2020 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Week Series Trading Cards

2020 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Week Series Trading Cards

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Making fun of brands has become a sport for Topps' parody department, and 2020 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series takes that concept into a new collecting year.

Although the sticker cards aren't issued as frequently as Garbage Pail Kids, the long-running line maintains a devoted following. Sometimes Topps issues them through other online-only releases, including 2020 Topps On Demand.

Buy Wacky Packages cards direct from Topps.

2020 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series Set Details

Like it sounds, 2020 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series features all-new sticker cards. Collectors can find original artwork on a weekly basis from the web-exclusive set. The small sets are sold for seven days starting each Wednesday.

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Each seven-card pack goes for $15 with free SmartPost shipping. This includes the five base stickers and two of the three different chase inserts. The chase inserts consist of Red Ludlow Back and Coupon Back versions, plus the return of Wonky Packages.

2020 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Week Series Trading Cards 2

Starting in June, the possible chase options include one Red Ludlow Back or Coupon Back and one Wonky Packages or Guest Artist of the Week sticker.

2020 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series Stickers Checklist

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Base Wacky Packages All-New Weekly Series Checklist

5 base sticker cards per set, plus two chase inserts.
PARALLEL CARDS: Red Ludlow Back, Coupon Back.
2020 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Week Series Trading Cards 3

May Set Checklist

Week 1 - PR=886 sets
1 Crunch Boogies
2 Thick Tac
3 Chips Destroy
4 Magic Meatballs
5 Slay
Wonky Packages
WP1 Baby Rant
Week 2 - PR=745 sets
6 Cup Snakes
7 Mrs. Guttersworth's
8 Mr. Teen
9 Gapettos Chips
10 Recku TV
Wonky Packages
WP2 Crumbs

Week 3 - PR=739 sets
11 Celestial Pizza
12 2-Tips
13 Ghoul Aid
14 Globlopper
15 Stone Cold Cremation
Wonky Packages
WP3 Clumsy
Week 4 - PR=740 sets
16 Hounds
17 Good and Punky
18 Sun Maid
19 Sun Fright
20 Echo Duh
Wonky Packages
WP4 Top Snob


June Set Checklist

Week 1 - PR=1,000 sets
1 Band-Ape
2 Livin'Dead
3 Peep-Tarts
4 Blistext
5 Thingles
Guest Artist
GA1 Pezzimist - Robert Jimenez
Wonky Packages
WP1 Gatorage
Week 2 - PR=952 sets
6 Combust
7 TylenOld
8 Pork
9 Bicyclone
10 Wagu
Guest Artist
GA2 - Old Lice - Chad Scheres
Wonky Packages
WP2 Pit-O-Money

Week 3 - PR=891 sets
11 Milk Dad
12 Bone Yardee
13 Hot Sockets
14 Mary Pain
15 Yo Plain
Guest Artist
GA3 Paesan Cheese - Chenduz
Wonky Packages
WP3 Crummy
Week 4 - PR=935 sets
16 Pet Puffed
17 Milky Weight
18 Red Bulk
19 Brix
20 Dissolve
Guest Artist
GA4 Slim - Jon Gregory
Wonky Packages
WP4 Ponds

July Set Checklist

Week 2 - PR=944 sets
1 Yehtee
2 Baby Ruthless
3 Smarmy Food
4 Ice Rubes
5 Black & Blue Cat
Guest Artist
GA1 DorkeACell - Fred Wheaton
Wonky Packages
WP1 Popsi-Cola
Week 2 - PR=909 sets
6 Fantom
7 Marchin Roman
8 Doll
9 Vlasick
10 Death
Guest Artist
GA2 Silt - John Zeleznik
Wonky Packages
WP2 Aged

Week 3 - PR=901 sets
11 Made Magazine
12 Socky
13 Ghostitos
14 Loco-Cola
15 Mike in Ice
Guest Artist
GA3 Inorganic - Joseph Grossberg
Wonky Packages
WP3 Tar-Kist
Week 4 - PR=TBA
16 Peter Prank
17 Skul
18 Ever Glades
19 SheBarf
20 Caprison
Guest Artist
GA4 Diminished - Sam Gambino
Wonky Packages
WP4 Crypt

Week 5 - Buy on Topps
21 Tattootsie Roll
22 Sun Chimps
23 Gang Scouts
24 Sore Boy
25 Neck L Nip
Guest Artist
GA5 Viceine - Chris Meeks
Wonky Packages
WP5 CyclopSikle


2020 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Week Series Trading Cards 4
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