2020 Topps Project 2020 Baseball Cards Checklist

2020 Topps Project 2020 Baseball Cards Checklist


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2020 Topps Project 2020 is a new art-focused cardboard line that is exclusive to the Topps online shop.

Stretching across the year, Project 2020 puts an artistic spin on 20 classic Topps baseball cards.

2020 Topps Project 2020 Baseball Set Details

The 2020 Topps Project 2020 Baseball checklist spans multiple decades and eras of MLB talent. Starting with the 1952 Topps Jackie Robinson and ending with the 2011 Topps Mike Trout, each iconic card in the 20-subject lineup is reimagined by 20 different artists.

2020 Topps Project 2020 Baseball Cards Checklist 1

The cards are printed on robust 130-point glossy trading card stock and come encased in a one-touch magnetic case. Two new cards are sold every business day for 48 hours. The individual cards sell for $19.99 each or $34.99 for the daily two-card bundle.

Offering a one-of-one chase, there is a Gold Frame version randomly inserted.

There are also limited Silver Frame Artist Proof parallels that are each limited to 20 copies and go for $99.99.

UPDATE: The list of cards to be covered no longer includes the 1993 Derek Jeter. It is unclear if this is just an oversight or if Jeter has been completely removed from the set.

2020 Topps Project 2020 Baseball Cards Checklist 2

Previous releases and print runs can be seen via the Project 2020 Archive.

2020 Topps Project 2020 Baseball Checklist


Project 2020 Base Overview

20 artists and 20 cards per artist. Buy Project 2020 cards on Topps.
*Derek Jeter may have been removed.*

Project 2020 Artists
Andrew Thiele
Ben Baller
Blake Jamieson
Don C
Gregory Siff
Jacob Rochester
Joshua Vides
Keith Shore
King Saladeen
Matt Taylor
Mister Cartoon
Sophia Chang
Tyson Beck
Project 2020 Cards
1952 Jackie Robinson - Dodgers - Buy on eBay.
1952 Willie Mays - Giants - Buy on eBay.
1954 Ted Williams - Red Sox - Buy on eBay.
1955 Roberto Clemente - Pirates - Buy on eBay.
1955 Sandy Koufax - Dodgers - Buy on eBay.
1959 Bob Gibson - Cardinals - Buy on eBay.
1969 Nolan Ryan - Mets - Buy on eBay.
1975 George Brett - Royals - Buy on eBay.
1980 Rickey Henderson - A's - Buy on eBay.
1982 Cal Ripken Jr. - Buy on eBay.
1983 Tony Gwynn - Padres - Buy on eBay.
1984 Don Mattingly - Yankees Buy on eBay.
1985 Dwight Gooden - Mets - Buy on eBay.
1987 Mark McGwire - A's Buy on eBay.
1989 Ken Griffey Jr. - Mariners - Buy on eBay.
1990 Frank Thomas - White Sox
1992 Mariano Rivera - Yankees - Buy on eBay.
1993 Derek Jeter - Yankees *
2001 Ichiro - Mariners - Buy on eBay.
2011 Mike Trout - Angels - Buy on eBay.


Project 2020 Base Set Checklist

380 or 400 cards. 2 new cards per business day. Buy Project 2020 cards on Topps.
Past print runs (PR) noted.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver Frame Artist Proof #/20, Gold Frame 1/1.
2020 Topps Project 2020 Baseball Cards Checklist 3


1 2001 Ichiro - Ben Baller (PR=1,334)
2 1955 Sandy Koufax - Jacob Rochester (PR=1,135)
3 1952 Jackie Robinson - Naturel (PR=1,302)
4 2011 Mike Trout - Ermsy (PR=2,911)
5 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. - King Saladeen (PR=2,504)
6 1982 Cal Ripken Jr. - Fucci (PR=1,205)
7 1954 Bob Gibson - Grotesk (PR=1,205)
8 1992 Mariano Rivera - Sophia Chang (PR=1,617)
9 1954 Ted Williams - JK5 (PR=1,385)
10 1955 Roberto Clemente - Mister Cartoon (PR=1,844)
11 1975 George Brett - Gregory Siff (PR=1,227)
12 1985 Dwight Gooden - Tyson Beck (PR=1,065)
13 1984 Don Mattingly - Keith Shore (PR=1,686)
14 1980 Rickey Henderson - Joshua Vides (PR=1,221)
15 1952 Willie Mays - Andrew Thiele (PR=1,464)
16 1983 Tony Gwynn - Oldmanalan (PR=1,302)
17 1987 Mark McGwire - Efdot (PR=1,456)
18 1969 Nolan Ryan - Blake Jamieson (PR=2,623)
19 1955 Roberto Clemente - Naturel - Buy on Topps
20 1982 Cal Ripken Jr. - Jacob Rochester - Buy on Topps
21 1980 Rickey Henderson - Matt Taylor - Buy on Topps
22 2001 Ichiro - Ermsy - Buy on Topps


2020 Topps Project 2020 Baseball Cards Checklist 4
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User Reviews

  1. Nice moment from Topps to think on their consumers and launch a 7K product….

  2. I’m in the minority but I dig it. Putting the Mac set together. $400 for 20 cards over a year is really not that bad and it’s something different. I’m looking forward to this, people need to expand their minds.

  3. Brought art into sports collecting is a win-win for collectors

  4. i like it. The price is high but all the online stuff from Topps is overpriced. $9.99 for Topps now or 19.99 for this. It seems like a an easy choice to me. At least Project 2020 adds a lot of extras compared to Now and many different artistic styles. I’m just grabbing the ones I like and ignoring the rest.

  5. Just want to point out that this appears to be a 20-card set, not a 400-card set, as CC is saying.

  6. It’s around 400 cards depending on what the deal is with Jeter and if they replace him with another player.

    Straight from the Topps site: “Topps presents PROJECT 2020, a year-long collection on Topps.com that visually reimagines the baseball cards that have defined generations, ushering in a new era of seminal artwork. Topps is collaborating with a cast of 20 artists from around the globe, ranging from famed streetwear designers, tattoo and graffiti artists, and one of the premiere jewelry designers on the planet. Each Artist will recreate all 20 cards. Two new cards will drop on Topps.com every business day. Each card is available for 48 hours only.”

    So, 20 artists each creating 20 cards = 400 total cards.

  7. too much too soon. too different for casual collectors. maybe should have done one set a year spread it out.

  8. It’s a 380 card set. 2 cards every business day for a year. Each artist does all 20 cards. Looks like 19 now. It seems Jeter was removed.

  9. Correct. If Jeter is gone, that makes it 380. As I referenced above, there has been no official word from Topps about the Jeter spot.

  10. most of what i’ve seen so far looks like **** you cant even tell who the cards are supposed to be and whats with clemente and half a head hope the rickey hendersons look good and most of the artists are from new york and like basketball better whats up with that

  11. Oh, shoot! I didn’t realize this would be a 400 (380*) card set. I totally read it wrong and thought it would just be 20 cards with each artist taking on a card. I’d better rethink my buying strategy here…guess I’m not getting the full set like I thought I could. At least not at that price point.

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