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Top Alexis Lafrenière Rookie Cards and Prospects

Top Alexis Lafrenière Rookie Cards and Prospects

For many fans and collectors, Alexis Lafreniere is the next big thing in hockey, which is why Upper Deck made him an exclusive spokesman at the age of 17. In addition to the Alexis Lafreniere rookie cards in 2020-21 Upper Deck NHL sets, there are multiple pre-rookie and prospect cards of note.

Viewed as one of the top prospects in the game for a few years, Lafreniere was selected with the first pick in the 2017 Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) draft and was also the top pick in the 2020 NHL draft by the New York Rangers.

Collectors already have multiple options thanks to Upper Deck's CHL and Team Canada sets. This includes several Alexis Lafreniere autographs.

View available Alexis Lafreniere cards on eBay.

And while Upper Deck still has to officially confirm it, it is expected that the #1 Draft Pick redemption card in 2020-21 Upper Deck MVP Hockey applies to Lafreniere, as well as the #1 Draft Pick redemption from 2020-21 Upper Deck Tim Hortons Hockey.

Look for the 2020-21 Upper Deck Alexis Lafreniere Collection set later in the year.

Top Alexis Lafreniere Rookie Cards

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2020-21 Upper Deck Young Guns Alexis Lafreniere RC #201

Upper Deck revealed that they got an exception so that the Alexis Lafreniere rookie cards could be included in 2020-21 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey. Given that the '20-21 season did not start until January 13, he needed special permission from the NHLPA to appear as a Young Guns rookie without having made his NHL debut yet.

Top Alexis Lafrenière Rookie Cards and Prospects 1

Lafreniere also has a YG checklist with Vitali Kravtsov and a UD Canvas Young Guns card, plus a short-printed NHL Draft SP insert and variation, in Series 1.

Top Alexis Lafrenière Rookie Cards and Prospects 2

2020-21 Upper Deck Artifacts Alexis Lafreniere RC #180 #/999

Numbered to 999 copies, the base Alexis Lafreniere rookie card in 2020-21 Artifacts Hockey is ornate. However, the product appears to suffer greatly from miscuts, so inspect any potential purchase carefully. The set also offers limited parallels, including relics and autographs.

Top Alexis Lafrenière Rookie Cards and Prospects 3

2020-21 Upper Deck Synergy Alexis Lafreniere RC #130 Autograph #/11

While the main Alexis Lafreniere rookie card in 2020-21 Synergy Hockey has just 11 copies, the NHL set is filled with other choices. This includes multiple autograph parallels and a few different inserts for the rookie.

Top Alexis Lafrenière Rookie Cards and Prospects 4

Top Alexis Lafreniere Pre-Rookie and Prospect Cards

2017-18 Cartes Sportives Extreme Alexis Lafreniere #6

For those wanting something a little more obscure, Lafreniere is part of a team-issued 24-card set from Rimouski Océanic. The series is produced by Cartes Sportives Extreme (Extreme Sports Cards) in Quebec.

Top Alexis Lafrenière Rookie Cards and Prospects 5

2017-18 Upper Deck CHL Star Rookies Alexis Lafreniere #390

Arguably the best pre-rookie for Alexis Lafreniere, the short-printed Star Rookies card in 2017-18 Upper Deck CHL is already very popular.

Top Alexis Lafrenière Rookie Cards and Prospects 6

If you are looking to the premium prospect side, Lafreniere has limited Exclusives (#/100) and High Gloss (#/10) parallels to chase.

In addition, collectors can find him in Group A (1:108 packs) of the base autograph set with an added sticker signature.

Top Alexis Lafrenière Rookie Cards and Prospects 7

Of course, more Alexis Lafreniere CHL cards and autographs arrived in subsequent Canadian Hockey League releases, including the 2018-19 CHL and 2019-20 CHL sets.

2018 Upper Deck Team Canada Juniors Alexis Lafreniere #25

2018 Upper Deck Team Canada Juniors is another place to find a notable Alexis Lafreniere card. Like the CHL release, the Canadian national team set features Exclusives (#/225) and High Gloss (#/25) parallels, plus autographs. There is also the base Blue parallel shown below.

Top Alexis Lafrenière Rookie Cards and Prospects 8

However, the top pick here is his Team Canada Premium Swatch Auto card, numbered to 125.

Top Alexis Lafrenière Rookie Cards and Prospects 9

Lafreniere is in the 2019 Canada Juniors set and 2020 Canada Juniors set, as well.

2018-19 Upper Deck CHL 30th Anniversary Diamond Relics Alexis Lafreniere #/30

Showcasing extreme rarity and a high-end design, 2018-19 Upper Deck CHL Hockey offers an elusive insert that is part of the year-long Upper Deck 30th Anniversary Diamond Relics series.

Lafreniere is one of just 30 names spread across 2018-19 and 2019 sets. The rare card is numbered to 30 copies, so they don't surface often.

Top Alexis Lafrenière Rookie Cards and Prospects 10

2019-20 SP Game Used CHL Alexis Lafreniere #1 #/11

Easily his toughest pre-rookie card, the true base option in 2019-20 SP Game Used CHL Hockey is jersey-numbered to 11 copies. For those who prefer something more attainable, his Authentic Prospects Orange parallel (shown below) is much easier to locate at 199 copies.

Top Alexis Lafrenière Rookie Cards and Prospects 11

Possible hits include a base autograph (Group A - 1:43 packs), as well as the red auto patch (#/90). He also has autographs and auto relics in the New Style insert.

Top Alexis Lafrenière Rookie Cards and Prospects 12

Top Alexis Lafrenière Rookie Cards and Prospects 13Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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Again they haven’t added Lafreniere’s 2019 & 2020 Team Canada Junior inserts..why?
Particularly the 2020 set had 6 Autograph cards including a Black 1/1


My comments about the Alexis Lafrenière Upper Deck YG RC. It is the worst young guns hockey card ever produced by the upper deck company. The ice rink (Wallpaper) is poor. Blurry photo of the player. No number on the NY Rangers jersey. Why Upper deck doesn’t wait until the Serie 2. Not the best idea of the year for Upper Deck.


Thx for replying Trey
I would think that Lafreniere’s most valuable card is from this year.. 2020/21 box sets..which is a Black Auto 1/1..better known as the Holy Grail :)


In Canada Alexis Lafreniere is also known for his feats in the 2019/20 Team Canada Junior World Championship
But you have only one card from the 2018 Team Canada Junior set shown ..but none from the 2019 & the recently released 2020 set’s
Any reason for this?

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

The guide highlights a few of his key pre-NHL cards, including his first Team Canada Juniors card, but not every Upper Deck card for Alexis Lafrenière.


Hey, just wondering where you would place rarity of Lafrenière card 301 high gloss numbered 10/10 in this list?

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

It’s a good one and it has only 10 copies, so it’s quite rare.

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