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1959 Topps Funny Valentines Trading Cards

1959 Topps Funny Valentines Trading Cards

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Ah, the ritual of corny classroom Valentine's Day card exchanges. Every year, millions of kids think long and hard about giving the perfect card with just the right message. You don't want one that sends the wrong idea to the booger-eater who sits next to you. And you certainly don't want to let your latest crush know how you really feel. It's a major source of stress. 1959 Topps Funny Valentines cards riff on the tradition with silly gags, fun artwork and a bit of a rebel attitude.

At first glance, the 1959 Topps Funny Valentines releases look like the ideal Valentine card. The artwork, done by cartooning legend Jack Davis, is bright and flattering, and fronts have a pleasant message. But then you flip the card over and the gag becomes apparent. Done with healthy doses of wit, sarcasm and puns, the trading cards become lighthearted burns ideal for those who carry cooties and even annoying sisters.

1959 Topps Funny Valentines Trading Cards 1 1959 Topps Funny Valentines Trading Cards 2

Not too difficult of a set to make, 1959 Topps Funny Valentines has a 66-card checklist. Despite their age, they're extremely affordable, even top-condition copies inspected by professional grading companies like PSA.

Topps followed up the first series with a similar release in 1960. The second series is easy to differentiate because the numbers are accompanied by an 'A' (1A, 2A, 3A, etc...). Giant Size Funny Valentines came along in 1961.

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1959 Topps Funny Valentines Checklist

1959 Topps Funny Valentines Trading Cards 3 1959 Topps Funny Valentines Trading Cards 4

1 I Need You
2 Don't Go Away Mad, Dear
3 You Remind Me of a Movie Star
4 I Can't Stop Chasing You
5 Stay Just as You Are!
6 Since I've Known You, Dear
7 I Love Ya So Much
8 You Have Everything a Man Wants
9 Your Teeth are Like Stars
10 I've Found the Perfect Valentine Gift
11 Your Name Will Be with Me Forever
12 You Ought to Be in Pictures
13 You Oughta Enter the Miss America Contest
14 I Remember the First Time I Saw You
15 You're Real Smooth
16 I Love Your Two Beautiful Eyes
17 You're the Apple of My Eye
18 I Love You Because You're Different
19 You Look Like a Million Bucks
20 No Wonder We Like Each Other
21 I Love the Way Your Hair Grows Down
22 There's a Word for You
23 I Love Your Little Hands, Youre Little Feet
24 You're a Doll!!!
25 I'd Like to Bring You Home to Mother
26 You're the Girl of My Dreams
27 There Will Never Be Another You!
28 I Don't Know What I'd Do Without You
29 I Think of You
30 To the Prettiest Girl in the World
31 You're the Cave Man Type
32 I've Got My Eye on You
33 You're a Charmer
34 Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue
35 I Dig You
36 You're the Strong, Silent Type
37 Say the Words that Will Make Me the Happpiest Boy
38 You're Just What the Doctor Ordered
39 There's Something About You I Like
40 Why Can't You Love Me?
41 It is Better to Have Loved You and Lost
42 There's a Word for You
43 If You Were the Only Girl in the World
44 Some Valentine Day Advice
45 You're So Friendly, So Gentle, So Kind
46 You May Not Be Smart, Dear
47 You've Got Everything
48 You've Got Something No Other Girl Has!!!
49 I Love You
50 I Think You're the Most Beautiful Girl in the World
51 I Miss You
52 A Girl Like You is Hard to Find
53 I've Got a Crush on You
54 Won't You Come Over for Dinner?
55 You Have a Wonderful Personality!
56 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
57 I'll Never Forget You, Dear
58 Looks Aren't Everything, Dear
59 You Take the Prize
60 We'll Be Sweet Hearts Till the End
61 Don't Think It Hasn't Been Pleasant
62 You're Like a Beautiful Flower
63 You've Got Something No Other Girl Has
64 Darling, You Have Just What It Takes
65 I Picked this Card Because It Fits You
66 We Both Got Together to Send You This Valentine

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Joe Pfeiffer
Joe Pfeiffer

Good job. I am a friend of Jack Davis, illustrator of these cards and the funny monster you’ll die laughing cards. I have unpublished photos of Jack in his studio drawing, and even a couple of him autographing trading cards

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