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Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards - Full SP Info & Odds Added

Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards – Full SP Info & Odds Added

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Decision 2016 political trading cards boast the tagline "Politics is the New Sports," and the set covers the '16 election in great detail. Featuring over 60 politicians, top pulls in the release include cut signatures and multiple relics.

Additional releases include Decision 2016 Series 2 and Decision 2016 Series 2 Updated Inaugural Edition trading cards.

Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards Set Details

The 110-card base set offers a comprehensive look at the field and beyond with subsets like The Finalists, Spouses and Influencers. There is also a High Number series the brings the total set to 135.

Building on that, Decision 2016 inserts include several choices and a whole lotta Donald Trump. Geared specifically to the outspoken candidate, Trump Under Fire highlights his more controversial moments with a flame-based design. Road to the White House Candidate Letters offer a collecting chase to spell out the last name for options like Jeb Bush, one letter at a time.

Premium options are also found in Decision 2016. Money Cards include real United States currency that has been shredded (and Mr. Trump) while God Bless America Flag Patches include a mini manufactured flag relic set in a horizontal design for Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton.

Political Gems present a patriotic-themed grouping of gemstones for current candidates like Bernie Sanders and John Kasich along with former president Ronald Reagan. Other options include Super Flag Patch with jumbo relics, and limited Cut Signatures. The autographs are found in both retail and hobby formats.

The information notes that Decision 2016 is "100% made in America." There is also a website associated with the set.

Release Date: 4/12/2016
Product Configuration: 6 cards per pack, 24 packs per box, 12 boxes per case (2 inners)

Decision 2016 Hobby Box Break (24 packs)

  • 4 Trump Under Fire
  • 4 Portraits
  • 2 High Number Base
  • 2 Base Parallels
  • 1 Jumbo Topper
  • 144 Total Cards

Decision 2016 Hobby Case Break (2 inners)

  • 4 Candidate Letters
  • 4 Mini Flag Patch
  • 2 Politcal Gems
  • 2 Super Flag Patch
  • 1 Cut Autograph
  • 1 Elite

Decision 2016 Retail Box Break (24 packs)

  • 2 High Number Base
  • 2 Trump Under Fire Gold
  • 2 B/W Portraits
  • 1 First Ladies Portraits

Decision 2016 Blaster Box Break (12 packs)

  • 1 High Number Base
  • 1 Trump Under Fire Gold
  • 1 B/W Portrait
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Set Checklist

Decision 2016 Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

135 cards. Cards #111-135 are short prints (1:12 packs). Shop for base sets on eBay.
Rand Paul & Martin O'Malley are both listed as card #86.
PARALLEL CARDS (1:12 packs): Gold (Common), Blue (Very Rare), Red (Ultra Rare)
Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards - Full SP Info & Odds Added 1

1 Ben Carson
2 Bernie Sanders
3 Bobby Jindal
4 Carly Fiorina (Has rare Reverse Photo variation)*
5 Chris Christie
6 Donald Trump
7 George Pataki
8 Hillary Clinton
9 Jeb Bush
10 Jill Stein
11 Jim Gilmore
12 Jim Webb
13 John Kasich
14 John McAfee
15 Lincoln Chaffee
16 Lindsey Graham
17 Marco Rubio
18 Martin O'Malley
19 Mike Huckabee
20 Rand Paul
21 Rick Perry - Santorum Error (Has rare corrected version)*
22 Rick Santorum
23 Scott Walker
24 Ted Cruz
25 Al Franken
26 Bill Clinton
27 Trey Gowdy
28 Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
29 Deval Patrick
30 Elijah E. Cummings
31 Elizabeth Warren
32 Harry Reid
33 Ivanka Trump
34 Joe Biden
35 John Boehner
36 John Kerry
37 John McCain
38 Jon Huntsman Jr.
39 Kevin McCarthy
40 Michelle Obama
41 Mitch McConnell
42 Mitt Romney
43 Nancy Pelosi
44 Nikki Haley
45 Paul Ryan
46 President Obama
47 Reince Priebus
48 Ronald Reagan
49 Sarah Palin
50 Tom Kaine
The Spouses
51 Frank Fiorina
52 Candy Carson
53 Columba Bush
54 Heidi Cruz
55 Jane O'Meara–Sanders
56 Janet Huckabee
57 Jeanette Rubio
58 Karen Kasich
59 Katie O'Malley
60 Kelley Paul
61 Libby Pataki
62 Mary Pat Christie
63 Melania Trump
64 Bill Clinton
The Debates
65 Voters First Forum 8/3/15
66 Fox News Republican Pre-Debate 8/7/15
67 Fox News Republican Debate 8/7/15
68 CNN Republican Debate 9/16/15
69 CNBC Republican Pre-Debate 10/28/15
70 CNBC Republican Debate 10/28/15
71 Fox Business Republican Debate 11/10/15
72 CNN Republican Debate 12/15/15
73 CNN Democratic Debate 10/13/15
74 CBS Democratic Debate 11/14/15
75 ABC Democratic Debate 11/14/15
76 Fox Business Republican Debate 1/14/16
77 Ben Carson
78 Bernie Sanders
79 Carly Fiorina
80 Chris Christie
81 Donald Trump
82 Hillary Clinton
83 Jeb Bush
84 John Kasich
85 Marco Rubio
86 Martin O'Malley
87 Mike Huckabee
88 Rand Paul - Error #86*
89 Rick Santorum
90 Ted Cruz
Campaign Moments
91 Clinton hits Iowa Early
92 Trump's First Debate
93 Trump - Cruz Running mates?
94 Trump - Bush low-five
95 Sanders-Clinton Tired of E-mails
96 The Bengazi Hearings
97 President Barack Obama
Future Stars 2020
98 Andrew Cuomo
99 Cory Booker
100 George P. Bush
101 Joaquín Castro
102 Julian Castro
103 Kelly Ayotte
104 Kirsten Gillibrand
105 Kris Kobach
106 Michael Bennet
107 Mike Pence
108 Pat McCory
109 Scott Walker
110 Tom Cotton
Base Short Prints - 1:12 packs
111 Michael Bloomberg
112 Gary Johnson
113 Wayne LaPierre
114 Bill De Blasio
115 George W. Bush
116 Rev. Al Sharpton
117 Tulsi Gabbard
The Debates
118 Fox News Google Republican Debate 1/28/16
119 NBC News Democratic Debate 1/17/2016
120 PBS Democratic Debate 2/11/2016
121 CBS Republican Debate 2/13/16
122 CNN Republican Debate 2/25/16
Campaign Moments
123 Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump
124 Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood Endorses Hillary
125 Ted Cruz endorsed by Rick Perry
126 Jeb Bush endorsed by Lindsey Graham
127 Bushs come out for Jeb
128 Chris Christie endorses Trump
129 Ted Cruz Wins Iowa
130 Hillary wins Iowa by a coin flip
131 Trump Huge in New Hampshire
132 New Hampshire feels The Bern!
133 Former Candidates Jindal & Pataki Endorse Rubio
134 Hillary clobbers Bernie in South Carolina
135 Trump Wins big in Nevada


Authentic Cut Signature Cards Set Checklist

22 cards. 1 per hobby case.
Short prints (SP) and Super Short Prints (SSP) noted below. Trump is most common.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold (Common), Blue (Very Rare), Red (Ultra Rare)
Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards - Full SP Info & Odds Added 2

CS1 Ben Carson
CS2 Donald Trump
CS3 George W. Bush SP
CS4 Hillary Clinton
CS5 Jeb Bush
CS6 Marco Rubio
CS7 Mike Huckabee
CS8 Rand Paul
CS9 Rick Santorum
CS10 Scott Walker
CS11 John Kasich
CS12 Ted Cruz SP
CS13 Carly Fiorina SP
CS14 Chris Christie SP
CS15 Mitt Romney SP
CS16 Lindsey Graham SP
CS17 Martin O'Malley
CS18 Rick Perry
CS19 Paul Ryan SSP
CS20 John McCain
CS21 Sarah Palin SSP
CS22 Bernie Sanders SSP


Candidate Portraits (Color) Set Checklist

27 cards. 1:6 packs.
Short Prints (SP) and Super Short Prints (SSP) noted below.
PARALLEL CARDS: Black & White (1:10 Retail)
Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards - Full SP Info & Odds Added 3

CP1 Barack Obama
CP2 Ben Carson
CP3 Bernie Sanders
CP4 Bill Clinton
CP5 Carly Fiorina
CP6 Chris Christie
CP7 Donald Trump
CP8 George W. Bush
CP9 Hillary Clinton
CP10 Jeb Bush
CP11 John Kasich
CP12 Marco Rubio
CP13 Michael Bloomberg
CP14 Martin O'Malley
CP15 Mike Huckabee
CP16 Rand Paul
CP17 Ronald Reagan
CP18 Ted Cruz
CP19 George H. W. Bush SP
CP 20 Mitt Romney SP
CP 21 Joe Biden SSP
CP 22 Sarah Palin SP
CP 23 Lindsey Graham SP
CP 24 Rick Perry SP
CP 25 John McCain SP
CP 26 Rick Santorum SP
CP 27 Gary Johnson SSP


Elite Premium Set Checklist

7 cards. Hobby only. 1 per case.
Short prints (SP) and Super Short Prints (SSP) noted below.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold (Common), Blue (Very Rare), Red (Ultra Rare)
Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards - Full SP Info & Odds Added 4

E1 Justice Scalia SPP
E2 Bush Dynasty
E3 Trump & Palin
E4 The Clintons
E5 The White House
E6 George Washington
E7 Nancy Reagan SP


First Lady Portraits Set Checklist

9 cards. Retail only. 1:24 packs.
Cards have a #FLP prefix.
Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards - Full SP Info & Odds Added 5

1 Barbara Bush
2 Michelle Obama
3 Hillary Clinton
4 Laura Bush
5 Nancy Reagan
6 Jacqueline Kennedy
7 Rosalynn Carter
8 Betty Ford
9 Pat Nixon


God Bless America Commemorative Mini Flag Patches Set Checklist

18 cards. Hobby only. 4 per case, 2 per inner case.
Short prints (SP) noted below.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold (Common), Green/Emerald (Rare), Blue (Very Rare), Red (Ultra Rare)
Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards - Full SP Info & Odds Added 6

GBA1 Barack Obama
GBA2 Ben Carson
GBA3 Bernie Sanders
GBA4 Bill Clinton
GBA5 Carly Fiorina
GBA6 Chris Christie
GBA7 Donald Trump
GBA8 Hillary Clinton
GBA9 Jeb Bush
GBA10 John Kasich
GBA11 Marco Rubio
GBA12 Martin O'Malley
GBA13 Mike Huckabee
GBA14 Rand Paul
GBA15 Ronald Reagan
GBA16 Ted Cruz
GBA17 Hillary Clinton SP
GBA18 Donald Trump SP


Money Card Relic Set Checklist

18 cards. Hobby only. 1:2 cases.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold (Common), Red (Very Limited)
Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards - Full SP Info & Odds Added 7

MO1 Barack Obama
MO2 Ben Carson
MO3 Bernie Sanders
MO4 Bill Clinton
MO5 Carly Fiorina
MO6 Chris Christie
MO7 Donald Trump
MO8 George W. Bush
MO9 Hillary Clinton
MO10 Jeb Bush
MO11 John Kasich
MO12 Marco Rubio
MO13 Michael Bloomberg
MO14 Martin O'Malley
MO15 Mike Huckabee
MO16 Rand Paul
MO17 Ronald Reagan
MO18 Ted Cruz


Pieces of America Stamp/Quarter Set Checklist

21 cards. Hobby only. 1.5 per case.
Stamp/Quarter is specific to each subject and noted below.
*Select subjects have rare variations with a different state quarter.*
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold (Common), Green/Emerald (Rare), Blue (Very Rare), Red (Ultra Rare)
Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards - Full SP Info & Odds Added 8

PA1 Hillary Clinton (IL) (*NY=Rare)
PA2 Donald Trump (NY) (*FL=Rare)
PA3 Bernie Sanders (VT) (*NY=Rare)
PA4 Marco Rubio (FL)
PA5 Ted Cruz (TX)
PA6 John Kasich (OH)
PA7 Ben Carson (MI)
PA8 Bill Clinton (AR)
PA9 George W. Bush (TX)
PA10 Barack Obama (HI)
PA11 Chris Christie (NJ)
PA12 Jeb Bush (FL)
PA13 Mitt Romney (UT) (*MA=Rare)
PA14 Rand Paul (KY)
PA15 Mike Huckabee (AR)
PA16 Martin O’Malley (MD)
PA17 Mike Bloomberg (NY)
PA18 Ronald Reagan (CA)
PA19 Carly Fiorina (VA)
PA20 Sarah Palin (AK)
PA21 Joe Biden (PA)


Political Gems Set Checklist

24 cards. Hobby only. 2 per case.

Short prints (SP) and Super Short Prints (SSP) noted below.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold (Common), Green/Emerald (Rare), Blue (Very Rare), Red (Ultra Rare)
Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards - Full SP Info & Odds Added 9

PG1 Barack Obama
PG2 Ben Carson
PG3 Bernie Sanders
PG4 Bill Clinton
PG5 Carly Fiorina
PG6 Chris Christie
PG7 Donald Trump
PG8 George W. Bush
PG9 Hillary Clinton
PG10 Jeb Bush
PG11 John Kasich
PG12 Marco Rubio
PG13 Michael Bloomberg SP
PG14 Martin O'Malley
PG15 Michelle Obama
PG16 Rand Paul
PG17 Ronald Reagan
PG18 Ted Cruz
PG19 Mitt Romney SP
PG20 Mike Huckabee
PG21 Melania Trump SSP
PG22 Joe Biden
PG23 Sarah Palin
PG24 Donald J. Trump SP


Road to the White House Candidate Letters Set Checklist

12 cards. Hobby only. 4 per case.
Letter combine to spell candidate's last name.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold (Common), Blue (Very Rare), Red (Ultra Rare)
Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards - Full SP Info & Odds Added 10

RWH1 Ben Carson
RWH2 Bernie Sanders
RWH3 Carly Fiorina
RWH4 Chris Christie
RWH5 Donald Trump
RWH6 Hillary Clinton
RWH7 Jeb Bush
RWH8 John Kasich
RWH9 Marco Rubio
RWH10 Martin O'Malley
RWH11 Mike Huckabee
RWH12 Ted Cruz


Super Flags Commemorative Jumbo Patch Set Checklist

23 cards. Hobby only. 2 per case.
We have been informed that the reverse cards are not an error. They are the limited military patch version that is worn on the right shoulder.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold (Common), Blue (Very Rare), Red (Ultra Rare), Black & White (Ultra Rare), Reverse Military (Ultra Rare)
Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards - Full SP Info & Odds Added 11

SF1 Barack Obama
SF2 Ben Carson
SF3 Bernie Sanders
SF4 Bill Clinton
SP5 Carly Fiorina
SF6 Chris Christie
SF7 Donald Trump
SF8 Hillary Clinton
SF9 Jeb Bush
SF10 John Kasich
SF11 Marco Rubio
SF12 Martin O'Malley
SF13 Mike Huckabee
SF14 Rand Paul
SF15 Ronald Reagan
SF16 Ted Cruz
SF17 Hillary Clinton
SF18 Donald Trump
SF19 Mitt Romney
SF20 Michael Bloomberg
SF21 Sarah Palin
SF22 Michelle Obama
SF23 Joe Biden


Trump Under Fire (TUF) Foil Set Checklist

24 cards. 1:6 packs. All parallels are Hobby only except Gold.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver, Gold (1:12 Retail), Pink (Uncommon), Green/Emerald (Rare), Blue (Very Rare), Red (Ultra Rare)
*All parallels are Hobby only except Gold.
Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards - Full SP Info & Odds Added 12

TUF1 Trump vs. Mexican Immigration
TUF2 Trump says McCain not a war hero
TUF3 Trump vs. Megyn Kelly
TUF4 Trump ejects Univision Reporter
TUF5 Trump mocks Carly's face
TUF6 Trump vs. CNBC debate moderators
TUF7 Trump claims Muslims celebrated 9/11 in NJ
TUF8 Trump "Mocks" disabled reporter
TUF9 Trump wants to put ban on Muslim immigration
TUF10 Trump Pledges to Republican Party
TUF11 Says Hillary Clinton "Got Schlonged"
TUF12 Trump calls for database of Muslims
TUF13 Cruz battles Trump over citizenship issue
TUF14 Parliament debates Trump ban from UK
TUF15 Trump vs. Women
TUF16 Trump vs. National Review
TUF17 Trump says he could shoot and not lose voters
TUF18 Trump Faces off against Fox News Debate
TUF19 Trump critical of G.W.Bush & Iraq War
TUF20 Trump calls for Apple Boycott
TUF21 Pope critical of Trump's stance on immigration
TUF22 Mexican President says he will not pay for wall
TUF23 Trump waffles on David Duke endorsement
TUF24 Mitt Romney Blasts Trump


Jumbo Box Toppers Set Checklist

24 cards. Hobby only. 1 per box.
Short prints (SP) and Super Short Prints (SSP) noted below.

J1 Barack Obama
J2 Ben Carson
J3 Bernie Sanders
J4 Bill Clinton
J5 Carly Fiorina SP
J6 Chris Christie SP
J7 Donald Trump
J8 Elizabeth Warren SSP
J9 George W. Bush SP
J10 Hillary Clinton
J11 Jeb Bush
J12 Joe Biden SP
J13 John Kasich
J14 Bernie and Hillary e-mails
J15 Marco Rubio
J16 Martin O'Malley
J17 Michael Bloomberg
J18 Michelle Obama SP
J19 Mike Huckabee
J20 Mitt Romney SP
J21 Paul Ryan SP
J22 Ronald Reagan
J23 Sarah Palin SSP
J24 Ted Cruz


Promo Set Checklist

18 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: 2016 Industry Summit (PR=100 copies)
Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards - Full SP Info & Odds Added 13

P1 Donald Trump
P2 Hillary Clinton
P3 Bernie Sanders
P4 Chris Christie
P5 Ted Cruz
P6 Ben Carson
P7 Republicans Debate Moments
P8 Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton
P9 Melania Trump
P10 Bill Clinton
P11 Nikki Haley
P12 Marco Rubio
13 John Kasich (No "P" prefix)
P14 Carly Fiorina
P15 Jeb Bush
P16 Bernie Sanders
P17 Hillary Clinton
P18 Donald Trump

Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

User Reviews

Kerry J. Stehlik
Kerry J. Stehlik

Does anyone have a list of Trump Under Fire & Clinton Controversies Short Prints? PLMK, thank you

It is a shame that the manufacturer does not employ better quality control. I noticed with interest (and some disbelief) that there are a few Gem Mint 10 base cards on ebay. With the way the cards are packed, in the flocked trays in hobby boxes, it’s amazing ALL cards aren’t damaged while being removed. I have some otherwise beautiful and rare “hit” cards (autos, flags, coins, shredded $, etc) with edges looking like the lid of a poorly opened tin can. Shame on you, MR. WALLOS! Going for the BUCK and ruining the BANG in the process! Oh.. and I’m not an idle complainer… so far I’ve purchased over three cases (16’s) across all 3 series. Guess I’m a much slower learner than I realized…

Frank Johnson
Frank Johnson

My question is there a list of ALL THE MONEY CARDS they printed and which ones are the rarest?

I’ve been trying to put together a list which is very hard to do..

Thanks for anyones help!

Paul Lafayette
Paul Lafayette

Great cards. How is Leaf going to finish off the campaign? Where the first set leaves off is only a sample of how the 2016 presidential race will make history.Series two could be a big hit.


And now this: the latest eBay seller of the Biden and Johnson Candidate Portrait inserts claims that the few copies that are out there were distributed directly to dealers. So any collector trying to fill out the holes in his or her set through packages is apparently being played for a sucker . . .


Well, the Biden and Johnson Candidate Portrait cards have finally started to show up on eBay, but only in the color version. And I note on the official web site that these are now listed as “SSP” cards. But here’s the unbelievable part: while the number of Biden’s card is CP21 as is listed on the checklist, Johnson is CP28, not CP27 as listed. Brian Wallos, the Benchwarmers guy who created this set, ought to be ashamed of himself. Either his company is guilty of gross incompetence, or it’s intentionally trying to create the impression for collectors that there’s another CP27 out there.


The Rick Perry #21 does have a correct version (Santorum error version is common). I know one dealer only found 1 correct Perry version in 2 full hobby box cases (24 hobby boxes), and I was fortunate enough to grab the Carly Fiorina error card on Ebay… only one I’ve seen, so I’m curious what that ratio really is.

Err or Short-print Card #4 Carly fiorina ~ have her right & left hand up, Actually a mirror image


Has anyone seen Candidate Portrait inserts of Joe Biden (CP21) or Gary Johnson (CP27), in either the color or black & white version? Neither card has made an appearance on eBay since this set was released . . .


As for errors, in addition to the Rand Paul #88 having been printed with an #86, the Rick Perry #21 card identifies him as Rick Santorum on the front of the card. Another round of proofing before this set went to the printer would have appeared to have been in order . . .


The higher numbers of both the Candidate Portraits and the Trump Under Fire chase sets appear to be short-printed, at least in the Hobby boxes. For the Portraits, 1-18 appear to be available in greater numbers, 19-27 in lesser. With the Trump Under Fire, its 1-18 common, 19-24 more rare. It’s a little irritating; the sets are hard enough to complete.


There is 2 different of the #86, but no number 88. At least in the case I opened.

Not sure on the colored parallels or the reverse flag patches, wish they would put out some info on these.


anyone else running across Martin O’Malley and Rand Paul both having card number 86?

Also, any word on the rarity of the different colored foil parallels? (1:??)


The gold is the most common, I also got red and blue mini flag patches in my case


On the mini flags some are green and some are gold. Any idea of which is rarer? I have a Ted Cruz Gold

Richard Bernier
Richard Bernier

What hits do you get in a box

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

Richard Bernier No guaranteed hits per box. They are all exclusive to Hobby but odds are not available.

Chris S
Chris S

Why don’t they have the SP or SSP cards ###rd!

Chris A
Chris A

Dear god, why is this a thing!? lol

Mike Z.
Mike Z.

It will be interesting to see who they can get to sign for this set. I don’t want to start anything political, but sell high on Hillary! Not that it matters, actually…

Good to see they got Trump and Huckabee autos there, anyway.

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