2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport Cards - Autographs

2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport Cards – Autographs


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Produced by Leaf Trading Cards, 2021 Pro Set marks the return of the popular brand after several decades. The initial cards are available in a direct-to-consumer format.

Well-known during its heyday in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the reboot of the nostalgic brand promises "new and exciting releases and concepts designed to add to Pro Set's history."

Per Leaf CEO, Brian Gray, "Pro Set was my first job in the industry and the chance to lead its rebirth in the hobby 30 years after my time there was an irresistible opportunity. Our intention with this brand is to provide a range of offerings which will appeal to collectors at all levels from the casual fan to the hardcore collector."

2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport Cards Set Details

Starting with the much-hyped quarterback, and expected top-overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Trevor Lawrence, 2021 Pro Set is limited to the number of cards ordered. The featured design is from 1989 Pro Set.

2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport Cards - Autographs 1

Fundamentally, the print-to-order 2021 Pro Set series works the same as 2021 Leaf iCard.

The individual cards are sold for 10 days directly from Leaf's website. Displaying gloss on both sides, each card goes for $7.99 and there are lower prices for the 10-card ($4.99 per card) and 20-card ($3.99 per card) bundles.

Final print runs are announced following the end of the sales period. Leaf also revealed that a "rare error/variation version will be randomly seeded in some orders." These short-print details are only provided after the selling period has ended.

In addition, low-numbered 2021 Pro Set autographs are sold through the Leaf website for the players.

Leaf also included golfer Bryson DeChambeau in the multi-sport set.

2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport Cards - Autographs 2

2021 Pro Set Draft Day Football

Available soon after the picks were in, the 2021 Pro Set Draft Day Football series highlights some of the top names taken during the 2021 NFL Draft.

Instead of the main 1989 look, these cards feature the 1990 design.

2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport Cards - Autographs 3

Otherwise, the format is the same with cards priced at $7.99 and a 10-day selling period.

Set Checklist

2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport Checklist

Print runs (PR) to be added when known.

Base Pro Set Checklist

Ongoing set. Final print runs (PR) noted.
2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport Cards - Autographs 4
Pro Set Prospect Football
PS1 Trevor Lawrence XRC (PR=56,111) - Buy on eBay.
PS2 Justin Fields XRC (PR=10,778) - Buy on eBay.
PS3 DeVonta Smith XRC (PR=7,876) - Buy on eBay.
PS4 Jaylen Waddle XRC (PR=3,140) - Buy on eBay.
PS5 Zach Wilson XRC (PR=17,800) - Buy on eBay.
PS6 Mac Jones XRC (PR=8,777) - Buy on eBay.
PS7 Najee Harris XRC (PR=3,421) - Buy on eBay.
PS8 Travis Etienne XRC (PR=3,328) - Buy on eBay.
Pro Set Golf
PS9 Bryson DeChambeau XRC (PR=16,865) - Buy on eBay.
Pro Set Prospect Football
PS10 Trey Lance XRC (PR=7,900) - Buy on eBay.
Pro Set Superstar Basketball
PS11 Giannis Antetokounmpo (PR=3,200) - Buy on eBay.
Pro Set Prospect Football
PS12 Trey Sermon XRC (PR=2,100) - Buy on eBay.
Pro Set Superstar Baseball
PS13 Fernando Tatis Jr. (PR=3,100) - Buy on eBay.
Pro Set Champion Boxing
PS14 Mike Tyson (PR=4,1965)
Pro Set Prospect Football
PS15 Ja'Marr Chase XRC (PR=2,179)
PS16 Kyle Pitts XRC (PR=3,281)
Pro Set Prospect Baseball
PS17 Jasson Dominguez (PR=2,858)
Shop for available cards on Leaf.


Base Variations Set Checklist

Ongoing set. Final print runs (PR) noted. Buy variations on eBay.
2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport Cards - Autographs 5
PS1 Trevor Lawrence Variation - Reverse Negative (PR=1,000)
PS2 Justin Fields Variation - B/W Background (PR=500)
PS3 DeVonta Smith Variation - "Heisman Winner" (PR=400)
PS4 Jaylen Waddle Variation - No Helmet Stripe (PR=150)
PS5 Zach Wilson Variation - Full Body Image (PR=935)
PS6 Mac Jones Variation - Roll Tide Armband (PR=450)
PS7 Najee Harris Variation - Missing "Pro Set Prospect" Logo (PR=180)
PS8 Travis Etienne Variation - Orange Glove (PR=170)
PS9 Bryson DeChambeau Variation - "The Scientist" (PR=900)
PS10 Trey Lance Variation - Yellow Helmet Image (PR=509)
PS11 Giannis Antetokounmpo Variation - "Greek Freak" (PR=259)
PS12 Trey Sermon Variation - No Yard Lines on Field (PR=91)
PS13 Fernando Tatis Jr. Variation - "$340 Million 14 Year Contract"(PR=193)
PS14 Mike Tyson Variation - "Iron" Mike Tyson (PR=220)
PS15 Ja'Marr Chase Variation - B/W Background (PR=100)
PS16 Kyle Pitts Variation - Missing "Pro Set Prospect" Logo (PR=175)
PS17 Jasson Dominguez Variation - "The Martian" (PR=160)


Pro Set Autographs Set Checklist

Ongoing set. Serial numbered #/99 or as noted. Buy Pro Set autographs on eBay.
Initial sales prices noted when known.

2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport Cards - Autographs 6

PSA1 Trevor Lawrence ($750)
PSA2 Justin Fields ($299)
PSA3 DeVonta Smith ($199)
PSA4 Jaylen Waddle ($125)
PSA5 Zach Wilson ($199)
PSA6 Mac Jones ($169)
PSA7 Najee Harris ($119)
PSA8 Travis Etienne ($119)
PSA9 Bryson DeChambeau ($399)
PSA10 Trey Lance ($199)
PSA11 Giannis Antetokounmpo ($299)
PSA12 Trey Sermon ($79)
PSA13 Fernando Tatis Jr. ($199)
PSA14 Mike Tyson ($299)
PSA15 Ja'Marr Chase ($149.99)
PSA16 Kyle Pitts ($125)
PSA17 Jasson Dominguez ($125)
Ed O'Neill as Al Bundy  ($149.99)
Blaze Jordan ($79.99)
Jozy Altidore ($49.99)
Kardarius Toney ($69.99)
Tyson Fury ($299.99)
Hideki Matsuyama ($399.99)


Draft Day

2021 Pro Set Draft Day Football Set Checklist

10 base cards and 10 variations. Print runs (PR) subject to change.
2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport Cards - Autographs 3

PSDD1 Trevor Lawrence - Jacksonville (PR=19,800)
PSDD2 Zach Wilson - New York (PR=6,450)
PSDD3 Trey Lance - San Francisco (PR=7,100)
PSDD4 Kyle Pitts - Atlanta (PR=3,620)
PSDD5 Ja'Marr Chase - Cincinnati (PR=3,440)
PSDD6 Jaylen Waddle - Miami (PR=3,670)
PSDD7 DeVonta Smith - Philadelphia (PR=4,200)
PSDD8 Justin Fields - Chicago (PR=8,100)
PSDD9 Mac Jones - New England (PR=8,400)
PSDD10 Najee Harris - Pittsburgh (PR=4,800)
PSDD1 Trevor Lawrence - #16 Removed from Sleeve (PR=909)
PSDD2 Zach Wilson - No Stripes on Pants (PR=364)
PSDD3 Trey Lance - "#3 Pick" (PR=370)
PSDD4 Kyle Pitts - Helmet Logo Faces Left (PR=201)
PSDD5 Ja'Marr Chase - Background Face Change (PR=189)
PSDD6 Jaylen Waddle - Teal Uniform (PR=204)
PSDD7 DeVonta Smith - "Philly" (PR=237)
PSDD8 Justin Fields - B/W Background (PR=421)
PSDD9 Mac Jones - Gold/Red Design (PR=459)
PSDD10 Najee Harris - Black Helmet Logo (PR=243)


2021 Pro Set Exclusive Multi-Sport Cards - Autographs 8

Trey Treutel  |  E-Mail Author
Trey Treutel is an Ole Miss grad and a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options. Find Trey on Twitter at @datreute.

User Reviews

  1. Grabbed the base cards off Leafs website of all 8 NFL prospects, look like a good investment plus love the old designs.

  2. Love the throwback design. There is a special place in my heart for this design. The 89 set was the first set I ever collected. Great player selection, thank you for bringing this back. It’s been too long.

  3. Just like dan I grabbed some off the website. All sold out now. Sure would love to get more.

    I forgot to attach a rating. I think these cards are great. Love the throwback look to them. will there be more available on the website or will ebay be the only way to get them?

  4. There will be new cards released, but the sold-out cards won’t be issued again by Leaf.

  5. Do you have any clue when new cards might be released? I’d hate to miss out on the opportunity to purchase some.

  6. No word, but likely starting Monday or Tuesday. The cards are sold for 10 days once live. We update this page often.

  7. LEAF website is sold out now. So I guess there will be some coming soon. I presume it will still be on the LEAF trading card site. Thanks for your input.

  8. Like these a lot. I got the Jasson D base + variation. The June 11 autos were sold out before they even got listed on the web site. They must offer to insiders first.

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