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Get to Know the Top Addison Russell Prospect Cards

Get to Know the Top Addison Russell Prospect Cards

It has been a long drought for the Chicago Cubs and their fans. But next year really could be on the horizon as the franchise has stacked their system with a lot of promising talent. While Kris Bryant, Javier Baez and Jorge Soler are getting the bulk of the attention, Addison Russell cards are waiting in the wings as well.

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The shortstop came to the Cubs as a key part in a 2014 trade with the Oakland Athletics that saw pitcher Jeff Samardzija go the other way. Oakland draft Russell out of high school with the 11th pick in the 2012 draft.

Like many of the other top prospects in the Cubs system, Russell's bat is his greatest weapon. With the ability to hit for average and power, he'd be dangerous on his own. However, by the time he reaches the majors, he'll likely be surrounded by several other talented batters.

Russell entered 2015 as Baseball America's #3 prospect and got the call to the Cubs before the end of April. Still young, time is still on Russell's side. So even if his first stint in the majors isn't impressive, it's not all bad.

The first Addison Russell cards came out in 2011. They came from both Topps and Panini as part of his participation on the US national team. In 2012, Russell was in several sets following the draft. Among them are 2012 Bowman Chrome Draft and 2012 Bowman Sterling autographs, his first MLB autographs.

Key Addison Russell Prospect Cards

The following is a list of some of the best and earliest Addison Russell cards released before his MLB debut.

2011 Bowman Chrome 18U USA National Team Refractor Addison Russell #18U-21 #/617

This card came as part of a redemption set that was randomly inserted in 2011 Bowman Chrome packs. All cards are Refractors numbered to 617. A handful of parallel versions also exist. Although it's one of the first Addison Russell cards, it's not overly expensive as Team USA cards still have more niche appeal than widespread hobby love.

Get to Know the Top Addison Russell Prospect Cards 1

2011 Bowman Chrome 18U USA National Team Refractor Autographs Addison Russell #18U-21 #/417

Signed versions of the 2011 Bowman Chrome 18U USA Refractors are virtually identical. Autographs are on stickers. Russell's base Refractor is numbered to 417 with other versions clocking in significantly lower.

Get to Know the Top Addison Russell Prospect Cards 2

2011 Panini Limited USA Baseball National Team Addison Russell #36 #/199

The 2011 Panini Limited Addison Russell doesn't have the flash or premium elements of most of Topps' USA Baseball offerings from the same year, but numbered to 199, it's not the easiest card to find. Add to that, Limited didn't go over to well when it was first released well into 2012. That adds up to an even more affordable early card that has a limited supply.

Get to Know the Top Addison Russell Prospect Cards 3

2011 Topps USA Baseball Autographs Addison Russell #USA-A63

If you're okay with players in USA Baseball jerseys, these sets offer some solid deals of top prospects. Included in the 2011 Topps USA Baseball box set, the Addison Russell is signed on-card. It's simple but very afford when put up against some of his other early autographs.

Get to Know the Top Addison Russell Prospect Cards 4

2011 Topps USA Baseball Triple Jersey Autographs Addison Russell #ATR-AR #/214

The Triple Jersey Autograph from the same USA Baseball box set has the added appeal of being Russell's first autographed memorabilia card. Numbered to 214, it's not easy to track down any more. It is worth noting that the autograph is on a sticker.

Get to Know the Top Addison Russell Prospect Cards 5

2012 Bowman Draft Chrome Prospect Autographs Addison Russell #BCA-AR

While not a traditional rookie card, this insert is treated as such by a lot of collectors. His first card -- and autograph -- in a MLB uniform, the 2012 Bowman Chrome Draft Addison Russell autograph should be considered his key card. There are several numbered parallel Refractors that are also popular.

Get to Know the Top Addison Russell Prospect Cards 6

2012 Bowman Draft AFLAC Autographs Addison Russell #/229

Signed at the 2011 high school all-star game, it came inserted in packs of 2012 Bowman Draft. Pack-inserted versions come serial numbered. Players were also given the same cards, many of which have surfaced on the secondary market. These versions don't have serial numbers. If signed, collectors should be cautious of the non-certified autographs on unnumbered cards.

Get to Know the Top Addison Russell Prospect Cards 7

2012 Bowman Sterling Prospect Autographs Addison Russell #BSAP-AR

If the 2012 Bowman Chrome Draft Addison Russell autograph is out of your budget, 2012 Bowman Sterling is a more affordable alternative. Still signed on-card and picturing the shortstop in a MLB uniform, it costs significantly less than its Chrome counterpart.

Get to Know the Top Addison Russell Prospect Cards 8

2012 Leaf Memories Originals Autographs Addison Russell #AU-AR1 #/25

2012 Leaf Memories tapped nostalgia for 1990 Leaf throughout the release. Among them were a limited number of prospect autographs done with a similar design. Numbered to 25, there's not a large supply. However, the unlicensed nature of the product plus the sticker keep prices reasonable when they do show up.

Get to Know the Top Addison Russell Prospect Cards 9

2012 Leaf Metal Draft Addison Russell #BA-AR1 Autograph

2012 Leaf Metal Draft is an unlicensed alternative to Bowman Chrome. While it has a similar look and feel, it's also much cheaper than Chrome. Collectors can also find several Refractor-like Prismatic parallels.

Get to Know the Top Addison Russell Prospect Cards 10

2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Addison Russell #BA-AR1 Autograph

2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball takes a less flashy, more traditional approach to reasonably priced prospect autographs. Like Leaf's other draft-themed sets, the signature is hard-signed. The design has some foil accents but is more on the plain side.

Get to Know the Top Addison Russell Prospect Cards 11

2012 Leaf Valiant Draft Addison Russell #VA-AR1 Autograph

2012 Leaf Valiant takes a nod in the direction of the original Donruss Crusade inserts. Cards have a regal design, Refractor-like finish and on-card signatures.

Get to Know the Top Addison Russell Prospect Cards 12

2012 Panini Elite Extra Edition Franchise Futures Autographs Addison Russell #1 #/250

Addison Russell has a couple of different autographs in 2012 Panini Elite Extra Edition, but this is considered the main one. Elite Extra Edition has a decent history with prospectors so it does better than a lot of other products where players aren't in MLB jerseys. That said, interest is a far cry from his 2012 Bowman Chrome Draft Autograph. The sticker doesn't help its appeal either. That said, it's still reasonably priced and many could see it as an alternative.

Get to Know the Top Addison Russell Prospect Cards 13

Get to Know the Top Addison Russell Prospect Cards 14Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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