Andy Pettitte Minor League Baseball Card Guide

Andy Pettitte Minor League Baseball Card Guide

Andy Pettitte's lone rookie card is in 1993 Bowman Baseball. Despite having just one official MLB designated rookie card, collectors have several choices when it comes to pre-rookie and minor league cards. In recent years, as Pettitte's popularity grew, collectors have found a new appreciation for his minor league cards. High-grade examples often sell on the secondary market for decent money.

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It is also interesting to note that both Pettitte and Derek Jeter made their way through the Yankees' minor league system at the same time. Both can be found in many of the same sets.

Below is a comprehensive checklist of Andy Pettitte minor league baseball cards.

Andy Pettitte Minor League and Pre-Rookie Cards

1992-93 Excel Andy Pettitte #214

Manufactured by Fleer, this card depicts Pettitte as a member of the Greensboro Hornets. He is pictured in a candid action shot of his throwing motion follow through. The card features gold foil accents and has white borders.

1992-93 Exel Andy Pettitte

1992 Classic Best Andy Pettitte #286

The 1992 Classic Best is one of the most common Andy Pettitte minor league cards. The white bordered card shows the pitcher ready to deliver one of his patented fastballs.

1992 Classic Best Andy Pettitte

1992 Greensboro Hornets Classic Best Andy Pettitte #1

This card, available as a part of a Hornets team set, is nearly identical to the regular 1992 Classic Best Andy Pettitte. The photo is the same but the nameplate at the bottom is the giveaway. This card doesn't have the red ribbon the regular Classic Best cards have. The year isn't across the top either. Instead, the classic logo is in the bottom corners and Pettitte's name, position and team are all squished into the other.

1992 Greensboro Hornets Fleer ProCards Andy Pettitte #777

This is an elaborately designed card for a minor league offering. The border of the card resembles infield dirt with baseballs and a bat used as accents. Made by Fleer, it's an extremely busy card.

1993-94 Excel Andy Pettitte #111

Now a member of the Prince William ball club, Pettitte is pictured in a point-of-view action shot having just released the ball. It is simply designed with a white border. Blue and red banners at the bottom of the card list Pettite's name, team and position.

1993 Fleer Exel Andy Pettitte

1993 Classic Best Gold Andy Pettitte #117

Featuring an awkwardly angled photo and cut-off border, this posed photo of Pettitte is slightly more rare than many of his other minor league cards.

1993 Classic Best Gold Andy Pettitte

1993 Prince William Cannons Classic Best Andy Pettitte #19

1993 South Atlantic League All-Stars Play II Andy Pettitte #31

Part of a promotional All-Star set, this is Pettitte's rarest Minor League card. A posed three-quarters body shot is accented by a vertical orange banner with "Greensboro Hornets" written along the left side. A blue banner on the bottom right has Pettitte's name and position. The South Atlantic League All-Star logo is displayed on the bottom left of the card front.

1993 SAL All-Stars Play II Andy Pettitte

1994-95 Excel Andy Pettitte #101

This card is slightly more dynamic and professional-looking than some of Pettitte's previous issues. It features a vertically oriented layout with Pettitte posed in a three-quarters profile. Design elements on the right side of the card include dark blue baseball seam imprints against a black background.

1994 Albany Yankees Fleer ProCards Andy Pettitte #1438

A rather simplistic and dull design, this card is a good definition of a prototypical inferior minor league card. Printed on a very thin card stock, it shows Pettitte in a posed photo with bright red and yellow design elements at the bottom of the card listing the standard card information of name, team and position. A small baseball diamond with the ProCards logo next to this area does not help the card's lack of eye appeal.

1994 Albany Yankees Andy Pettitte

1994 Classic Andy Pettitte #28

Featuring a full-bleed candid action photo, this card from Classic is a significant improvement compared to the many of the other Andy Pettitte minor league cards. Small design elements at the bottom of the card allow the photograph to stand on its own merits.

1995 Columbus Clippers Milk Caps Team Issue Andy Pettitte #12

Issued inset on a card, these milk caps are similar to other disc-oriented food issues throughout the years. Pettitte is paired with Bubba Carpenter. Both are depicted in head-and-shoulders photographs.

1995 Andy Pettitte Milk Cap

1995 Columbus Clippers Team Issue Andy Pettitte #23

This team-issued card shows Pettitte well on his way to the big leagues as a member of the Yankees' Triple-A affiliate, the Columbus Clippers.

1995 Columbus Clippers Andy Pettitte

1995 Columbus Clippers Police Andy Pettitte #23

Similar to the team-issued cards, it features the same photograph but with a blue border. This one was part of a police-sponsored community program.

1995 Columbus Clippers Police Issue

1995 Columbus Clippers Yearbook Andy Pettitte #5

This card was distributed as an insert within the 1995 Columbus Clippers Yearbook. It is part of a four-card set, inserted in the book with two cards on each of two separate pages.

1995 Columbus Clippers Kroger Team Set  1995 Andy Pettitte Yearbook

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