpen R
157 Chris Christie - VEEP Bullpen R
158 Cory Booker - VEEP Bullpen D
159 Elizabeth Warren - VEEP Bullpen D
160 Jeff Sessions - VEEP Bullpen R
161 Joaquin Castro - VEEP Bullpen D
162 Joni Ernst - VEEP Bullpen R
163 Lieutenant General (ret.) Michael T. Flynn - VEEP Bullpen R
164 Mary Fallin - VEEP Bullpen R
165 Newt Gingrich - VEEP Bullpen R
166 Sherrod Brown - VEEP Bullpen D
167 Amy Klobuchar - Influencers
168 Angela Merkel - Influencers
169 Barbara Boxer - Influencers
170 Ben Carson - Influencers
171 Ben Sasse - Influencers
172 Bernie Sanders - Influencers
173 Bob Dole - Influencers
174 Chelsea Clinton - Influencers
175 Corey Lewandowski - Influencers
176 DeRay Mckesson - Influencers
177 Donald Trump Jr. - Influencers
178 Eric Trump - Influencers
179 Geraldine Ferarro - Influencers
180 Ivanka Trump - Influencers
181 James Comey - Influencers
182 Jan Brewer - Influencers
183 Jeff Weaver - Influencers
184 Joe Scarborough - Influencers
185 John Lewis - Influencers
186 John Thune - Influencers
187 Justin Trudeau - Influencers
188 Loretta Lynch - Influencers
189 Marsha Blackburn - Influencers
190 Newt Gingrich - Influencers
191 Paul Manafort - Influencers
192 Paul Ryan - Influencers
193 Pete King - Influencers
194 Rahm Emanuel - Influencers
195 Rick Perry - Influencers
196 Scott Brown - Influencers
197 Sheriff David Clarke - Influencers
198 Sheriff Joe Arpaio - Influencers
199 Shirley Chisholm - Influencers
200 Susana Martinez - Influencers
201 Tim Geithner - Influencers
202 Tom Perez - Influencers
203 Ted_Cruz - Influencers
204 Victoria Woodhull - Influencers
205 Debbie Wasserman Schultz - Loyalist
206 Donna Brazile - Loyalist
207 Elizabeth Warren - Loyalist
208 Gabby Giffords - Loyalist
209 Huma Abedin - Loyalist
210 Herman Cain - Loyalist
211 Jennifer Granholm - Loyalist
212 John Podestda - Loyalist
213 Kellyanne Conway  - Loyalist
214 Rudy Giuliani - Loyalist
215 Sarah Palin - Loyalist
216 Terry Mcauliffe - Loyalist
217 Chris Christie - Loyalist
Campaign Moments
218 Trump names Pence
219 Hillary names Kaine
220 Johnson names Weld
221 Carly Named Cruz VP
222 Violence at Campaign Rallies
223 Bernie endorses Hillary
224 Cruz doesn't endorse Trump at Con.
225 GOP Elite skip convention
226 Wasserman-Schultz resigns at convention
227 David Brown/Mike Rawlings DPD
228 Democrats sit-in over gun control
229 Secret Service in action - Hillary
230 Secret Service in action - Trump
231 Trump goes to Mexico
232 What is Aleppo?
233 Arrest warrants issued for Stein and Baraka
234 George Bush and Michelle Obama
235 Howard Dean Scream
Debate Moments
236 Presidential Debate 09/26/16
237 Green Party protests debate exclusion
238 Vice-Presidential Debate 10/04/16
239 Presidential Debate 10/09/2016
240 Presidential Debate 10/19/2016
241 Presidential Debate 10/19/1992
242 Mindy Finn - Candidates
243 Ross Perot - Influencers
244 Ron Paul - Influencers
245 Vladimir Putin - Influencers
246 Julian Assange - Influencers


Cut Signature Autographs Set Checklist

37 cards. Short Prints (SP) noted. 1:4 boxes.
Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards - Checklist Added 14

Barbara Boxer
Ben Carson
Bernie Sanders
Bill Clinton
Bobby Jindal
Carly Fiorina
Chris Christie
Dick Cheney
Donald Trump
Donald Trump SP
Elizabeth Warren
George W. Bush
Herman Caine
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton  SP
Jeb Bush
Jimmy Carter
Joe Biden
John Kasich
John McCain
Lindsey Graham
Marco Rubio
Martin O'Malley
Mike Huckabee
Mike Pence
Mitt Romney
Newt Gingrich
Paul Ryan
Barack Obama
Rand Paul
Rick Perry
Rick Santorum
Rudy Giuliani
Sarah Palin
Scott Walker
Ted Cruz
Tim Kaine


Battleground States Set Checklist

10 cards.

BGS1 Arizona
BGS2 Colorado
BGS3 Florida
BGS4 Iowa
BGS5 Missouri
BGS6 Nevada
BGS7 New Hampshire
BGS8 North Carolina
BGS9 Ohio
BGS10 Virginia


Candidate Portraits Set Checklist

31 cards. Short Prints (SP) noted. 4 per box.
Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards - Checklist Added 15

CP29 Al Gore
CP30 Bob Dole
CP31 Dan Qualye
CP32 Dick Cheney
CP33 Donald Trump
CP34 Dwight D Eisenhower
CP35 George H.W. Bush
CP36 Gerald Ford
CP37 Geraldine Ferraro
CP38 Gary Johnson
CP39 H. Ross Perot
CP40 Hillary Clinton
CP41 Howard Dean
CP42 Jack Kemp
CP43 Jill Stein
CP44 Jimmy Carter
CP45 John F. Kennedy
CP46 John Kerry
CP47 Lyndon B. Johnson
CP48 Mike Pence
CP49 Newt Gingrich
CP50 Richard Nixon
CP51 Robert Kennedy
CP52 Ron Paul
CP53 Tim Kaine
CP54 William Weld
CP55 Walter Mondale SP
CP56 Michael Dukakis SP
CP57 Lloyd Bentsen SP
CP58 Nelson Rockefeller SP
CP59 Victoria Woodhull SP


First Lady Portraits Set Checklist

4 cards. All are Super Short Prints (SSP).
Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards - Checklist Added 16

FL10 Lady Bird Johnson SSP
FL11 Mamie Eisenhower SSP
FL12 Bess Truman SSP
FL13 Eleanor Roosevelt SSP


Elite Set Checklist

13 cards. 1:8 boxes.
Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards - Checklist Added 17

E8 Lincoln Memorial
E9 Washington Monument
E10 Statue of Liberty
E11 Bernie - FEEL THE BERN
E12 Five Presidents
E13 Five First Ladies
E14 Kennedy - Nixon first debate
E15 Phyllis Schlafly 1924 - 2016 - In Memoriam
E16 Orlando Night Club Shooting - In Memoriam
E17 Fred Thompson 1942 - 2015 - In Memoriam
E18 Rob Ford 1969 - 2016 - In Memoriam
E19 Dallas Police Shootings - In Memoriam
E20 Mount Rushmore


God Bless America Flags Set Checklist

29 cards. Short Prints (SP) noted. 1:2 boxes.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold, Green, Red.
Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards - Checklist Added 18

GBA19 Bill Clinton
GBA20 Colin Powell
GBA21 Dick Cheney
GBA22 Donald & Melania Trump
GBA23 Donald Trump
GBA24 Elizabeth Warren
GBA25 Gabby Giffords
GBA26 Gary Johnson
GBA27 George H.W. Bush
GBA28 Hillary Clinton
GBA29 James Comey
GBA30 Jill Stein
GBA31 John F. Kennedy
GBA32 Kirsten Gillibrand
GBA33 Mike Pence
GBA34 Newt Gingrich
GBA35 Paul Ryan
GBA36 Ronald Reagan
GBA37 Rudy Guiliani
GBA38 Sarah Palin
GBA39 Sheriff David Clarke
GBA40 Jennifer Granholm
GBA41 Tim Kaine
GBA42 Tulsi Gabbard
GBA43 William Weld
GBA44 Donald Trump SP
GBA45 Hillary Clinton SP
GBA46 Sheriff Joe Arpaio SP
GBA47 Ted Cruz SP


Money Cards Set Checklist

20 cards. Short Prints (SP) noted. 1:8 boxes.
Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards - Checklist Added 19

MO19 Bernie Sanders
MO20 Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
MO21 Dick Cheney
MO22 Donald Trump
MO23 Elizabeth Warren
MO24 Gary Johnson
MO25 Hillary Clinton
MO26 Jill Stein
MO27 John F. Kennedy
MO28 Mike Pence
MO29 Newt Gingrich
MO30 Paul Ryan
MO31 Richard Nixon
MO32 Rick Perry
MO33 Rudy Giuliani
MO34 Sarah Palin
MO35 Tim Geithner SP
MO36 Tim Kaine SP
MO37 Jack Lew SP
MO38 George Soros SP


Pieces of America Set Checklist

26 cards. State on Quarter noted. 1:4 boxes.
Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards - Checklist Added 20

PA22 Bill Clinton - Arkansas
PA23 Dick Cheney - Nebraska
PA24 Donald Trump - New York
PA25 Elizabeth Warren - Oklahoma
PA26 Gabby Giffords - Arizona
PA27 Gary Johnson - New Mexico or North Dakota
PA28 George H.W. Bush - Massachusetts
PA29 Hillary Clinton - New York
PA30 Jill Stein - Massachusetts
PA31 Joe Biden - Pennsylvania
PA32 John F. Kennedy - Massachusetts
PA33 John McCain - Arizona
PA34 Mike Pence - Indiana
PA35 Newt Gingrich - Pennsylvania
PA36 Paul Ryan - Wisconsin
PA37 Ronald Reagan - California
PA38 Rudy Giuliani - New York
PA39 Sarah Palin - Alaska
PA40 Tim Kaine - Virginia
PA41 William Weld - Massachusetts or New York
PA42 Jill Stein - Illinois
PA43 Tim Kaine - Minnesota
PA44 Hillary Clinton - Illinois
PA45 Ronald Reagan - Illinois
PA46 Donald Trump - Florida
PA47 Colin Powell - New York


Political GEMS Set Checklist

18 cards. 1:4 boxes.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold, Blue, Green, Red.
Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards - Checklist Added 21

PG27 Barack Obama
PG28 Bill Clinton
PG29 Donald Trump
PG30 Elizabeth Warren
PG31 Gabby Giffords
PG32 Gary Johnson
PG33 Hillary Clinton
PG34 Jill Stein
PG35 Joe Biden
PG36 John F. Kennedy
PG37 John McCain
PG38 Mike Pence
PG39 Newt Gingrich
PG40 Paul Ryan
PG41 Ronald Reagan
PG42 Rudy Giuliani
PG43 Sarah Palin
PG44 Tim Kaine


Presidential Premiums Set Checklist

20 cards. 1:8 boxes.
Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards - Checklist Added 22

PPDT1 Donald J. Trump
PPDT2 Donald J. Trump
PPDT3 Donald J. Trump
PPDT4 Donald J. Trump
PPDT5 Donald J. Trump
PPDT6 Donald J. Trump
PPDT7 Donald J. Trump
PPDT8 Donald J. Trump
PPDT9 Donald J. Trump
PPDT10 Donald J. Trump
PPHC1 Hillary Rodham Clinton
PPHC2 Hillary Rodham Clinton
PPHC3 Hillary Rodham Clinton
PPHC4 Hillary Rodham Clinton
PPHC5 Hillary Rodham Clinton
PPHC6 Hillary Rodham Clinton
PPHC7 Hillary Rodham Clinton
PPHC8 Hillary Rodham Clinton
PPHC9 Hillary Rodham Clinton
PPHC10 Hillary Rodham Clinton


Super Flags Set Checklist

26 cards. Short Prints (SP) noted. 1:4 boxes.
Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards - Checklist Added 23

SF24 Bill Clinton
SF25 Colin Powell
SF26 Dick Cheney
SF27 Donald Trump
SF28 Elizabeth Warren
SF29 Gabby Giffords
SF30 Gary Johnson
SF31 George H.W. Bush
SF32 Hillary Clinton
SF33 James Comey
SF34 Jill Stein
SF35 John F. Kennedy
SF36 Melania Trump
SF37 Mike Pence
SF38 Paul Ryan
SF39 Ronald Reagan
SF40 Rudy Guiliani
SF41 Sarah Palin
SF42 Sheriff David Clarke
SF43 Tim Kaine
SF44 William Weld
SF45 Donald Trump SP
SF46 Hillary Clinton SP
SF47 Ted Cruz SP
SF48 Sheriff Joe Arpaio SP
SF49 Michael T. Flynn SP


The Clinton Controversies Set Checklist

24 cards. 3 per box.
Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards - Checklist Added 24

TCC1 The Clinton Foundation
TCC2 Relationship with former KKK leader Robert Byrd
TCC3 Percieved Conflicts of interest at Teneo
TCC4 Hacked DNC records show favoritism over Bernie
TCC5 FBI: Hillary lied about e-mail security
TCC6 Former Secret Service agent book blasts Hillary
TCC7 Hillary accused of demeaning Bill's accusers
TCC8 FBI: Hillary destroyed 30,000 e-mails
TCC9 Hillary's health questioned
TCC10 Hillary hides, then admits pneumonia
TCC11 Hillary claims landing under Bosnia sniper fire
TCC12 Hillary accused of lying to Benghazi victim families
TCC13 FBI: Hillary maintained an insecure private server
TCC14 Huma Abedin alleged ties to "Muslim Brotherhood"
TCC15 "A basket of deplorables"
TCC16 Mysterious deaths surround Clintons
TCC17 Orlando terrorist family at Hillary rally
TCC18 Accused: Pay for Play as Secretary of State
TCC19 The Benghazi embassy attack and hearings
TCC20 Hillary doesn't release Wall Street speeches
TCC21 Clinton 2008 staff created birther rumor
TCC22 No press conferences in nine months
TCC23 Clinton staffers plead the 5th, granted immunity
TCC24 Looting the White House


Trump Under Fire Set Checklist

36 cards. 4 per box.
Decision 2016 Series 2 Political Trading Cards - Checklist Added 25

TUF25 Attacked over non-release of tax returns
TUF26 Cruz attacks, defends wife & father
TUF27 Elizabeth Warren attacks
TUF28 GOP Elite skip Republican Convention
TUF29 Melania steals Michelle Obama speech
TUF30 Mitt Romney won’t vote for Trump
TUF31 Paul Ryan refuses to endorse Trump
TUF32 Ruth Bader Ginsburg attacks
TUF33 Will pay legal bills of rally defenders
TUF34 Women who get abortions should be punished
TUF35 Small Hands, big…
TUF36 Misogynistic behavior
TUF37 Star of David on Hillary Tweet
TUF38 Trump attacks heritage of Indiana Judge
TUF39 Trump clothing made overseas
TUF40 Trump removes crying baby from rally
TUF41 Trump University called a “scam”
TUF42 Trump vs. Khizr Kahn
TUF43 Alleged relationship with Putin
TUF44 Trump calls Obama founder of ISIS
TUF45 Trump running against Media
TUF46 Trump says blacks have nothing to loose
TUF47 2nd ammendment people could do something
TUF48 Advisers accused of Russian relationships
TUF49 Lewandowski grabs reporter, Trump remains loyal
TUF50 Enrique Pena won't pay for wall either
TUF51 Daily Mail publishes/retracts Melania story
TUF52 Trump bans Washinton post from rallys
TUF53 Trump's Butler says Obama should have been shot
TUF54 Tapes of Trump posing as own PR rep
TUF55 Trump softens on immigration
TUF56 Trump recants birther concerns
TUF57 Trump denys supporting Iraq war
TUF58 1996 Miss Universe criticized
TUF59 Tax Returns leaked
TUF60 Billy Bush Tapes


Sketch Cards Checklist

1 per case.



Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

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Paul Lafayette
Paul Lafayette

I haven’t found any Letter cards in Series 2. Did any get printed? When is the Trump President card coming out? Love the product.

Paul Lafayette
Paul Lafayette

Series 2 looks like a winner. I was hoping for a trade in card for the winner of the presidential race to finalize this historic event. Will such a card be coming?

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