2022 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Baseball Cards - New Membership Info

2022 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Baseball Cards – New Membership Info


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Back for another year, 2022 Topps 582 Montgomery Club promises exclusive sets and early access to online releases. The limited club is named after Topps' original Brooklyn address in New York City.

Originally unveiled in 2018, Topps has never confirmed the number of 582 memberships but it appears that the ranks have increased each year.

2021 members are offered a renewal option on November 16. The renewal price is $300 and it's available for one day only.

As far as new membership opportunities, these release on November 17. The new member's price is $600.

While the number of new memberships is unknown, the allotment sold out quickly.

For the 2021 club, the renewal cost was $200 and the new member cost was $300.

2022 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Baseball Cards - New Membership Info 1

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2022 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Baseball Set Details

The 2022 Topps 582 Montgomery Club membership perks generally fall into two different categories. The first is the exclusive content. In all prior years, these club sets featured only MLB cards.

Throughout the year (approximately November 2021 to October 2022), members receive exclusive sets with different "lost" designs. A new set should arrive every two months or so. Two of these sets should offer random autographs.

The final piece of the collecting puzzle is an exclusive 2022 Topps Baseball Complete Set. These are stamped with the club's logo.

2022 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Baseball Sets Lineup

  • 1 Gift with Membership set (20-card set + autograph)
  • 2 additional sets (20 cards each)
  • 1 additional set (20 cards + autograph)
  • 1 sticker set (20 cards)
  • 1 2022 MLB Complete Set (with "582 Montgomery" stamp)

Seemingly changing from last year, there is no specific mention of the "Members Vote" set or the collectible pin available in 2021.

2022 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Pre-Sale Access and Other Perks

Of course, many collectors join because of the pre-sale access and that is likely the key perk for 2022 Topps 582 Montgomery Club, as well. For select releases, members are offered a special pre-sale that allows them the chance to buy a specific number of boxes before the public sale.

In general, this should mean an early opportunity to order many of the online-exclusive Sapphire releases along with other online-exclusive Topps products.

Another staple item is exclusive access to 2021 Topps Brooklyn Collection Baseball.

One final membership benefit is the first option for renewal.

2022 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Exclusive Pre-Sale Releases

These were specifically mentioned by Topps in the initial 2022 club details. Any other sets will be added as confirmed. 

  • 2022 Topps Finest Flashbacks Baseball
  • 2022 Topps Allen & Ginter X Baseball
  • 2022 Topps Archives Snapshots Baseball


2022 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Terms and Conditions


Check back for further info on the exclusive sets as well as any new pre-sale options for the club.


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  1. Been a member since 2018 the first year. It was great for 2 years and then not so much. Now topps is raising the renewal price by $100 and this last year was a wreck. No pin and the sets were months late. In 2019 I got 2 Chance Adams autos, lucky me! Another money grab by Topps, but not my money. It was fun at first but after months of no answers from Topps, no thanks. Topps seems to be trying to make us enthusiastic for Fanatics. Its a shame such a historic company is being run by historic incompetence.

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