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2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist

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Celebrating 35 years of gross fun, 2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive sets provide a variety of print-to-order stickers for GPK fans and collectors.

Topps rolls out a ton of GPK cards each year and many come as online-exclusive sets. Whether it's politics, other current events, or just some classic bathroom humor, we have you covered.

Buy Garbage Pail Kids cards direct from Topps.

The guide below provides details about each set issued through the Topps online store. In addition, Topps sells standard boxes of GPK cards that are also available at various retail locations and card shops.

An exception to the guide below is the GPK sets that are part of another multi-brand line. For instance, the On Demand GPK sets are covered in the main 2020 Topps On Demand guide.

Another choice is the online-only 2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire Edition, which has its own product page.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Sets Checklist

Shop for current Garbage Pail Kids exclusives on Topps.



2020 Topps GPK 2020 Was the Worst Stickers Set Details

Another one-off GPK release, 2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids 2020 Was the Worst looks back to crack some jokes at the chaotic year.

The one-week release goes for $19.99 and includes 10 stickers.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 1

2020 Garbage Pail Kids 2020 Was the Worst Stickers Checklist

10 cards per set, including 5 "A" names and 5 "B" names.
2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 2

Week 1 - PR=790
1A Booger Bubba
1B Oozy Oscar
2A Horn Nate
2B Murder Mike
3A Zoom Zack
3B Unmute Luke
4A Off-Air Blair
4B Ray Delay
5A Unaware UPTON
5B Distract TED
Week 2 - PR=672
6A Frank Fans
6B Cardboard Carl
7A Back Homer
7B Quarantine Quinn
8A Burger Bob
8B Pam Pancake
9A Tiger Kingston
9B Joe Erratic
10A Brain CHIP
10B Evolved ELON



2020 Topps GPK Bizarre Holidays Stickers Set Details

In the internet age, the random daily "holidays" have gotten more and more absurd. 2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Bizarre Holidays attempts to take these days down a peg. Starting in April, each week brings a new set. While the cards feature a GPK subject, the theme ties into the holiday noted on the back.

The weekly offering sells for $19.99 and includes five different images with A and B names, for a total of 10 sticker cards. There are also poster versions for $19.99.

Starting in May, one different border parallel is added to each pack for a total of 11 cards. The color switches each month but the pricing and week-long sales period remain the same.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 3

2020 Garbage Pail Kids Bizarre Holidays Stickers Checklist

10 cards per set. Buy on Topps.
BORDER PARALLELS: Green (May), Purple (June), Red (July), Green (August), Deep Blue (September), Pink (October), November (Yellow), December (Blue).
2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 4

April Week 1 - PR=582 sets
April Fools Day - 4/1
1A Adam Fools Day
1B Blasted Billy
National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day - 4/2
2B JULIE Jelly
Don't Go to Work Unless Fun Day - 4/3
3A Jittery Jess
3B Frantic FRANCIS
School Librarian Day - 4/4
4A Library LINDSAY
4B Booger-Book BROOKE
National Beer Day - 4/7
5A Dead Ted
5B Rotgut GUS
April Week 2 - PR=469 sets
Siblings Day - 4/10
6A Sisters SLEDGE
6B Terry Twins
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day - 4/12
7A Grilled BILL
7B Burnt BRIAN
Big Wind Day - 4/12
8A Un-Diapered DAN
Scrabble Day - 4/13
9B Scotty Scrabble
Moment of Laughter Day - 4/14
10B Sarcastic Sam

April - Week 3 - 474 sets
Rubber Eraser Day - 4/15
11A Mind Eraser MIKE
11B Explorin' NORMAN
High Five Day - 4/16
12A Hands-Free Dee
12B Chewy Louie
Garlic Day - 4/19
13A Garlic NICK
13B Uneasy EDDIE
Look-Alike Day - 4/20
14A Greaser Greg
14B Chris Hiss
Kindergarten Day - 4/21
15A Twisted TRUDY
15B Rattled Renee
April Week 4 - PR=440 sets
Girl Scout - 4/22
16A COOKIE Eater
16B Scout LEEDA
4/24 Pig Blanket Day - 4/24
17A Porky PEG
17B Flat JACK
World Penguin Day - 4/25
18A Frosted Fanny
18B Artic FLO
Pretzel Day - 4/26
19A Patty Pretzel
19B Muggin Megan
Hairstyle Appreciation Day - 4/30
20A Armpit BRITT
20B HARIETT Appreciation

May Week 1 - PR=449 sets
Space Day - 5/1
1A Outerspace CHASE
1B Alien IAN
Free Comic Book Day - 5/2
2A Nat Nerd
2B Fart Gordon
Bird Day - 5/2
3A Bert Brain
3B Manny Heads
National Hoagie Day - 5/5
4A Hoagie Yogi
4B Mouth Phil
National Teacher Day - 5/5
5A Brainy Janie
May Week 2 - PR=456 sets
No Diet Day - 5/6
6A No Diet Diane
6B Thin Lynn
Beverage Day - 5/6
7A Pina Claudia
7B Blended Bradly
Lost Sock Memorial Day - 5/8
8A Beth Death
8B Missy Match
National Train Day - 5/10
9A Train Rex
9B DeRailed Cale
Mothers Day - 5/12
10A Slobby ROBBIE
10B Fat Matt

May Week 3 - PR=479 sets
Frog Jump Day - 5/13
11A Jumping Hope
11B Disect Ed
Dance Like A Chicken - 5/14
12A Cluck Norris
12B Chicken Dans
National Chocolate Chip Day - 5/15
13A Acne AMY
13B Ghastly ASHLEY
Pack Rat Day - 5/17
14A Matt Rat
14B Pack Pat
No Dirty Dishes Day - 5/18
15A Dottie Karate
15B Break Nate
May Week 4 - PR=562 sets
Boys Club Day - 5/19
16A Eagel Scott
16B Boyd Scout
Be a Millionaire Day - 5/20
17A Bankroll JOEL
17B Breaking the BANKSY
World Goth Day - 5/22
18A Goth Grady
18B Nasty Nick
Lucky Penny Day - 5/23
19A Tommy Gun
19B Lucky Benny
National Wine Day - 5/25
20A Sloshed JOSH
20B Merlot CAL

May Week 5 - PR=600 sets
Sun Screen Day - 5/27
21A ADAM Bomb
21B Sunblock BILLY
National Hamburger Day - 5/28
22A Hanana Burger
22B Lilly Popeped
Save Your Hearing Day - 5/31
23A Hearing Aiden
23B Not Deaf Geoff
Water a Flower Day - 5/30
24A Drippy Dan
24B Sunny Sprinkles
World No Tabacco Day - 5/31
25A No Smokin' OWEN
25B Quittin' QUINN
June Week 1 - PR=478 sets
Repeat Day - 6/3
1A Tatoo Lou
Hug Your Cat Day - 6/4
2A Scratched Sandi
2B Kate Hugger
National Cheese Day - 6/4
3A Cheddar Chaz
3B Cheesy Chuck
National Doughnut Day - 6/5
4A Junk Food JOHN
4B Joe Nuts
National Yo-Yo Day - 6/6
5A Leaky Lindsay
5B Yoyo Jo

June Week 2 - PR=492 sets
National Corn on the Cob Day - 6/11
6A Corn Cob Rob
6B Corny Cory
National Flip Flop Day - 6/12
7A Hippie Skippy
7B Nat Nerd
Flag Day - 6/14
8A Clark Can't
8B Not Deaf Geoff
Monkey Around Day - 6/14
9B Footloose FRIDA
Smile Power Day - 6/15
10A Toothie Ruthie
10B Dental Flossie
June Week 3 - PR=502 sets
Eat Your Vegetables Day - 6/17
11A Veronica Veggie
11B Green Jean
Go Fishing Day - 6/18
12A Salt Lake Sally
12B Fishing Phyllis
National Kissing Day - 6/19
13A Smoochy Sue Ellen
13B Bloated Blair
National Selfie Day - 6/21
14A Narcissistic NANCY
14B Selfie SARA
Go Skateboarding Day - 6/21
15A Thrasher Asher
15B Shredding Shawn

June Week 4 - PR=650 sets
National Pink Day - 6/23
16A Luke Pink Puke
16B Richie Retch
Take Your Dog to Work Day - 6/26
17A Work like a DOUG
17B Mark Bark
Camera Day - 6/29
18A Adam Bomb
18B Photo Bomb Billy
International Mud Day - 6/29
19A Mud Pie SY
19B Rob Slob
Meteor Day - 6/30
20A Pat Splat
20B Meteor Ike
July Week 1 - PR=514 sets
International Joke Day - 7/1
1A Dyna MIKE
World UFO Day - 7/2
2A Stace Invaders
2B UF Odelle
Disobedience Day - 7/3
3A Disobey TRE
3B New Wave DAVE
Eat Beans Day - 7/3
4A BRAY Beans
4B Tooting Tom
National Bikini Day - 7/5
5A Polka DOT
5B TINA Weeny Bikini

July Week 2 - PR=474 sets
Video Games Day - 7/8
6A Tee-Vee Stevie
6B Geeky Gary
Teddy Bear Picnic Day - 7/10
7B Salvatore DOLLY
Different Colored Eyes Day - 7/12
8A Blue Eyed Bowie
8B Alexander the Green
Fool's Paradise Day - 7/13
9A Foolish FRED
9B Paradise PERRY
National French Fries Day - 7/13
10A Mugged Marcus
10B French Fry FRED
July Week 3 - PR=457 sets
Be a Dork Day - 7/15
11A Daniel Dork Man
11B Smart Alec
Cow Appreciation Day - 7/15
12A Grazing Gladice
12B Queen Maudine
World Snake Day - 7/16
13A Serpent TINA
13B Cobra KYRA
National Lollipop Day - 7/20
14A Taste BUD
Moon Day - 7/20
15A Backside Baxter
15B Bottoms Upton

July Week 4 - PR=466 sets
National Junk Food Day - 7/21
16A Ralph Mouth
16B Stuffed Gus
Ratcatcher's Day - 7/22
17A Ratty Matty
17B Trapped Pat
National Chili Dog Day - 7/25
18A Potty Scotty
18B Chili Doug
National Day of the Cowboy - 7/25
19A Hopalong HOWIE
19B Square Dance LANCE
Take Your Houseplants for a Walk - 7/27
20B Green DEAN
July Week 5 - PR=568 sets
National Milk Chocolate Day - 7/28
21A Chocolate CHARLIE
International Tiger Day - 7/29
22A JAY Lunch
22B TYE Grrrrr
National Chicken Wing Day - 7/29
23A Adam Bomb
23B Wingin' It Wyatt
International Day of Friendship - 7/30
24A Boozin" Bruce
24B Best Friend Ken
Mutt's Day - 7/31
25A Puckering Patty
25B Kissing Kenny

August Week 1 - PR=489 sets
National Girlfriends Day - 8/1
1A Resting Eddie
1B Burnt Ernie
National Mountain Climbing Day - 8/1
2A Hung-Up Howie
2B Repelling Roper
National Underwear Day - 8/5
3A Jack Strap
3B Brandhen Briefs
National Fresh Breath Day - 8/6
4A Fresh Breath Seth
4B Fresh Phil
National Clown Day - 8/8
5B Funny SONNY
August Week 2 - PR=629
Son and Daughter Day - 8/11
6A Decays Crew
6B Flesh & Blood Judd
Left Hander's Day - 8/13
7A Left Turner
7B Lefty Louie
Relaxation Day - 8/15
8A Relaxed Max
8B Rest Phil
National Honey Bee Awareness Day - 8/15
9A Bumbling BEA
9B Buzzed Bonnie
National Thriftshop Day - 8/17
10A Adam Bomb
10B Thrifty Theo

August Week 3 - PR=449 sets
Bad Poetry Day - 8/18
11A Hip Kip
11B Open Mike
Aviation Day - 8/19
12a Wilbur Wright
12b Propelling Porky
World Mosquito Day - 8/20
13A Annoying ANNIE
13B Mo Squito
Senior Citizen's Day - 8/21
14A Lloyd to Rest
14B Retired Randy
National Tooth Fairy Day - 8/22
15A Fiona Fairy
15B Tooth Mary
August Week 4 - PR=516 sets
Vesuvius Day - 8/Vesuvius Da
16A Blasted Brutus
16B Mangled Maximus
National Dog Day - 8/26
17A Patty Trained
17B Doggy Augie
Women's Equality Day - 8/26
18A Nasty Nicolette
18B Evil Edie
National Toilet Paper Day - 8/26
19A Mummified Clyde
19B Tyler Paper
Frankenstein Day - 8/30
20A ABBY Normal
20B HANS Delbruck

September Week 1 - PR=460 sets
Skyscraper Day - 9/3
1A Skye Scraper
1B Alice Island
Newspaper Carrier Day - 9/4
2A Scott off the Presses
2B Brad News
World Beard Day - 9/5
3A Bushy Brent
3B Bearded Brandon
Be Late for Something Day - 9/5
4A Behind Time Brian
4B Being Late Bill
Read a Book Day - 9/6
5A Cranky Frankie
5B Bad Brad
September Week 2 - PR=420
Sewing Machine Day - 9/10
6A Thread Ted
6B Seamstress Sam
Make Your Bed Day - 9/11
7A Nailed Neil
7B Makin Bed Mikey
Chocolate Milk Shake Day - 9/12
8A Carla Hop
8B Mila Shake
Grandparent's Day - 9/13
9A Randy Roadhog
9B Rita Rider
International Crab Fest Day - 9/14
10A Crabby Patty
10B Kirsty Crustacean

September Week 3 - PR=498 sets
Make a Hat Day- 9/15
11A Hat On Adam
11B Hat Builder Billy
Collect Rocks Day - 9/16
12A Sediment Stan
12B Granite Gregory
National Play Doh Day - 9/16
13A Play Bo
13B Doughy Joey
Talk Like A Pirate Day - 9/19
14A Rowdy ROGER
14B PETER Poet
Miniature Golf Day - 9/21
15A Putt-Putt Pat
15B Mini Miguel
September Week 4 - PR=423
Elephant Appreciation Day - 9/22
16A Elephant Manny
16B Sideshow Joe
Hobbit Day - 9/22
17A Bilbo Barber
17B Mowing Frodo
Dogs in Politics Day - 9/23
18A Blue Doug
18B Red Rolph
International Rabbit Day - 9/26
19A BUD Bunny
19B Benny Rabbit
Crush a Can Day - 9/27
20A Uncrushed Ken
20B Stu Brew

October Week 1 - PR=471 sets
International Coffee Day - 10/1
1A Star Becky
1B Latte Dottie
World Farm Animals Day - 10/2
2A Rob Slob
World Smile Day - 10/2
3A Miley Smiley
3B Bea Happy
Techies Day - 10/3
4A Techie STEVIE
4B Gadget GARY
National Golf Day - 10/4
5A Gopher Grace
5B Caddy Jack
October Week 2 - PR=480 sets 
Bald and Free Day - 10/7
6A Free Fryin' BRIAN
6B Bald Bill
Leif Erikson Day - 10/9
7A Loop Leif
7B Viking Vic
Fire Prevention Day - 10/9
8A Smokey Barry
8B Fiery Fran
National Motorcycle Ride Day - 10/10
9A Hells ANGEL
It's My Party Day - 10/11
10A Maya Party
10B Happy BERTA

October Week 3 - PR=446 sets
National Fossil Day - 10/14
11A Fossil Floyd
11B Paleontology Paul
Emergency Nurses Day - 10/14
12A Defibrillate KATE
12B Jolted JOLENE
Bosses Day - 10/16
13A Bossy Bob
13B CHARLES in charge
Wear Something Gaudy Day - 10/17
14A Gaudy Gregory
14B Garish Trish
International Chefs Day - 10/20
15A Chef Boy Artie
15B Dinner Bill
October Week 4 - PR=504
International Nacho Day - 10/21
16A Cheesy Chelsie
16B Nacho Natalie
National Mole Day - 10/23
17A Wacky Max
17B Brain Game Brian
International Artist Day - 10/25
18A International Artists DAVE
18B Painting Petey
Punk for a Day Day - 10/25
19A Adam Anarchy
19B Billy Bedlam
World Opera Day - 10/25
20A Opera Oprah
20B High Pitched Hilda

October Week 5 - PR=474 sets
Black Cat Day - 10/27
21A Eli Trick
21B Black Kat
Hermit Day - 10/29
22A HERMAN Hermit
22B Solitude SAUL
Mischief Night - 10/30
23A Mischief Nate
23B T.J TP'D
Carve a Pumpkin Day - 10/31
24A Harvey Carvey
24B Jack Knife
Increase Your Psychic Powers Day - 10/31
25A Weird WENDY
25B Mystic MAGGIE
November Week 1 - PR=472
Plan Your Epitaph Day - 11/2
1A Dead Ted
1B Evil Epitaph
King Tut Day - 11/4
2A Tut Strut
2B Treasure Hunter
Saxophone Day - 11/6
3A Saxphone Sal
3B Brassy Brian
Dunce Day - 11/8
4A Diggin' Duncan
4B Picky Palmer
Chaos Never Dies Day - 11/9
5A Chaotic Carl
5B Stress Phil

November Week 2 - PR=403
World Origami Day - 11/11
6A Origami Mini
6B Paper Dolly
Clean Your Refrigerator Day - 11/15
7A Ripe Mike
7B Mel Smell
Button Day - 11/16
8A Button Up Benny
8B Shut Up Sherwin
Have a Party With Your Bear Day - 11/16
9A Teddy Barry
9B Party's Over Pattie
Take A Hike Day - 11/17
10A Hiking Horrace
10B Bitten Bodie
November Week 3 - PR=630
Have a Bad Day Day - 11/19
11A Adam Bomb
11B Have a Bad Dave
Universal Children's Day - 11/20
12A Alien Ian
12B Star Mandy
World Hello Day - 11/21
13A Greeting Grant
13B Communication Cal
Go For a Ride Day - 11/22
14A Horsey Henry
14B Giddy Upton
Evolution Day - 11/24
15A Chimpin Charles
15B Devolved Darwin

November Week 4 - PR=460
Shopping Reminder Day - 11/26
16A Ashley Can
16B Reminding Ramona
Pins and Needles Day - 11/27
17A Ben Cushion
17B Stuck Chuck
Make Your Own Head Day - 11/28
18A Scary Carrie
18B Delusional Diane
Red Planet Day - 11/28
19A Snack Barb
19B Dinner Bell
Square Dance Day - 11/29
20A Ruby Cube
20B Trish Squish
December Week 1 - PR=556
Wear Brown Shoes Day - 12/4
1A Shoe Shine Shelby
1B Buster Brown
Santa's' List Day - 12/4
2A Noel Coal
2B Kranky Kris
Bathtub Party Day - 12/5
3A Soaking Sally
3B Bathing Betty
Mitten Tree Day - 12/6
4A Mitten Trina
4B Mitzie Tree
National Cotton Candy Day - 12/7
5A Sugary Sharon
5B Cotton Candy

December Week 2 - PR=465
Christmas Card Day - 12/9
6A Chris Mess
6B Sandy Claus
Nobel Prize Day - 12/10
7A Brainy Janie
7B Jenny Genius
National Ding-a-Ling Day - 12/12
8A Ringing Roger
8B Bell Barry
Violin Day - 12/13
9A Vennie Violin
9B Fiddley Dee
International Monkey Day - 12/14
10A Prime Nate
10B Mechanic Cal
December Week 3 - PR=432
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day - 12/16
11A Milt Chocolate
11B Cherry Phil N.
National Roast Suckling Pig Day - 12/18
12A Roasting Roy
12B Suckling Sam
Look for an Evergreen Day - 12/19
13A Decorating Dave
13B Gratreety Petey
Crossword Puzzle Day - 12/21
14A Cross Ward
14B Puzzled Pete
National Flashlight Day - 12/21
15A Flash Dwight
15B Bright Bryce

December Week 4 - PR=507
Humbug Day - 12/21
16A Heath Miser
16B Beau Miser
Festivus - 12/23
17A Karl Cant-Stand-Ya
17B Furiouse George
National Pumkin Pie Day - 12/25
18A Pumkin Pie
18B Pie Guy
Card Playing Day - 12/28
19A Shuff-Flynn
19B Bad Hans
Unlucky Day - 12/31
20A Unlucky Larry
20B Jacked Up Jason

Beyond the Streets

2020 Topps GPK Beyond the Streets Series Set Details

Exclusive to the NTWRK app, 2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Beyond the Streets features the work of 48 artists. Unlike most of the online-only sets, GPX X BTS is sold in sealed boxes for $100.

The limited release was only available for around 30 hours (on December 5-6) as a print-to-order product.

In addition, a rare Adam Bomb chase insert (#00A) designed by KC Ortiz has only 100 copies.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 5

2020 Garbage Pail Kids Beyond the Streets Series Checklist

49 cards. Buy on eBay.
Final Print Run=TBA
2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 6

00A ADAM Bomb (PR=100 copies)
1A Shootin' NEWTON
2A Tattoo LOU
3A ART Apart
4A Basket CASEY
7A DALE Snail
9A MARK Bark
10A Creepy CAROL
11A Self FIFI
12A Tee-Vee STEVIE
13A Deaf GEOFF
14A New Wave DAVE
15A Plungin' PENNY
16A MITCH Match
17A BILLY Bling
18A Juicy BRUCE
19A Junky JEFF
20A Diaper DAN
21A Split KIT
22A Buggy BETTY
23A Bruised LEE
24A Potty SCOTTY
25A CLARK Work Orange
26A ALI Gator
27A Have A Nice DAVE
28A ADAM Bomb
29A Totaled TODD
30A Porcelain LYNN
31A Impaled GALE
33A Mouth PHIL
35A Frying' BRIAN
36A MAX Axe
37A Fun Gus
38A Newly-Dead ED
39A Dead TED
40A Messy TESSIE
41A Freestyle KYLE
42A Ashcan ANDY
43A TIM Can
44A Snot Ball SAUL
45A Beasty BOYD
46A Traveling' TRAVIS
47A SHEL Game
48A Bony Tony



2020 Topps GPK Disgrace to the White House Stickers Set Details

And you thought the campaign trail was rough. 2020 GPK Disgrace to the White House puts all the candidates running for president on blast via the "disg-Race" release. Sold for one week, the line starts with key players from the Iowa Caucus and leads up to the election. There are multiple sets featuring original images with "A" and "B" names.

The full sets are priced from $19.99 to $34.99, depending on the number of stickers in the themed release.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 7

2020 Garbage Pail Kids Disgrace to the White House Stickers Checklist

Full set per order. Buy previous cards on eBay.
2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 8

Set 1 - Iowa Caucus
PR=1,870 sets

1A Socialist SANDERS
1B Blue-collar BERNIE
2B Electable ELIZABETH
3A JOE Malarkey
3B Balderdash BIDEN
4A Puppet PETE
4B BUTTI Dooty
5A Money MIKE
5B Billionaire BLOOMBERG
6A Tampering TRUMP
6B Distrupting DON
Set 2 - New Hampshire
PR=1,666 sets

7A Discolored DONALD
7B Tanned TRUMP
8A Cheat PETE
8B Bested BERNIE
9A Conjurin CLINTON
9B Badgered BERNIE
10A Pull-apart PELOSI
10B Halvesy NACNY
11A DONNY Wiz-Kid
11B Moving MO
Set 3 - Super Tuesday
PR=1,689 sets

12A Discharging DONALD
12B Pardon Me TRUMP
13A Power Point Pete
13B Bulletin Buttigieg
14A Take a Hike Mike
14B Low Blow Liz
15A Sunset Joe
15B Biden Farewell
16A Boogie Man Bernie
16B The Bernie Man
17A Baby Bloomer
17B Dislikin' Mike
Set 4 - March Mayhem
PR=1,357 sets

18A Stop & Go JOE
18B BIDEN-his-time
19A medical MIKE
19B pretending PENCE
20A touchy-feely TRUMP
20B true-love TRUMP
21A BERNIE boyeee!
21B fear of a BERNIE planet
22A killer JILL
22B joslin JOE
23A mighty MIKE
23B boom-boom BLOOM
Set 5 - Presidential Nicknames
PR=1,687 sets

24A Stable-GENE-ius
24B Don Juan
25A Sleepy Joe
25B Slo Mo Joe
26A Crazy Bernie
26B Social Sandy
27A Nervous Nancy
27B Paper Shredding Pelosit
28A Billion Dollar BABY
28B Billion Dollar BLOOMY
Set 6 - Presidential Dropouts
PR=1,062 sets

29A Amy Go Round
29B Air Klobachar
30A Liz & Let LIz
30B Out the Door Warren
31A Bullied Bloomy
31B Uncle Mike
32A Peter Plummet
32B Petrified Pete
Set 7 - The Last Man Standing
PR=1,307 sets

35A Banning Bernie
35B No Seat Sanders
36A Electric Joe
36B All Aglow Joe
37A Victory Lap Bernie
37B Stair Master Sanders
38A No Buying Barack
38B Biden Time Obama
39A Rope-a-Dope DON
39B Give-It-a-Go JOE
Set 8 - GPK National Convention
PR=1,199 sets

40A Fired-Up Trump
40B Inerno DON
41A Mail-In JOE
41B Balloting BIDEN
42A Pitching PENCE
42B Marketing Mike
43A Bugged Bloomberg
43B Fly Guy
44A Teary Eyed Don
44B Drippy Junior
45A Unswell Mel
45B Stumpin' Trump
46A Courting CORTEZ
46B Berning Biden
47A Rippin' Rudy
47B Unruly RUDY



2020 Topps GPK Gone Exotic Set Details

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Gone Exotic takes aim at the Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness documentary series on Netflix and its main star, the infamous Joe Exotic. Each 10-card set is available for one week at $19.99. It includes five new GPK images that each come with two different card titles (A-name and B-name). "Series 3 - The Final Set" seemingly wraps up the line with a third release that brings the overall total to 15 images and 30 total sticker cards.

There are also larger poster versions.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 9

2020 Garbage Pail Kids Gone Exotic Stickers Checklist

10 cards per set, including 5 "A" names and 5 "B" names. Buy on eBay.
2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 10

Series 1 - PR=3,285 sets
Series 2 - PR=1,378 sets

Series 3 - PR=1,193 sets


Video Series

2020 Topps GPK Video Series Stickers Set Details

Honoring GPK's 35th anniversary, the video series features shots from Garbage Pail Kids MisAdventures: Late to School and other short films. Every five-card set is on sale for a month at $9.99.  The first set is titled "Late to School" and that is also the name of the main GPK Series 1 set in 2020.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 11

2020 Garbage Pail Kids Video Series Stickers Checklist

5 cards per set. Buy on Topps.
2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 12

Set 1 - Late to School - PR=556 sets
1 High-Flying Wedgie
2 Trouble-Making Tagger
3 Watermelon Warfare
4 Double the Flavor (and Mess)
5 Food-Fight Frenzy
Set 2 - Valenslime's Day - PR=493 sets
6 Valentine Surprise
7 ADAM Bomb Sets the Mood
8 Nuclear Love
9 Valen-Slime Explosion
10 Conversation Farts
Set 3 - GPK Rocks - PR=348 sets
11 GPK Rocks
12 Dead Ted Loses His Head
13 Kim Kong on the Kit
14 Moshpit Mania
15 Retched-on Groupies



2020 Topps GPK Gross Greetings Stickers Set Details

2020 Garbage Pail Kids Gross Greetings celebrates the holidays as only GPK can do. The 10-sticker set features the style of GPK Nik for five images. Each image comes in "A" and "B" versions with different name titles.

The set sells for $19.99 for one week.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 13

2020 Garbage Pail Kids Gross Greetings Stickers Checklist

10 cards per set, including 5 "A" names and 5 "B" names. Buy on eBay.
Final Print Run=535 sets.
2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 14

1A Trent E Twenty One
1B Champagne Shane
2A Decorate Eddy
2B Electric Ike
3A Happy Annika
3B Latke Larry
4A Cyber Simon
4B Bidding Ben
5A Leftover Lisa
5B May Flower


2020 Topps GPK Rock N Roll Hall of Lame Stickers Set Details

Something of an annual GPK tradition, 2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Rock N Roll Hall Of Lame parodies the newest inductees to music immortality. The 12-sticker set includes GPK versions for Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, The Doobie Brothers, The Notorious B.I.G. and Whitney Houston.

Each set sells for one week and runs $19.99.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 15

2020 Garbage Pail Kids Rock N Roll Hall of Lame Stickers Checklist

12 cards per set, including 6 "A" names and 6 "B" names. Buy on eBay.
Final Print Run=719 sets.
2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 16

1A Nine Inch Neil
1B Industrial Trent
2A King Chris
2B Brooklyn Big
3A Whitney Whiskers
3B Hair Bow Houston
4A Swampy Simmons
4B Murky McDonald
5A Depeche DAVE
6A REX Rocks
6B Mystic MARC


2020 Topps GPK Halloween Stories Set Details

Going the seasonal route once more, 2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Halloween Stories features the GPK work of Chris Meeks, Lowell Isaac and Neil Camera.

Selling at $19.99 for one week, each pack contains 10 story stickers and one Cover Story insert. There is also a chance at limited Story Sketch cards.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 17

2020 Garbage Pail Kids Halloween Stories Stickers Checklist

63 base cards and 5 inserts. Buy on eBay.
10 base Story stickers and one Cover Story insert per pack.
Final Print Run=2,099 packs.
2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 18

Base Story Stickers
1 Jack O. Lantern
2 Jack O. Lantern
3 Jack O. Lantern
4 Jack O. Lantern
5 Jack O. Lantern
6 Jack O. Lantern
7 Jack O. Lantern
8 Jack O. Lantern
9 Jack O. Lantern
10 Hot Scott
11 Hot Scott
12 Hot Scott
13 Hot Scott
14 Hot Scott
15 Hot Scott
16 Hot Scott
17 Hot Scott
18 Hot Scott
19 Frank N. Stein
20 Frank N. Stein
21 Frank N. Stein
22 Frank N. Stein
23 Frank N. Stein
24 Frank N. Stein
25 Frank N. Stein
26 Frank N. Stein
27 Frank N. Stein
28 Jim Grim
29 Jim Grim
30 Jim Grim
31 Jim Grim
32 Jim Grim
33 Jim Grim
34 Jim Grim
35 Jim Grim
36 Jim Grim
37 35th Logo
38 35th Logo
39 35th Logo
40 35th Logo
41 35th Logo
42 35th Logo
43 35th Logo
44 35th Logo
45 35th Logo
46 Eerie Eric
47 Eerie Eric
48 Eerie Eric
49 Eerie Eric
50 Eerie Eric
51 Eerie Eric
52 Eerie Eric
53 Eerie Eric
54 Eerie Eric
55 Eerie Eric
56 Eerie Eric
57 Eerie Eric
58 Eerie Eric
59 Eerie Eric
60 Eerie Eric
61 Eerie Eric
62 Eerie Eric
63 Eerie Eric
GPK Cover Stories
Jim Grim in Training Day - Chris Meeks
Hot Scott in Halloween Fright - Lowell Isaac
Jack O. Lantern in Mischief Night - Neil Camera
Frank N Stein in Bride of Frank N Stein - Chris Meeks
Eerie Eric in House of Eerie Eric - Lowell Isaac
Randomly inserted


2020 Topps GPK Skateboard Stickers Set Details

Another one-off, themed GPK release, 2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard moves away from the traditional style in the 10-card set that sells for $19.99.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 19

2020 Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Stickers Checklist

10 cards per set. Buy on eBay.
Final Print Run=1,025 sets.
2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 20

1 Adam Bomb
2 Tee-Vee Stevie
3 Beasty Boyd
4 New Wave Dave
5 Gutsy Gabriel
6 Junk Food John
7 Creepy Carol
8 Dead Ted
9 Hot Rod
10 Max Axe


2020 Topps GPK x eBay Crossover Stickers Set Details

Exclusive to Topps' official eBay account—Topps Vault store—the 2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids x eBay Crossover set parodies the online site with GPK images. Just like nearly every other GPK set, these are sold for just one week. The full 10-card sticker set is priced at $19.99, with A-names and B-names for each of the five images.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 21

2020 Garbage Pail Kids x eBay Crossover Stickers Checklist

10 cards per set, including 5 "A" names and 5 "B" names. Buy on eBay.
Final Print Run=1,937 sets.
2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 22

1A eBay Ray
1B Winning Bud
2A Leaky Lindsay
2B Messy Tessi
3A Nat Nerd
3B Clark Can't
4A Outbid Betty
4B Loser Lisa
5A Sniper Sam
5B Trigger Finger


2020 Topps GPK Crash Gordon Stickers Set Details

Honoring the 40th anniversary of Flash Gordon, 2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Crash Gordon has some fun with the 1980 film. The Topps-exclusive set features multiple characters from the movie with an added GPK spin. This includes five different Garbage Pail Kids drawings, and two different titles per image, to make the 10-card set. These sell at $19.99 per set for one week.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 23

2020 Garbage Pail Kids Crash Gordon Stickers Checklist

10 cards per set, including 5 "A" names and 5 "B" names.
Final Print Run=538 sets.
2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 24

1A Crash Gordon
1B Flying Flash
2A Flush Gordon
2B Dethroned Ming
3A Merciless Ming
3C Noah Mercy
4A Revolting Vultan
4B Hawkman Hank
5A Doctoring Zarkov
5B Handy Hans


2020 Topps GPK Kitchen Set Details

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Kitchen is not your typical GPK set, and that's because there are no kids. The gross meal is prepared by "special chef" Robert Jimenez. It involves a variety of food items with added GPK-style faces. Each set sells for one week at $19.99 and includes all 10 A-name stickers and one chase B-name. The full set has 10 of each name version, so it would likely take over 10 packs to finish the entire B-name line.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 25

2020 Garbage Pail Kids Kitchen Stickers Checklist

11 cards per set, including 10 "A" names and 1 "B" names.
Final Print Run=725 sets.
2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 26



2020 Topps GPK The Not-Scars Stickers Set Details

The Academy Awards, or the Oscars, is the biggest and most prestigious award ceremony for acting, so, of course, GPK is ready to throw some punches. 2020 GPK The Not-Scars features five Garbage Pail Kids images inspired by leading actors. Each image has two different titles and the full 10-card set sells for one week, starting February 10, for $19.99.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 27

2020 Garbage Pail Kids The Not-Scars Stickers Checklist

10 cards per set, including 5 "A" names and 5 "B" names. Buy on eBay.
Final Print Run=494 sets.
2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 28

1A JOE King
2A Ailin' AL
2B Broken BOB
3A Uplifting OSCAR
3B LIL Women
4A Hit Or Miss CHRIS
4B Speed Demon DAMON
5A Beaten BRAD
5B Limp LEO


2020 Topps GPK The Shammy Awards Stickers Set Details

Available for one week following the 2020 Grammy Awards on January 26, the 2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids The Shammy Awards set gives top musicians a little extra grief. The 10-card set offers five new images that each have two different character titles. These are the "A" and "B" versions. Each set for The Shammy's goes for $19.99.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 29

2020 Garbage Pail Kids The Shammy Awards Stickers Checklist

10 cards per set, including 5 "A" names and 5 "B" names. Buy on eBay.
Final Print Run=466 sets.
2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive Trading Cards Set Checklist 30

1B Stylish EILISH
2A Teed Off TYLER
2B Create TOR
3A Toothpick NICK
3B Jawing JONAS
4A All Dressed Up ARI
5B Good as ELLE


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