Salute to The Admiral! Top David Robinson Basketball Cards

Salute to The Admiral! Top David Robinson Basketball Cards

David Robinson is one of the most-respected former players in NBA history and also one of the greatest centers of all-time. As the face of the San Antonio Spurs during the 1990s, David Robinson cards remain a popular option for collectors.

A frequent signer for card products, autographs are some of the top David Robinson cards available and there are many choices for collectors. While some can be found for very reasonable prices, this does not mean they are cheap and the more rare cards can push high in value.

The list below highlights ten key cards for David Robinson that span his entire career and into his retirement.

Top David Robinson Basketball Cards

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1988-89 Diamond Shamrock San Antonio Police David Robinson

Although drafted by the Spurs as the first pick in 1987, David Robinson's Naval obligations prevented him from joining the team until the 1989-90 season. However, collectors in the San Antonio area were treated to an early David Robinson card as part of a giveaway during the 1988-89 season. While values mostly remain on the lower side, the colorful card is the very first NBA option for David Robinson. Two versions were issued with one featuring a tear-off tab and the other released without the tab. Other than the tab, the slightly-oversized cards are identical.

1988-89 Diamond Shamrock Spurs Police David Robinson

1989-90 NBA Hoops David Robinson RC #138

Notable for several reasons, the 1989-90 NBA Hoops rookie card for David Robinson was a huge deal when it was released. First, it was not common for a first-year player to actually be featured in a product during his rookie season. Also, while the print runs were massive, this card was a short print. Although this card can be had for just a few dollars now, it originally sold for huge amounts and there was even a problem with counterfeits. The card on the left is the official rookie for David Robinson and found in 1989 NBA Hoops Series 1 boxes. The second card is from Series 2 and features an action image of Robinson.

1989-90 NBA Hoops David Robinson RC #1381989-90 NBA Hoops David Robinson #310

1994-95 SkyBox Premium David Robinson, Hakeem Olajuwon Autograph

Two of the top big men in the 1990s and in NBA history, Hakeem Olajuwon and David Robinson teamed up on this dual autograph card. Originally issued as a redemption, the card was a very tough pull at 1:15,000 Series 2 packs.

1994-95 Skybox Premium Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson Autograph #NNO

1997 Press Pass Double Threat Double Autographs David Robinson, Tim Duncan #1 #/100

Although Press Pass does not make many top lists for cards, this 1997 Double Threat Autograph remains the only signed card to pair Tim Duncan and David Robinson. Signed on-card and hand-numbered to 100, these rarely surface.

1997 Press Pass Double Threat Double Autographs David Robinson Tim Duncan

1997-98 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems PMG Parallel David Robinson #78

One of the best examples of how revered numbered parallels can be, especially for basketball collectors,  1997-98 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems are a foil-covered treat from a popular collecting period. The David Robinson PMG parallel is numbered to 100 and the total is split between the two color options. The first ten cards are green and the last 90 are red.

1997-98 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems PMG Parallel David Robinson #78 red1997-98 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems PMG Parallel David Robinson #78 green emerald

1997-98 Upper Deck Game Jerseys David Robinson #GJ12

The earliest NBA relic for David Robinson, 1997-98 Game Jersey cards are still popular with collectors despite the simple jersey pieces. While not numbered, the David Robinson jersey cards are quite rare and don't pop up often.

1997-98 Upper Deck Game Jerseys David Robinson #GJ12

1998-99 SkyBox Premium Autographics David Robinson

Another classic 1990s insert, the 1998-99 Autographics line included two different signed cards for David Robinson. The more common option is signed in black ink, while the blue ink parallel is hand-numbered to 50.

1998-99 SkyBox Premium Autographics David Robinson black ink1998-99 SkyBox Premium Autographics David Robinson Blue Ink

Any 2003-04 to 2009-10 David Robinson Exquisite Collection Autograph

The top high-end brand in collecting for most of the 2000s, Exquisite Collection offers plenty of signed cards for David Robinson and all make a great collecting addition. Low print runs, quality designs and on-card autographs keeps these cads in high demand.

2003-04 Exquisite Collection Limited Logos David Robinson2007-08 Exquisite Collection Number Pieces David Robinson

Any David Robinson "The Admiral" Inscribed Autograph

While David Robinson never actually reached the title of Admiral during his time in the Navy, the nickname remained for the stoic giant. Several different cards celebrate his basketball moniker with an inscription and offer a unique David Robinson collectible.

2013-14 National Treasures Notable Nicknames David Robinson2004-05 SP Signature Edition Famous Nicknames Autographs David Robinson

Any Modern High-End David Robinson NBA Autographed Relic

The high-end market has exploded in collecting during the last decade and former greats have been a main focus for several of these brands. Top autographed relic options for David Robinson can be found in National Treasures, Flawless and Immaculate.

2013-14 Immaculate Autographed Patch David Robinson2012-13 Flawless Greats Dual Patch Autograph David Robinson

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