Woah, Bundy! Al Bundy Immortalized with Autograph Card in 2014 Leaf Q

Woah, Bundy! Al Bundy Immortalized with Autograph Card in 2014 Leaf Q

To many, Al Bundy is a hero. On Married with Children, he was the long-suffering everyman who put up with a lot from his wife, kids and nosy neighbor. He said the things a lot of men think, even if it wasn't politically correct. And even if his glares, backtalk and grumpiness were directed at Peg, Kelly and Bud, you never lost the sense that he loved them (even if he was a little scared of them). Finally, Al Bundy has been immortalized with an autograph card in 2014 Leaf Q.

Woah, Bundy! Al Bundy Immortalized with Autograph Card in 2014 Leaf Q 1

Okay, it's not officially Al Bundy, but when you look at it, it totally is.

The card in question has Ed O'Neill, the actor who played Al Bundy, dressed in a Polk High jacket, likely ready to relive his four-touchdown outing in the city championships for the millionth time.

The card is one of Leaf's Pure inserts. Done on a thick glass-like stock, the images are done on different layers and the look is see through. The regular, or Charcoal, version isn't serial numbered. However, the 2014 Leaf Q Pure Ed O'Neill autograph has four parallels that are: Blue (#/25), Green (#/10), Red (#/5) and Purple (1/1).

While this is the first card to picture the actor in his most iconic role, 2014 Leaf Q doesn't have the first Ed O'Neill autograph cards. Upper Deck included his signature 2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Baseball as part of their pop culture-infused Spectrum of Stars inserts. In 2013, Topps put O'Neill in Allen & Ginter Baseball. 2014 Leaf Pop Century and 2014 Leaf Pop Century Masterworks also has signed cards.

Woah, Bundy! Al Bundy Immortalized with Autograph Card in 2014 Leaf Q 2

If you're looking for the first Ed O'Neill cards, he appears in 1994 SkyBox Blue Chips, which is based on the basketball movie starring Shaquille O'Neal. Sorry, folks, but Dutch never got a set.

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  1. This is such an iconic American Card from Leaf. I joyously recall watching this show, I lived in many Northern European countries in the ’90’s and have seen “Married with Children” in these countries albeit in its host countries language.

    Collectors that are not members of “Cardboard Connection’s” forum, “Card Collector’s World”, I urge you to join as this particular card was pulled by forum member key2win. You can read this in CCW’s forum thread entitled “Football Showcase”.

    The CCW forum not only depicts members collection but has many more attributes for the casual collector as well as for the serious collectors. A very well rounded forum to say the least.

    Congratulations to key2win for this amazing card!


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