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2021 Topps Muhammad Ali The People's Champ Collection Cards Checklist Guide

2021 Topps Muhammad Ali The People’s Champ Collection Cards Checklist Guide

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Celebrate the legendary life and boxing career of Ali in 2021 Topps Muhammad Ali The People's Champ Collection.

The weekly set is sold directly from the Topps online store.

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2021 Topps Muhammad Ali The People's Champ Set Details

Showcasing exclusive photography, 2021 Topps Muhammad Ali The People's Champ Collection provides two new cards per week. Each print-to-order card sells for $9.99 with free SmartPost shipping and is available for seven days. There is also a two-card bundle for $17.49.

Printed on 16-point vintage card stock, the photographs feature a specific moment in Ali's life using a past Topps design. Starting with Ali's 1960 Olympic Gold Medal performance, the set runs for 50 weeks and totals 100 cards.

2021 Topps Muhammad Ali The People's Champ Collection Cards Checklist Guide 1

Parallels include the Black edition, which is limited to 56 copies in honor of the number of the fights that Ali won.

Shop for current Muhammad Ali cards at Topps.

On the back is a more detailed breakdown of the depicted moment. The design inspiration is noted, as well.

2021 Topps Muhammad Ali The People's Champ Collection Cards Checklist Guide 2

2021 Topps X Tyson Beck Muhammad Ali The People's Champ Insert

In addition, Tyson Beck provides the exclusive insert for 2021 Topps Muhammad Ali The People's Champ Collection. These also sell for one week at $9.99 each.

2021 Topps Muhammad Ali The People's Champ Collection Cards Checklist Guide 3

Similar to Project70, the limited silver-framed Artist Proof has just 56 copies and is priced at $170.


Set Checklist

2021 Topps Muhammad Ali The People's Champ Checklist

Muhammad Ali Base Checklist

100 cards. Ongoing set. Order Ali cards on Topps.
PARALLEL CARDS: Black #/56, Red #/10, Silver #/5, Yellow Gold 1/1.

2021 Topps Muhammad Ali The People's Champ Collection Cards Checklist Guide 4

Cassius Clay Jr
1 18-year-old Wins Olympic Gold (PR=4,043)
2 Converts to Islam (PR=3,381)
3 Is Boxing's Nostradamus (PR=2,241)
4 Release of I am the Greatest (PR=2,227)
5 Clay vs. Jones Prefight Hype (PR=1,986)
6 Clay vs. Jones Outcome (PR=2,063)
7 Pre-Fight Mind Games vs. Liston (PR=1,974)
8 TKOs Sonny Liston in the 7th Round (PR=2,088)
9 Captures 1s World Title (PR=2,057)
10 Becomes Muhammad Ali (PR=2,083)
Muhammad Ali
11 Ali vs Liston - The Rematch (PR=1,784)
12 Defends Title with TKO (PR=1,798)
13 Ali vs Patterson (PR=1,581)
14 "Like Picking the Wings Off a Butterfly" (PR=1,746)
15 Ali Refuses to Join the U.S. Army (PR=1,553)
16 The Champ Makes His Feelings Known (PR=1,551)
17 Defending Overseas (PR=1,416)
18 Ali Shuffle (PR=1,478)
19 What's My Name (PR=1,469)
20 Ali vs Terrell (PR=1,426)
21 Ali vs. Folley Prefight Interview (PR=1,186)
22 Ali KOs the Veteran at MSG (PR=1,188)
23 Stripped of the Title (PR=1,200)
24 Rock and a Hard Place (PR=1,171)
25 Atlanta Grants Boxing License (PR=1,109)
26 Time To Train (PR=1,274)
27 Return to the Ring (PR=1,090)
28 Quick Result After Long Delay (PR=1,092)
29 Ali vs. Bonavena (PR=1,085)
30 "I want Joe Frazier!" (PR=1,086)
31 A War of Words (PR=1,009)
32 Build Up for Ali vs. Frazier (PR=1,045)
33 Undefeated Fighters Clash (PR=998)
34 Ali Suffers 1st Loss (PR=1,005)
35 Ali vs. Ellis (PR=967)
36 Ali vs. Bugner (PR=968)
37 Training for Norton (PR=992)
38 Ali Tastes Defeat (PR=956)
39 Ali vs. Norton 2 (PR=1,002)
40 Ali Wins Split Decision (PR=1,004)
41 Trash Talking Frazier (PR=971)
42 Training (PR=884)
43 Ali vs. Frazier Fight 2 (PR=934)
44 Ali Defeats Frazier (PR=962)
45 Rumble in the Jungle (PR=878)
46 Trip to Zaire (PR=860)
47 The People's Champion (PR=853)
48 Le Militant Statue (PR=875)
49 Hitting the Bag (PR=877)
50 Press Conference (PR=862)
51 Ali vs. Foreman (PR=879)
52 Ali Looks in Trouble (PR=813)
53 Rope-A-Dope (PR=940)
54 Regains the World Title (PR=937)
55 Ali vs. Bugner 2 (PR=737)
56 Ali Wins by Points (PR=748)
57 Thrilla in Manila (PR=807)
58 "First Round Knockout" (PR=828)
59 Ali vs. Frazier 3 (PR=890)
60 Late-Round TKO (PR=882)
61 Ballpark Brawl (PR=807)
62 Ali vs. Norton 3 (PR=810)
63 Bout Goes the Distance (PR=862)
64 Ali Retails His Title (PR=828)
65 An Epic Entrance (PR=852)
66 Champ Shows Acting Chops (PR=844)
67 Ali vs Spinks (PR=796)
68 Walk in the Park? (PR=853)
69 Tough Loss (PR=784)
70 New Champ (PR=778)
71 The Rematch (PR=756)
72 63K in Attendance (PR=756)
73 Ali Exacted Swift Revenge (PR=789)
74 3-Time World Champ (PR=769)
75 Ali Returns After Retirement (PR=735)
76 Mocking Holmes (PR=734)
77 Ali Enters the Ring (PR=713)
78 Heartbreaking Encounter (PR=713)
79 Ali vs Berbick (PR=745)
80 Ali Loses His Final Match (PR=750)
81 Ali Retires (PR=817)
82 56 Wins (PR=845)
83 50th Birthday (PR=775)
84 Torch Bearer (PR=810)
85 2005 Medal of Freedom (PR=714)
86 Passing the Torch (PR=702)
87 Quotes from the Champ (PR=743)
88 Quotes from the Champ (PR=774)
89 Quotes from the Champ (PR=714)
90 Quotes from the Champ (PR=711)
91 Quotes from the Champ (PR=726)
92 Quotes from the Champ (PR=736)
93 Quotes from the Champ (PR=710)
94 Quotes from the Champ (PR=773)
95 Quotes from the Champ (PR=702)
96 Quotes from the Champ (PR=699)
97 Quotes from the Champ (PR=TBA)
98 Quotes from the Champ (PR=TBA)
99 Quotes from the Champ (PR=842)
100 Quotes from the Champ (PR=902)



Tyson Beck Insert Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Silver Framed Artist Proof #/56.
2021 Topps Muhammad Ali The People's Champ Collection Cards Checklist Guide 5

TB-1 Rumble in the Jungle (PR=2,475)
TB-2 Rumble in the Jungle (PR=1,808)
TB-3 Rumble in the Jungle (PR=1,130)
TB-4 Rumble in the Jungle (PR=1,271)
TB-5 Rumble in the Jungle (PR=1,046)
TB-6 Rumble in the Jungle (PR=1,011)
TB-7 Rumble in the Jungle (PR=1,010)
TB-8 Rumble in the Jungle (PR=968)
TB-9 Rumble in the Jungle (PR=894)
TB-10 Rumble in the Jungle (PR=1,018)


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