Ultimate Boston Celtics Collector and Super Fan Gift Guide

Ultimate Boston Celtics Collector and Super Fan Gift Guide

Birthdays and the holidays can be a fun time to remember friends and family with meaningful gifts. However, problems arise when you are just not sure what gift to give. Given the immense popularity of professional and college sports, it should come as no surprise that sports are a major theme for birthday and holiday gifts. With that in mind, the following guide looks at the best gift options for fans of the Boston Celtics.

For more information on the team and a detailed look at the various collecting options, view our complete Boston Celtics Collecting Guide.

As one of the oldest and most successful NBA franchises, the Celtics boast fans from coast to coast. Understandably, that also means there a large supply of collectibles and apparel. To help alleviate some of the stress associated with holiday shopping or birthday gift shopping, we have identified 20 of the best gift options to buy for the Boston Celtics' fan in your life.

In order to help with a variety of needs, broad gift suggestions and specific recommendations are both included in the comprehensive guide. Click on the links to shop for items online.

Top 20 Gifts for Fans of the Boston Celtics

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Boston Celtics Team Card Sets

Card collectors are normally very particular about the cards they want so it is not recommended to just go out and buy some random Boston Celtics cards and assume that the gift will be a hit. There are simply too many options and since they are specific to individual players, knowing that a person is a big fan of the Celtics is not normally enough to make an informed card purchase.

One particular area where cards can be a great gift option is a team set. It is a common practice for sellers to include listings for all the base cards for an entire team in one lot. There are also packaged team sets that come straight from the card company and are available at retail establishments. Both options can be found for as little as a few dollars and are a great budget gift or stocking stuffer, ideally for kids. Just make sure you pay attention to the specific season that the cards are from so that the cards are from the time period you are wanting.

Boston Celtics Team Card Set Boston Celtics Team Card Set 2

Boston Celtics Phone/Tablet Covers

Few items are more indispensable to the average person than their smart phone or tablet. That is why it can be a great place to showcase their affinity for the Boston Celtics. All you need to know is the make and model for the phone or tablet and there will be a good variety of options.

Boston Celtics Phone Covers Boston Celtics Phone Covers 2

Boston Celtics Hats

Hats can be an easy gift option for Boston Celtics fans and there are many options available. The sizing can be an issue, especially for fitted caps, but many hats are "one size fits all" or feature dual sizing like S/M and L/XL. When in doubt, go with the "one size fits all."

Boston Celtics Hat Boston Celtics Hat 2

Boston Celtics T-Shirts

Like hats, there are plenty of Boston Celtics shirts to pick between and they can be a great budget-friendly gift. However, sizing can be even more of an issue, so it is better to verify this ahead of time.

Boston Celtics T-Shirt Boston Celtics T-Shirt 2

Boston Celtics Bobbleheads/Figures

While the overall usage factor is low, bobbleheads and other figures from brands like Starting Lineup and McFarlane are a fun way for fans to showcase their favorite players. Every player from the Boston Celtics' history will not be available, but the biggest current and former names are quite plentiful.

Boston Celtics Starting Lineup Kevin McHale Boston Celtics Bobblehead Bill Russell

Boston Celtics Basketballs

Although it is not necessarily specific to the Celtics, an NBA basketball can be a great gift for a basketball fan. Unfortunately, the official basketball normally sells for over $100, so it might not work for all budgets. A more reasonable alternative is a Boston Celtics ball. It can be used to actually play basketball, get signed by players or simply as a display of fan allegiance.

Official NBA Basketball Boston Celtics Basketball

Boston Celtics Fathead

Great for kids and man caves, Fatheads are a very popular item. The custom cutouts are available for top players like Rajon Rondo, Larry Bird and Kevin McHale, as well as various Celtics logos.

Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo Fathead

Boston Celtics Jerseys

An official Boston Celtics jersey is a classic gift and easily one of the most common purchases. The large variety of jersey designs and personalization allows for a very thoughtful present that is customized for the recipient. View a detailed NBA jersey guide here.

Boston Celtics Larry Bird Jersey

Boston Celtics Jackets

Generally featuring the same overall appeal as a jersey, Boston Celtics jackets are can actually make for a much useful gift. The variety of choices means that the price range can fluctuate widely, but also results in several budget options and several premium options.

Boston Celtics Jacket

Boston Celtics Game Tickets

This obviously depends on the time of year, but if it is feasible, one of the best gifts you can give a huge fan is tickets to see the Boston Celtics play. While not every fan lives close enough to visit a game at The Garden, all NBA teams play each other at least once per season, so there is a good chance that your local NBA team will have a home game versus the Celtics. Just be aware that regular season runs from November until April and the playoffs normally continue until June.

TD Boston Garden Celtics Seating Chart

Boston Celtics Framed Subway Sign Wall Art

Available in a variety of packages, sizes and trims, the framed subway sign for the Boston Celtics documents some of the more memorable parts from the team's history. Sizes run as small as 4 x 8 and as large as 16 x 32. Also, some of the framed signs include an autographed basketball from a former Celtic.

Boston Celtics Framed Poster

Boston Celtics Logo Floor Piece

A nice conversation piece that is easy to fit into a area limited on space, this court piece for the Celtics features a team logo. Like many of the items on the list, the floor piece would be a great item to have signed for display purposes.

Boston Celtics Logo Floor Piece

Boston Celtics "Generational Celts" Photograph

A simple bit of photo editing combines two big eras of the Boston Celtics. On the left, the original "Big Three" of Robert Parish, Larry Bird and Kevin McHale made the Celtics special in the 1980s. On the right, the most recent "Big Three" of Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett brought Boston back to the top of the NBA. This unique image makes a captivating gift for any seasoned fan.

Boston Celtics Generational Celts Photograph

Paul Pierce Boston Celtics Framed Collage

While his Boston days are behind him, Paul Pierce will always be remembered as a Celtic. This framed poster for "The Truth" offers a great addition to a man cave or child's room.

Paul Pierce Boston Celtics Framed Collage

Rajon Rondo Boston Celtics Framed Collage

Rajon Rondo is the primary star on the team today and this framed collage presents multiple images for a refined look. There is also a team-used basketball piece showcased in the collage.

Rajon Rondo Boston Celtics Framed Collage

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics "Celtic Pride" Framed Collage

With a classy design and premium frame, the "Celtic Pride" piece can work almost anywhere, including in an office setting. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are featured at the center of this Boston collectible. There is also a signed edition.

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics Celtic Pride Framed Collage

Ray Allen Boston Celtics Framed Photograph with Nameplate

Ray Allen will always be remembered with fondness by fans of the Celtics and this framed photograph makes an appealing gift. Although the signature is a facsimile, the price is more reasonable. There are also collages available for many other current and former Celtics, including Larry Bird, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley.

Ray Allen Boston Celtics Framed Photograph with Nameplate

Kevin McHale Boston Celtics Signed Mini Basketball

While his signed basketball falls on the cheaper side of things, Kevin McHale is not a player to overlook. The Hall of Fame member of the Celtics won three titles with the team and this signed mini basketball should make a great present.

Kevin McHale Boston Celtics Signed Mini Basketball

Bill Russell Boston Celtics Signed Photograph

One of the greatest names in the history of the Celtics, a signed Bill Russell photo would be an amazing gift for a super fan. Like all signed items, a certification from a reputable authenticator is a must.

Bill Russell Boston Celtics Signed Photograph

Larry Bird Boston Celtics Signed Basketball

Few players carry the collecting or overall basketball interest of Larry Legend. For many, Larry Bird is the Boston Celtics. This is why a signed basketball from Bird would be the top item on most collecting lists.

Boston Celtics Larry Bird Signed Basketball

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