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2022 Topps Elvis Presley The King of Rock & Roll Trading Cards Checklist Guide

2022 Topps Elvis Presley The King of Rock & Roll Trading Cards Checklist Guide

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2022 Topps Elvis Presley The King of Rock and Roll honors the late musician with a year-long set.

The online-exclusive series is issued weekly throughout 2022.

This format is very similar to 2021 Topps Muhammad Ali The People’s Champ Collection.

Elvis fans also have 2022 Topps Heritage Elvis Presley.

2022 Topps Elvis Presley The King of Rock and Roll Set Details

Covering Elvis' life on cardboard, the 2022 Topps Elvis Presley The King of Rock and Roll revisits notable moments from his early years and legendary music career via exclusive photography.

Three new cards are made available each week as part of the overall 150-card set. Individual cards sell for $9.99 and the weekly three-card bundle goes for $24.99.

Shop for current Elvis Presley cards at Topps.

Fronts feature a framed image of Elvis along with a gold facsimile signature in the corner.

2022 Topps Elvis Presley The King of Rock & Roll Trading Cards Checklist Guide 1

Backs provide further details about the photo shown alongside a classic Elvis image.

2022 Topps Elvis Presley The King of Rock & Roll Trading Cards Checklist Guide 2

The print-to-order cards are each available for seven days.

Chase foil parallels are randomly inserted. The Pink version, numbered to 45 copies, pays tribute to the 45 years since he died.

There are also the Album Cover cards, which highlight Elvis' past records. The card backs list out the songs.

2022 Topps Elvis Presley The King of Rock & Roll Trading Cards Checklist Guide 3

Sold separately, the"Test Pressing" Foil Silver Frame edition is numbered to 45 and sells for $99.99.

Check back for new cards and final print runs, when announced.

Set Checklist

2022 Topps Elvis Presley The King of Rock and Roll Checklist



Base Checklist

150 cards.
FOIL PARALLELS: Pink #/45, Blue #/10, Red #/5, Gold 1/1.

2022 Topps Elvis Presley The King of Rock & Roll Trading Cards Checklist Guide 4

1 Elvis Born in Mississippi (PR=1,647)
2 Young Elvis (PR=1,378)
3 Moves to Memphis (PR=1,397)
4 In High School (PR=925)
5 Elvis Sings at Sun Records (PR=933)
6 Elvis Begins to Perform (PR=906)
7 Louisiana Hayride (PR=860)
8 Elvis' Big Break (PR=844)
9 Elvis Catches On (PR=826)
10 Elvis Signs to RCA Records (PR=719)
11 National TV Debut (PR=727)
12 Elvis Records Elvis Presley (PR=722)
13 Milton Berle Appearance: USS Hancock (PR=764)
14 A New Frontier (PR=763)
15 First Residency Ends (PR=756)
16 Elvis Stirring 2nd Milton Berle Appearance (PR=768)
17 Elvis Releases Hound Dog (PR=837)
18 Tours Midwest (PR=763)
19 First Plays Ed Sullivan (PR=739)
20 Performance at State Fair (PR=711)
21 Records & Releases Elvis (PR=704)
22 Elvis' First Film (PR=674)
23 Love Me Tender (PR=688)
24 Success at the Box Office (PR=677)
25 Continues to Tour (PR=665)
26 Elvis Purchases Graceland (PR=735)
27 A Castle Fit for a King (PR=626)
28 Elvis' Second Film (PR=677)
29 Loving You (PR=737)
30 Tupelo Benefit Concert (PR=671)
31 Jailhouse Rock (PR=647)
32 Second Starring Role (PR=638)
33 Elvis as Vince Everett (PR=636)
34 Films King Creole (PR=635)
35 Elvis as Danny Fisher (PR=634)
36 Last Film Before Army (PR=615)
37 Elvis Drafted into US Army (PR=673)
38 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (PR=606)
39 Elvis' Mom Passes Away (PR=605)
40 Deployed to Germany (PR=652)
41 Private Elvis Presley (PR=647)
42 Elvis' Duty to Country (PR=619)
43 Elvis Returns a Sergeant (PR=567)
44 Elvis Takes on Miami (PR=565)
45 Welcome Home, Elvis (PR=611)
46 G.I. Blues (PR=580)
47 Elvis as Tulsa McClean (PR=585)
48 G.I. Blues Rules the Charts (PR=587)
49 Flaming Star (PR=572)
50 Elvis as Pacer Burton (PR=576)
51 Christmas at Graceland (PR=571)
52 Elvis Presley Day Proclaimed (PR=587)
53 75 Million Records Sold (PR=609)
54 Elvis Named Honorary Colonel (PR=546)
55 Pearl Harbor Memorial Show (PR=556)
56 Over $60,000 Raised (PR=583)
57 Last Public Performance for 7 Years (PR=576)
58 Wild in the Country (PR=526)
59 Elvis as Glenn Tyler (PR=555)
60 Elvis at Red West's Wedding (PR=546)
61 Purchases Scatter (PR=TBA)
62 Scatter, the Troublemaker (PR=TBA)
63 Inducted into LA Tribal Council (PR=TBA)
64 Blue Hawaii (PR=581)
65 Elvis as Chadwick Gates (PR=571)
66 Blue Hawaii: A Huge Hit (PR=575)
67 Focuses on Films (PR=519)
68 Follow That Dream (PR=578)
69 Elvis as Toby Kimper (PR=542)
70 Kid Galahad (PR=TBA)
71 Elvis as Walter Gulick (PR=TBA)
72 Elvis' On-Screen Versatility (PR=TBA)
73 Girls! Girls! Girls! (PR=590)
74 Elvis as Ross Carpenter (PR=569)
75 "Girls!" A Success (PR=575)
76 It Happened at the World's Fair (PR=516)
77 Elvis as Mike Edwards (PR=513)
78 Second Degree Black Belt (PR=TBA)
79 Fun in Acapulco (PR=TBA)
80 Elvis as Mike Windgreen (PR=TBA)
81 Elvis Hands Out Christmas Checks (PR=TBA)
82 Elvis Buys USS Potomac (PR=502)
83 Kissin' Cousins (PR=508)
84 Elvis Plays Two Characters (PR=513)
85 Viva Las Vegas (PR=TBA)
86 Elvis as Lucky Jackson (PR=TBA)
87 The Iconic Viva Las Vegas (PR=TBA)
88 Elvis Named Special Deputy Sheriff (PR=513)
89 Roustabout (PR=533)
90 Elvis as Charlie Rogers (PR=518)
91 Elvis Turns 30 (PR=520)
92 Girl Happy (PR=514)
93 Elvis as Rusty Wells (PR=501)
94 Gold Cadillac Goe on Tour (PR=524)
95 Tickle Me (PR=560)
96 Elvis as Lonnie Beale (PR=TBA)
97 Elvis Visits USS Arizona Memorial (PR=497)
98 Harum Scarum (PR=498)
99 Spending Time at Graceland (PR=514)
100 Snowfall at Graceland (PR=514)
101 Frankie and Johnny (PR=517)
102 Elvis as Johnny (PR=500)
103 Paradise Hawaii Style (PR=541)
104 Spinout (PR=523)
105 Elvis & Horses (PR=517)
106 Elvis Purchases Circle G Ranch (PR=481)
107 Easy Come, Easy Go (PR=479)
108 Double Trouble (PR=491)
109 Marriage to Priscilla (PR=601)
110 Settles Down (PR=515)
111 Clambake (PR=547)
112 Elvis' Daughter, Lisa Marie, is Born (PR=478)
113 Stay Away Joe (PR=481)
114 Speedway (PR=498)
115 NBC TV Special Announced (PR=543)
116 Rehearsals and Recording (PR=509)
117 Live a Little, Love a Little (PR=509)
118 1968 Comeback Special (PR=599)
119 First Appearance in 7 Years (PR=571)
120 Musical Reprisal (PR=559)
121 Charro! (PR=485)
122 International Hotel Residency (PR=533)
123 The Trouble with Girls (PR=488)
124 Change of Heart (PR=518)
125 Return to the International (PR=522)
126 First Tour Since 1957 (PR=521)
127 Elvis, That's the Way It Is (PR=499)
128 Elvis Meets President Nixon (PR=638)
129 Breaks More Records (PR=501)
130 Tour More Cities (PR=546)
131 Elvis' Shoes are Electric (PR=514)
132 Elvis on Tour (PR=522)
133 Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite (PR=508)
134 The King of Rock and Roll (PR=553)
135 One Billion Viewers (PR=524)
136 Elvis Recorded Live on the Stage in Memphis (PR=492)
137 Elvis Opens Karate Studio (PR=514)
138 Continues to Tour (PR=492)
139 Elvis Purchases Jet (PR=480)
140 New Year's Eve Show (PR=473)
141 From Elvis Presley Boulevard (PR=530)
142 Final Shows (PR=504)
143 Elvis Passes Away (PR=498)
144 Elvis' Funeral (PR=497)
145 Quotes from the King of Rock & Roll (PR=TBA)
146 Quotes from the King of Rock & Roll (PR=TBA)
147 Quotes from the King of Rock & Roll (PR=TBA)
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148 Quotes from the King of Rock & Roll (PR=TBA)
149 Quotes from the King of Rock & Roll (PR=TBA)
150 Quotes from the King of Rock & Roll (PR=TBA)



Album Cover Set Checklist

10 cards. Buy on Topps.
PARALLEL CARDS: Test Pressing Foil Silver Frame #/45.

C1 Elvis 1956 (PR=885)
C2 Elvis 1956 (PR=781)
C3 King Creole 1958 (PR=589)
C4 Elvis is Back 1960 (PR=536)
C5 His Hand is Mine 1960 (PR=TBA)
C6 Blue Hawaii 1961 (PR=576)
C7 How Great Thou Art 1967 (PR=543)
C8 From Elvis in Memphis 1969 (PR=580)
C9 Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite 1973 (PR=557)
C10 From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee (1976)


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