2021 Topps On Demand Set Trading Cards - Set 2

2021 Topps On Demand Set Trading Cards – Set 2

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Although most of the online-exclusive releases on Topps' site have a specific focus, 2021 Topps On Demand broadens the approach to cover virtually any card license available.

In the past, this has included MLB and soccer along with Star Wars, Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages.

With minimal consistency, the sets arrive throughout the year. Each set is an individual release with its own format and numbering, but, technically, all the cards fall under the main On Demand brand.

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2021 Topps On Demand Set Checklist


Set 2 - 2021 Topps On Demand Athletes Unlimited Volleyball Set Details

Borrowing the flagship MLB design, 2021 Topps Athletes Unlimited Volleyball checks in on the new AU sport.

The pro indoor league is on display with all 45 players from the 2021 roster. The 50-card set includes these player cards along with four league cards and a softball promo for $14.99. Whereas most sets only run for a week or two, the online-exclusive sale is extended to over one month, ending on April 2.

Odds weren't provided, but 2021 On Demand Topps Athletes Unlimited Volleyball also offers limited base parallels and autographs.

2021 Topps On Demand Set Trading Cards - Set 2 1

2021 Topps On Demand Athletes Unlimited Volleyball Checklist

50 base cards. Buy on Topps.
Final Print Run is TBA.
Each sealed pack has all 50 base cards, plus a chance at limited parallels or autographs.
BASE PARALLELS: Purple #/50, Blue #/25, Orange #/5, Gold 1/1.
2021 Topps On Demand Set Trading Cards - Set 2 2

1 Alex Holston - Opposite Hitter
2 Ali Bastianelli - Middle Blocker
3 Amanda Peterson - Setter
4 Aury Cruz - Setter
5 Bethania De La Cruz - Opposite Hitter
6 Brie King - Setter
7 Cassidy Lichtman - Outside Hitter
8 Ci Michel - Middle Blocker
9 Cori Crocker - Middle Blocker
10 Dalianliz Rosado - Libero
11 Deja McClendon - Outside Hitter
12 Ebony Nwanebu - Opposite Hitter
13 Erica Handley - Setter
14 Erica Wilson - Outside Hitter
15 Erin Fairs - Outside Hitter
16 Holly Toliver - Outside Hitter
17 Jordan Larson - Outside Hitter
18 Karsta Lowe - Opposite Hitter
19 Katie Carter - Opposite Hitter
20 Kaylee Manns - Setter
21 Kelly Hunter - Setter
22 Kristen Tupac - Libero
23 Kristy Wieser - Middle Blocker
24 Lauren Gibbemeyer - Middle Blocker
25 Leah Edmond - Outside Hitter
26 Lianna Sybeldon - Middle Blocker
27 Lindsay Stalzer - Outside Hitter
28 Molly Lohman - Middle Blocker
29 Molly McCage - Middle Blocker
30 Nia Grant - Middle Blocker
31 Nomaris Vélez - Agosto Libero
32 Odina Aliyeva - Outside Hitter
33 Paige Tapp - Middle Blocker
34 Samantha Seliger-Swenson - Setter
35 Sareea Freeman - Opposite Hitter
36 Sheilla Castro - Opposite Hitter
37 Sherridan Atkinson - Opposite Hitter
38 Symone Abbott - Outside Hitter
39 Taylor Bruns - Setter
40 Taylor Morgan - Middle Blocker
41 Taylor Sandbothe - Middle Blocker
42 Tiffany Clark - Libero
43 Tori Dixon - Middle Blocker
44 Valerie Nichol - Setter
45 Willow Johnson - Opposite Hitter
46 Fair Park
47 Player Executive Committee
48 Volleyball Scoring System
49 USA Volleyball
50 2021 Softball Season promo



Set 1 - 2021 Topps On Demand Garbage Pail Kids Funny Valentines Set Details

Leading off the series is 2021 Topps On Demand Garbage Pail Kids Funny Valentines. These stickers put the GPK spin on the classic 1959 product.

Each set costs $40 and includes 26 cards. In addition to the full base lineup, look for three random parallels and two of the Valentine's Day card inserts. There are 10 of these cards in total to collect. Lastly, every other set should have a sketch card.

The sets are sold for one week (as supplies last).

2021 Topps On Demand Set Trading Cards - Set 2 3

2021 Topps On Demand Garbage Pail Kids Funny Valentines Checklist

20 base sticker cards and 10 character cards. Buy on eBay.
Final Print Run is 1,700 sets.
Each sealed pack has 20 base stickers, 1 header, 3 parallels and 2 character cards, plus 1:2 chance at a sketch.
BASE PARALLELS: Red Hearts (2 per set), Black Hearts (1 per set).
2021 Topps On Demand Set Trading Cards - Set 2 4

Base Stickers
1a Ghastly Ashley
2a Tattoo Lou
3a Patty Putty
4a Hot Scott
5a Greaser Greg
6a Bonnie Bunny
7a Leaky Lindsay
8a Hairy Carrie
9a Mad Donna
10a Split Kit
11b Acne May
12b Art Gallery
13b Muggin' Megan
14b Luke Warm
15b Carved Chris
16b Stuff Sofia
17b Messy Tessie
18b Brutal Bridget
19b Nutty Nicole
20b Disjoined James
Character Valentines 
2 per set
1:2 sets


2021 Topps On Demand Set Trading Cards - Set 2 5

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